TUMBT : Chapter 73

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: SyKim5, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Suddenly, there was another person in the Third Prince’s line of sight. That person clearly noticed the existence of the Third Prince, yet he still remained calm as he walked toward Mu Xueshi. He lowered his body with the intention of helping Mu Xueshi get up.

Mu Xueshi grabbed a hold of Su Ruhan’s arm with excitement, as if he had just grasped the last straw to clutch at. The first thing that he had asked for was not to let Su Ruhan quickly take himself away from this terrible place; instead, he asked Su Ruhan about the Third Prince’s circumstances.

Su Ruhan did not respond. After helping Mu Xueshi get up, he turned around and with an indifferent look on his face then left Mu Xueshi there. Mu Xueshi could not take it, so he still begged for mercy as he asked: “Take me to see the Third Prince. How is he…?”

Standing in a not-so-far-away place, the Third Prince was entirely stirred in his mind. In less than a little while, he became calm again. Are you feeling guilty about what you have done? Still can’t wait to see your own jokes? The Third Prince’s face flashed a taunting smile, then his fleeting absent-mindedness died out in a flash.

A second later, Mu Xueshi plopped to the ground and held on to Su Ruhan’s legs, as if he wanted to hold him down. Seeing Mu Xueshi paste his face on Su Ruhan’s leg, the Third Prince actually grew indignant.

Su Ruhan suddenly chuckled. It looked as if it was deliberate. Then he said: “The Third Prince plotted against by you. He transferred the poison in your body to his own. Now, although he had escaped death, he has yet to recover. Furthermore, the Third Prince hates you to the bones. If you truly have consideration for the Third Prince, just don’t be a bother, be at ease and wait here to be dealt with!”

The Third Prince obviously felt really displeased with Su Ruhan saying such useless words toward Mu Xueshi. However, he was left without a choice because what Su Ruhan had said was the truth. If he would take a stand this time and come out to punish Su Ruhan for his indiscriminate words, not only would this reveal his whereabouts to Mu Xueshi, but it would also seem that he had quite an inadequate forbearance.

Because of this, the Third prince coldly snorted. Su Ruhan really was worthy of following him closely for more than ten years. On top of that, it was only Su Ruhan who had this kind of courage to make him hold back.

After he finished speaking, Su Ruhan walked over toward a not-so-distant place with large strides. Mu Xueshi was like a wandering soul as he followed Su Ruhan from behind. His mind was full of the Third Prince’s bitter and disgusted face. He wanted to cry but he felt that it was not a manly thing to do. However, he really felt that there was this bit of sourness in his nose. Mu Xueshi pretended to rub his nose and seized the chance to wipe away the tears from the corners of his eyes.

The Third Prince followed the two from behind. At first, he only intended to see Mu Xueshi’s laughable state; now, he wondered why he was following the steps that they took. The Third Prince’s face was apathetic, but when he saw that Mu Xueshi had secretly wiped his tears away, his initial sinister and cold intent disappeared in an instant, and even unintentionally showed a hint of gentleness.

When the road came to an end, Mu Xueshi had already felt that the surroundings had become familiar. All of a sudden, everything went black. When he woke up, Mu Xueshi was in a house that he recognized. He looked around and saw Su Ruhan was near him. Realizing that Su Ruhan might leave again, Mu Xueshi suddenly grabbed his sleeve and gasped as he asked: “Can you please help me pass a few words to the Third Prince?”

Su Ruhan did not speak nor did he agree.

Mu Xueshi saw this and said in a desperate tone: “Please help me tell the Third Prince that I didn’t collude with the Second Prince to harm him because I only have one friend, and that is the Third Prince. I…” After explaining to this point, Mu Xueshi thought that he was becoming very unreasonable. He bowed with his hands pressed together, wryly smiled and said: “That is all. Let him recuperate well. I’ll wait for him to deal with me!”

When Su Ruhan heard Mu Xueshi’s words, although he was indifferent on the surface, his heart was still for a while. Although he was just a bystander, it was very clear that Mu Xueshi did not necessarily intend to hurt the Third Prince. Mu Xueshi’s sincere affection toward the Third Prince made Su Ruhan think of that youth whom he was mutually dependent on for life since childhood.

Usagi notes: Don’t know who Su Ruhan is pertaining to in the last paragraph. Could it be the Third Prince? Ning Yue? Or the real Mu Xueshi?



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