BMHS : Chapter 18.1 – The 28-year-old virgin’s heart was ferociously struck at this moment

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Wang Feng looked at them from the back and his eyes were opened wide. He was certain that if this was not in the Mengs’ residence, Yan Sui would have directly carried Meng Ting away in his arms for sure.

On top of that, with Yan Sui’s mindful appearance to protect Meng Ting, this all the more had confirmed his previous guess that his boss had indeed turned into a beast.

When the driver Old Zhao saw them coming towards him from afar, he opened the car door. Yan Sui got in the car first then he pulled Meng Ting in.

Wang Feng also sat in the front passenger seat. Old Zhao glanced back and then started the car.

Meng Ting obediently sat for a while then moved to Yan Sui’s side. After that, he was taken into Yan Sui’s embrace again.

“Lie on my lap if you feel uncomfortable and sleep for a while. We’ll be home soon.”

“I don’t feel uncomfortable. It’s not uncomfortable at all.” He felt that he was mentally invigorated, and he could run five or six kilometers without stopping. He looked at Yan Sui with his eyes opened wide and felt that no matter how many times he saw him, it was still not enough.

“I’m happy, so happy,” he said while wrapping his arms firmly around Yan Sui’s waist. Generally speaking, he was only familiar with this one person. To adapt to an environment, it would require him a long time; but for Yan Sui, it was as if he did not feel like this.

It must be because they were going to get married. They would be the most honest and intimate partner to each other in the future, but it would be a few days in advance.

When Yan Sui hugged Meng Ting, he did not know at all that Meng Ting was thinking like that in his mind. Yan Sui was rather anxious. He was afraid that he and the Yans would not be as good as what Meng Ting had in mind. At that time, would he be happy or not? However, he would not back out from their marriage and Meng Ting also certainly would not regret it.

The distance from the eastern suburbs of Haicheng to the northern suburbs of Haicheng was not short. Old Zhao was familiar with the road conditions, and they still arrived after more than an hour. Meng Ting also had fallen asleep in Yan Sui’s embrace for a long time. Now, not only was his forehead hot, but his breath was also very hot.

When the car door opened, Yan Sui got out of the car and then carried Meng Ting out from the car.

Uncle Xiao, the butler of the Yans, had been observing at the door for a while.

“When Li Yi arrives, take him to my room.”

“Yes.” Uncle Xiao looked old at about 50 years old; however, Yan Sui was closer to him than to his secretary, Wang Feng. Most of the servants in the old house were the elders who watched Yan Sui grow up. This Uncle Xiao was also the same.

More than half an hour ago, he received a call from Yan Sui, and the servants of the entire old house started to get on their feet.

Their master wanted to take his wife back to the house. Of course, Uncle Xiao did not forget that Yan Sui told him to ask the Yans’ family doctor to come over. Their family doctor, Li Yi, should arrive in about five or six minutes.

Yan Sui carried Meng Ting all the way to the second floor. Wang Feng opened the door for him and he continued carrying the man to the bed in his room.

He then stood up and took Meng Ting’s coat and shoes off. He pulled the quilt and covered him.

Uncle Xiao’s wife, Nanny Wang, came in with hot water and a towel. She took a quick look at Meng Ting, who was on the bed, and the color on her face faded. “Hey, what happened to this child? I think his fever is very serious. Give him a sponge bath. I’ll go look for a thermometer, and rush Xiao Li at once. He’s not supposed to slack off at work like this.”

Nanny Wang was filled with indignation. In this age, she really could not tolerate seeing anyone getting sick, and she looked more worried than Yan Sui.

Yan Sui undid the button on his cuff, rolled his sleeve up a bit, then wrung the towel and patted Meng Ting’s face. He undid several buttons on Meng Ting’s collar and patted his neck and nape.

Meng Ting slightly opened his eyes, and he saw Yan Sui’s visage against the hazy white light in the background. He gently smiled and closed his eyes again. His eyes were so heavy. He was obviously not very tired, but he had no energy.

“Yan Sui, I already feel much better.”

“Don’t talk. It’s not for you to say whether or not you feel much better.”

Yan Sui had never experienced being so worried for someone continuously for a length of time, but he was not fed up at all. On the contrary, his love for Meng Ting was becoming more and more obvious.

Meng Ting opened his eyes and looked at Yan Sui. His clear tearful eyes were clean enough to reflect the person’s image before him.

“Be good. Let’s see what the doctor will say.”

When Yan Sui saw that Meng Ting was looking at him, he suddenly could not help but to long for him. He reached out and caressed his hair, then he instinctively coaxed him.

Meng Ting nodded, and then he stretched his hand out of the quilt to hold Yan Sui’s hand that was about to leave. He slowly placed it on to his cheek, then he could not help but to rub his cheek against it, “I’ll be good.”

When Yan Sui read these words in the text message before, he was unable to bear it, even more so now. The 28-year-old virgin’s heart was ferociously struck at this moment. He lightly pursed his lips up into a smile, but he did not know how he should respond at this moment.

After Meng Ting said this, he slowly closed his eyes, but he still held on to Yan Sui’s hand and did not let go.

Yan Sui’s palm was placed intimately on Meng Ting’s soft cheeks. He could touch with his fingertips a few of Meng Ting’s long and curly eyelashes. He looked at Meng Ting’s face and suddenly understood what it was like to be amazed. Previously, no matter how long he would look at Meng Ting’s photo, whether it was at the beginning or at the present, he did not feel much about his face. He only thought he was a good-looking boy and nothing else.

At this moment, he really felt that this kind of fragile and delicate beauty was enough to put a spell on his heart.

To sum it up, Yan Sui was in a daze. Uncle Xiao and Li Yi just happened to see this scene of Yan Sui affectionately looking at Meng Ting when they came in after pushing the door open.

Both of their footsteps stopped for a moment then continued to come forward. Yan Sui quickly curbed his daze and looked toward Li Yi. “Examine him.”

After saying that, Yan Sui got up and stepped aside and then went to the other side of the bed and sat down. He looked quite serious.



26 thoughts on “BMHS : Chapter 18.1 – The 28-year-old virgin’s heart was ferociously struck at this moment

  1. keisha burn

    Man meng ting is a really good case study for asperger’s syndrome. I love how they interact with each other. How they try their best to communicate and strengthen their relationship even though they both struggle with their communication skills. I just love it.

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    1. ree

      This is the healthiest type of a relationship spurred from an arranged marriage in this kind of setting that I have ever seen ahahahahahaha they’re both so open to each other and the level of affection… ahhhhhhhh


    2. Mari020

      I also feel like Meng Ring has Asperger Syndrome, I have it too, that’s why I relate somehow to him, of course, I don’t have that luck with love life.


    1. Mari020

      I also feel like Meng Ring has Asperger Syndrome, I have it too, that’s why I relate somehow to him, of course, I don’t have that luck with love life.


  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwww♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    Thank you for the update Translator-sama!


  3. Tailor

    “The 28-year-old virgin’s heart was ferociously struck at this moment.” lol so sweet, but that phrasing heehee

    thanks for the chapter!


    1. nadyvina

      hahah I know! That made me laugh so hard (in my mind…because I can´t make any sounds right now hahaha)


  4. Oh my gosh XD Hand on cheek and then.. Rub rub rub! XD That is super sweet~ The ice has melted~~ :3 I’m not making much sense rn so I’ll just say; THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FLUFFY WARM CHAPTER~~ why I caps’ed that idk XD

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  5. eternalhysteria

    Waaah thank you for the chapter!
    This was just too adorable for words, this couple is one of the sweetest I’ve read about in a long while, I’m so happy I got into this story!


  6. Helium Clap

    “he really felt that this kind of fragile and delicate beauty was enough to put a spell on his heart.”

    Meng Xiao holding up two broken hands, “am I a joke to you?”

    Thank you!


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