BMHS : Chapter 18.2 – The 28-year-old virgin’s heart was ferociously struck at this moment

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Li Yi had a medicine kit in his hand. When Nanny Wang was looking for a thermometer, she saw that Li Yi had arrived. She did not say anything anymore and just stood beside Uncle Xiao. Yan Sui did not hide his special treatment toward Meng Ting, so they also chose the same spot as him.

Although they were still unfamiliar with Meng Ting’s temperament, there was no room for them to oppose Yan Sui because Meng Ting was the ‘madame’ that was approved by Yan Sui.

They were mere servants. Even if they had work for a long time and their feelings were rather different, that could not make them forget their own duties. Moreover, the two old masters who passed away and the present one, which was Yan Sui, had never treated them unjustly. This was the secret agreement that they must understand.

After a basic checkup, Li Yi looked at Yan Sui, “It’s the common cold. First, let’s attach an IV line to him so that we can manage his fever, then I’ll prescribe some medicine. If his condition improves by tomorrow, he won’t need to go to the hospital.”

Seeing that Yan Sui had no objections, Li Yi went to prepare the IV line.

He found Meng Ting’s hand in the quilt and then clenched it. His cheeks and forehead were hot, but his fingertips were cold out of fear, so he knew that Meng Ting was not asleep.

“Be obedient.”

“Yes.” Meng Ting whispered his answer. He was not really asleep. Even though taking medicine or getting attached to an IV line frightened him, he promised to listen to Yan Sui before. He did not want to go back on his words. Perhaps, after so many years, he would get used to it.

Meng Ting opened his eyes and looked at Yan Sui. He also saw Uncle Xiao and Nanny Wang, who were standing not far behind him.

“This is Uncle Xiao and this is Nanny Wang,” he looked at the two again. “This is Meng Ting. Later on, you have to treat him the same as you have treated me.”

“Yes,” Uncle Xiao and Nanny Wang simultaneously bowed as they answered.

Their answer served as the response for all the old servants and maids in the household.

Normally, they seldom stayed in Yan Sui’s room for too long. Now, since they had been introduced to Meng Ting, they both bowed again and left the room.

Meng Ting’s eyes shifted from their receding figures and looked around the room. “Is this our room?”

Yan Sui hesitated for a moment and responded “Yes.” Considering that they were going to cohabit, it was very likely that this would become their room. However, before Meng Ting asked this question, Yan Sui had not thought about it yet. He carried Meng Ting and subconsciously went into his own room.

Based on Uncle Xiao’s thoughtfulness, he must had prepared a separate room for Meng Ting. Yan Sui mulled over the issue about Meng Ting’s room for a bit but chose to temporarily cast it aside.

“Are you tired? Do you want to come and sleep together with me?” Yan Sui’s bed was very big, so it was not a problem if three or five would sleep in it, what more if it was just two of them. Meng Ting saw that Yan Sui was hesitant, so he added, “I’m very well-behaved when I sleep. I don’t snore nor talk in my sleep.”

Even if he had a nightmare, he would be very quiet. At most, he would just turn to the side and rise suddenly from his sleep, so in general, he would not disturb others in his sleep. Meng Ting was sure about this because when he was isolated in the senior high school’s dormitory, and there were seven more who shared the same room with him, nobody knew that he always had nightmares at night for a month.

Yan Sui had not answered yet when Li Yi and Uncle Xiao came in again. When Meng Ting saw the things in Li Yi’s hand, his face instantly became ghastly pale. He was unable to think about pulling Yan Sui to accompany him to bed anymore.

Of course, Yan Sui, who was looking at Meng Ting, also noticed the instant change in his expression. Yan Sui frowned but did not stop Li Yi’s next move.

Meng Ting’s hand was lifted out of the quilt, then Li Yi glanced at Meng Ting and said, “Relax a bit.”

A big boy should not be scared of pain like a little girl, to the point of needing someone to coax him, but his nervousness was quite easy to see.

Meng Ting did not speak. To be precise, he was too nervous to speak.

His gaze passed quickly from Li Yi to Yan Sui and back one more time, then he closed his eyes.

On the other hand, Li Yi was inserting the needle into his blood vessel on the back of his hand. He continued doing this until he finished setting up the IV bottle on its stand by the side of the bed. After a few moments passed by, Yan Sui found that something was wrong. He lifted Meng Ting to sit up from the bed and his voice was very serious.

“Open your eyes, listen to me, open your eyes, breathe!”

Feeling that there was something foreign that was flowing into his body, Meng Ting was somewhat unable to control those dark emotions. When he slowly opened his eyes, those hollow-like eyes were a bit frightening. His face was ghastly pale. He really did what Yan Sui told him to do but he was so nervous to the point that he felt that it was suddenly difficult to breathe.

Li Yi was also a bit frightened but after he noticed something was wrong, he immediately pulled the IV needle out, then he asked, “Does he have a fear of needles [1]?”

([1] What Meng Ting experienced was not a form of phobia but what we call Vasovagal syncope. It occurs when you faint because your body overreacts to certain triggers, such as the sight of blood or extreme emotional distress. It may also be called neurocardiogenic syncope. In this scenario, he reacted because of the IV needle insertion.)

Human psychology had gradually became a branch of Science in the modern times, but human exploration of it was still very insignificant. Many mental illnesses were harder to cure than some terminal illnesses.

Many people’s fears were generally brought about by mental and psychological trauma that was left behind at a very young age. Unless the patient would undergo special treatment, it was usually difficult to recover, such as in vasovagal syncope.

To treat Meng Ting’s illness, it was necessary to give him an IV treatment or to give him an injection, but in Meng Ting’s case, he could only take medicine. Thus, the healing effect was not as fast as IV treatment.

“I’ll prescribe him some medicine.”

Li Yi was familiar with the Yans’ affairs. He also received invitations for his and Meng Ting’s wedding banquet today. He was very surprised to see the person here in person but taking his main principle as a professional family doctor, even if he was curious, he would not ask a lot of questions.

“Wait for a moment in the living room. I’ll come to find you later.”

“All right,” Li Yi nodded and then glanced at the person who shrunk in Yan Sui’s embrace. He could not see Meng Ting’s face at all. He quietly went out.

“Yan Sui, I’m too useless.”

Meng Ting had tried his best to control his shivering, but this was not something he could deliberately control.

“No, it’s my fault.” Yan Sui said. Meng Ting had told him beforehand what he was afraid of, yet he still wanted him to change. He wanted him to try. It was him who was too impatient and inconsiderate.

“We won’t use IV, injections, and medicine, but you must get better soon,” Yan Sui covered him with quilt and hugged Meng Ting. He touched his cheeks and forehead and felt that he was still feverish. He lowered his head and naturally kissed Meng Ting on his forehead.

“Be good, I’ll watch over you.”



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  1. Blood

    God! I was laughing at the reaction of YS to the innocent words of I cherubin MT, and the next second my heart ached for his reaction, and imagine what had to happen to react like that
    Thank you for the chapter! 💕💕💕

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    1. ree

      I hope Meng Ting gets some mental help huhu I’m positive that Yan Sui and his household will be able to treat him good huhu


  2. I was aww-ing all the time until the needle part came. What happened to make him that distress? I hope Yan Sui will walk him through it with proper treatment later.. my baby Xiao Ting.


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