BMHS : Chapter 17.2 – Starting today, you’re staying with me

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

Meng Ting nestled against Yan Sui’s body for a long time before he got up and packed his things.

As a matter of fact, there was nothing to be packed. He was basically all alone in the Meng’s residence. In these few days, he also did not have many clothes, no, he still had another thing that which Yan Sui had given him — the phone that already belonged to him.

Yan Sui saw that he only had some luggage and he did not ask anything. He walked over to him and lead Meng Ting by his hand. “Let’s go.”

Meng Ting was being led by his hand but the tension in his beating heart still did not disappear.

Could he really leave the Mengs? Would he leave the Mengs’ residence soon? If this was a dream, it must be the most beautiful dream he had ever have.

Yan Sui tilted his head and looked at Meng Ting for a while, then he took off his overcoat and draped it over Meng Ting’s shoulder, “Put it on. Don’t get cold again.”

Meng Ting nodded and obediently put it on.

Meng Ting was one meter seventy-six, but Yan Sui’s height was one meter eighty-nine. Of course, this overcoat was a little bigger for Meng Ting, especially the sleeves. He could not find his hands in the sleeves.

Meng Ting deliberately rolled his sleeves at once to make his hands come out, and then he spontaneously held Yan Sui’s hand again. He liked to be held by him, and he also liked to hold his hand.

Wang Feng, the secretary, had been talking things with Uncle Wen for a while in the living room. He actually already got Meng Ting’s ID card and household registration book that has been sent in the morning. Incidentally, he also learned that there was a coffee shop and restaurant under Meng Ting’s name.

Yan Sui looked at Meng Ting, who was by his side, “Sit here for a while. I’ll go and talk to Grandpa Meng for a moment. I’ll be back soon.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting obediently nodded his head. He knew that Yan Sui was going to talk about the matter of taking him to live in the Yans’ residence.

In his heart, he really wanted to believe in Yan Sui, but he still had some doubts and worries that he could not control. He doubted Yan Sui’s ability to take him away now, knowing that this was something he could not do for himself before he died in his previous life.

Meng Ting’s face had a somewhat abnormal flush and his body was covered with Yan Sui’s overcoat. They stayed in the room for a short time. Meng Ting’s eyes were so eagerly looking at Yan Sui’s figure from the back. At that moment, Uncle Wen and Wang Feng were both planning many things.

Wang Feng coughed and moved to Meng Ting’s line of sight. His boss should not be so inhumane to the point of putting his hands on a minor.

Although his age in the ID card and household registration book has been changed, it still could not change the fact that Meng Ting was still under 18 years old.

“Can I have a glass of water?” Hearing Wang Feng’s cough, Meng Ting also felt that his throat was a bit uncomfortable. The voice that came out sounded a bit hoarse, and Wang Feng, who generally was willing to firmly believe in Yan Sui, was also shaken.

Uncle Wen waved his hand and a maid brought in a cup of warm water. Meng Ting sipped it a bit and then drank it all up in gulps.

When Old Master Meng heard Yan Sui’s decision to take Meng Ting in advance, he was very surprised for a moment; but in the end, he still permitted it. It was useless to keep Meng Ting in the Mengs’ residence for ten more days. On the contrary, he was pleasantly surprised with this particular attention that Yan Sui showed Meng Ting.

He thought that when Meng Ting would get married to Yan Sui, he would spend his life being treated coldly by Yan sui. However, Old Master Meng did not expect that this troubled grandson — not only made He Wan take a fancy of him — but he seemed to make Yan Sui like him, too.

Of course, he did not dare to whatsoever look down on Yan Sui, he has been able to firmly seize the head position of the Yans for all these years. At this moment, Old Master Meng was also not able to say for certain what kind of strategy that these two, mother and son, were playing after all.

“Yes, you can,” Old Master Meng nodded. He looked at Yan Sui with a smile, “You should regularly allow Meng Ting to come back and visit here to see me.”

Yan Sui’s expression was still indifferent as before, but it was also regarded as calmer, “Sure, we’ll come visit regularly.”

The two men said a few more words then Old Master Meng got up and accompanied Yan Sui out. When they came out to the hall, everyone there looked at them.

Feng Zejiao and Li Yifei were also there. They had interrogated Meng Ting for quite a while. They did not get the answer for everything they asked about, but Uncle Wen started to explain it for them in a moment.

“There’s no need to see me out. I’ll go with Meng Ting.”

Old Master Meng smiled then looked toward Meng Ting. This was the first time he looked at Meng Ting carefully. His skin was fair. His eyebrows and eyes were picturesque. Among all his grandchildren, Meng Ting was indeed the most outstanding in appearance.

“You have to get along well with Yan Sui in the future, and you can’t stir up any trouble.”

When Old Master Meng spoke, Yan Sui already walked over to Meng Ting’s side. Both of them looked at each other. Finally, Meng Ting’s heart calmed down. He looked toward Old Master Meng and gently bowed but he did not answer him.

“Take care.”

Even if he could not continue living with Yan Sui in the future, he also would never return to the Mengs for sure.

“Let’s go.” Meng Ting turned around and smiled to Yan Sui. Both of his hands stretched forward and firmly held Yan Sui’s hand.

Yan Sui, in his bleak life, the warmest and most splendid sunshine so far, was the sunshine that could only be caught by him.

He turned around to Old Master Meng and lightly nodded then he led Meng Ting to go outside. Wang Feng took Meng Ting’s luggage and followed them, a few steps from behind.

“I’ll be good to you,” Meng Ting felt that these words meant nothing to Old Master Meng but it was necessary to say this to Yan Sui — that he was going to get along well with Yan Sui.

“And, I won’t make trouble.” Meng Ting believed that he was very well-behaved most of the time. “I’ll obey and listen to you.”

He glanced at Meng Ting and raised his hand to touch his forehead. His fever was still as before and did not come down. He changed the hand that Meng Ting held. Then afterwards, the hand, that formerly held him, immediately pulled Meng Ting, half pulling him into his arms and half hugging him in his embrace.



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    1. ree

      Please take care of Meng Ting ahhhhh 😦 Although I would very much prefer Meng Ting to be older, he’s actually pretty nature already due to being 28 when he was reborn so I have complicated feelings about their relationship hahahahaa but even so, I think Yan Sui is the perfect person for Meng Ting huhuhu


  1. preciousmele

    so fluffy and hearthwarmer
    but I’m looking forward the day Meng ting start “stirring troubles” oblivious that are troubles

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  2. kerokeropiiiii

    thank you so so so much for the update

    meng ting is so precious im so glad yan sui is there to protect him

    im so excited for more that i almost almost want to read the raws and rely on google translate but meh the translation may not be so accurate so i’ll cultivate my patience meter and wait every sunday ^O^/


  3. Wang Feng… you dirty old man 🤣🤣 Before Meng Ting episode with medicine, I interpreted the “I won’t make trouble. I’ll listen and be good to you” as pure cuteness and adorable… but now it had the edge of darkness to it. Oh Meng Ting, what had happened in your past. But at least now, the two will live their life together.


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