HIHEZL : 41. Yinguo Town’s Witch

(Title – 因果镇的魔女 – Yīnguǒ zhèn de mónǚ – Yinguo Town’s Witch)

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun27, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

After a long journey, the group had finally arrived at their destination — Yinguo Town. Zhou Xinhe, who already finished her homework, had a very good logistical plan. The place where everyone settled was in an inn with a Spanish ambiance. The first floor was a restaurant, while the second and third floors were for visitors’ lodging. The eight of them rented four rooms. Chu Haoyu commented first: “Since we came out to travel, we shouldn’t distinguish between men and women and couples. Let’s use draw lots to decide who stays with whom.” This bastard who was playing this set just wanted to stay in the same room with the two girls, and even had the props prepared. Chu Haoyu was holding rolled strips of papers in his hands as he added: “Those who will get the same numbers will get to stay in the same room.”

Zhou Xinhe was scared of this proposal because she did not want to stay in the same room as with the boys. It was not clear when, but Su Youyan somehow managed to pull a pair of scissors out of nowhere. She had a wooden expression as she looked at Chu Haoyu. The opening and closing sound of that pair of scissors in her hands gave out a terrifying sound.

Without further ado, Ke Bu took a rolled strip of paper in Chu Haoyu’s hand and as soon as he saw its content, his face darkened. Apparently, he and Chu Haoyu got the same number, so they had to stay in the same room. He threw the rolled strip of paper away and sullenly said: “Why is it that even now when I came out to have some fun, I ended up getting shrouded by your stupid face.”

Zhi Li and Ying Xiujie drew next and got the same number. Zhi Li gently placed his slender fingers on Chu Haoyu’s shoulder and said: “This draw lots thingy is pretty good.”

After Zhi Li finished talking, he casually entered his designated room. When he left, Chu Haoyu hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his shoulder. He worriedly asked: “Gong Zhu, hurry up and see if my shoulder has been poisoned or not, check if there’s a part that’s rotting, hurry!”

Su Youyan and Zhang Luo drew the same number, so they obviously formed the same group. Looking at Zhang Luo, excitement was evidently written all over his face. Ke Bu sighed and stood next to Zhang Luo, then he consoled the latter: “I strongly recommend that you give up taking advantage of this situation before it’s too late. There’s no hope for you but your dad may have some hope.” It seemed that Ke Bu did not forget that Su Youyan was a teleiophile.

Ying Xiujie did not seem to care whom he stayed in the same room with, so he gleefully moved his luggage into the room. Inside their room, there were two beds and Zhi Li was sitting on the bed on the right side. Ying Xiujie unpacked his luggage and sorted his things out. He then casually said: “I sleep light at night, so I toss around while sleeping and might disturb you with the noise. You won’t be bothered by that and do something to me, right?” Ying Xiujie was rather polite reminding Zhi Li in advance.

“Who knows?” Zhi Li dallied with his fingers and uncaringly responded.

Ying Xiujie’s hand that was picking up his clothes stiffened. Although he was slow to respond to other things, his intuition was strong when he was in danger, so he cautiously asked, “You, what are you going to do to me?”

Zhi Li’s expression was somewhat ambiguous, and he looked as if he was ruminating; then, he frivolously glanced at Ying Xiujie’s ass: “I’ll probably do the same thing as what I do with Ke Bu. I can’t say for sure.”

Ying Xiujie was not a fool. He knew quite well what it was. He would not miss out on anything that had to do with his butt!! He calmly stood up and walked out of the room and closed the door. His face was pale, and he rushed to Chu Haoyu and Ke Bu’s room: “Ke Bu and I will exchange rooms, right away!!”

Ke Bu was stunned. He had never seen Ying Xiujie scared like this. What did Zhi Li do to him? Anyhow, in his innermost part, Ke Bu was satisfied with the proposal that Ying Xiujie made, yet he pretended to be reluctant, so he said: “That’s not very good since the decision made with the drawn lots was fair.”

“Please, this is my life’s request!!” Ying Xiujie bowed his head and clasped his hands.

Chu Haoyu held on to Ke Bu’s shoulder and said: “Do me a favor and just get out of here. If I sleep with you here for one night, then there’ll be a dead body floating on the sea tomorrow.”

Ke Bu held Chu Haoyu’s hand, and with an awkward look, he responded: “If you guys are like this, I’ll really be in trouble and it doesn’t even benefit me. Don’t you guys know what I need to sacrifice if I’ll stay in one room with Zhi Li? By doing this, it’s like you’re treating me like a sacrifice to the devil. This is a bit…”

“What do you want?”

Ke Bu laughed grimly. He was usually teased by these two. Now, he finally got the chance to fight back: “Guys, don’t give me that look. I also don’t like how the things are, but… I want you guys to sneak into the water and tear off Youyan’s swimsuit when we go swimming tomorrow.” The reason why Ke Bu made this request was not because he wanted to mess with Su Youyan — he just wanted to let these two idiots die.

“What?! You might as well as directly order us to go to hell, that’s even quicker.”

“Then go to hell.”

“You’re really something. Remember this, Ke Bu.”

“This is what you call returning politeness for politeness.” After he finished saying this, Ke Bu took his luggage and went to Zhi Li’s room. His mood could be counted as a happy one: “Let me explain first. It’s not that I wanted to stay together with you in this room, it’s just that Xiujie and Yu Tai begged me to, so that’s why I’m here.”

“Well now, how inconvenienced you must have been.”

“And besides, I’m afraid that you might get jealous. If you ask me, I don’t really mind who I’m staying with.” Ke Bu ridiculed.

“I won’t get jealous.” Zhi Li’s words and expression seemed so naturally innocent. Hearing this dumbfounded Ke Bu all of a sudden. With this expression, Zhi Li continued talking: “I don’t believe you can. Give it a go… Let’s…just…see.” Ke Bu certainly felt that the pause in every word that Zhi Li uttered was terrifying.

“What would happen if I will really try it?”

Zhi Li looked up and down at Ke Bu, then he walked around him. Ke Bu took a step back and asked: “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Zhi Li shrugged, then he added: “I’m just calculating how long it will take for you to float to the bottom of the sea with your size and weight.”

“That sounds so ominous!!! Are you considering throwing my dead body in the sea?”

“I didn’t say that,” Zhi Li patted the pillow next to him, then he added, “Or how do you like putting this pillow on your face?”

“I don’t like that!!”

“Do you want to have your legs hung up to the lights on the ceiling to see the scenery? Or maybe I should make you stay in a freezer with three partitions? Or perhaps I’ll press your head in the toilet to let you drink the water and see if the water is sweet?”

“Sorry, my bad. It’s my own desire to be with you. It’s not that they forced me to be here, and I definitely will never cheat on you.”

“Why did you suddenly say all of these things?” Zhi Li looked like he did not understand what Ke Bu meant.

“Please excuse my mumbling. You should slap my mouth.” Ke Bu mockingly slapped his own mouth.

Zhang Luo was also driven out by Su Youyan from their room, then Zhou Xinhe moved in and finely sorted her things out. After they finished settling in their own respective rooms, all eight of them went to the restaurant on the first floor to eat dinner. The shopkeeper was a dark-skinned middle-aged man. He enthusiastically greeted them with his basic Mandarin. After they finished their meal, Ying Xiujie asked the shopkeeper: “Are there any fun and interesting places here in your region?”

The shopkeeper took a chair and sat down: “It’s just a few hundred meters away from the sea. There are pubs, snack bars, and shopping places nearby. When it comes to amusement, it’s everywhere. Anyways, it’s your first time coming and visiting here, am I right?” The shopkeeper suddenly whispered and mysteriously asked this question.

This question drew everyone’s attention, so Gong Zhu replied: “Well, it’s our first time coming here. Why, is there anything here?”

“Look at that mountain.” The shopkeeper pointed at the highest mountain outside the window, then he added: “You mustn’t go to that mountain!!! There is an old villa on that mountain. Legend has it that there is a witch who eats people. Many youngsters who aren’t afraid of death wanted to find out if it’s true for the sake of excitement. In the end, they were so scared so that they lost their souls. Even those strong and robust men came back in rags and unkempt. No one has ever seen what the witch looked like. She is said to be the incarnation of a fox. She has a furry tail, long fangs, a black hat, and the black muslin of the hat’s brim covers her face. They said that if anyone sees what she looked like, that person’s face will be eaten up.”

“Don’t tell us something so dangerous, boss.”

“You still don’t believe it? Even those who have the guts are just standing near the villa to take a look. Someone once saw a couple coming in and they never came out again. The next day, two skeletons appeared at the door of the villa. I’m not saying this to scare you. This is just a reminder for you guys that the witch in Yinguo Town is the strongest and most terrible.”

After listening to the shopkeeper’s terrifying story, Ke Bu had a bad feeling. In his mind, he cried out “Boss, you really shouldn’t have talked about it.” This group was a group of young people who were not afraid of death. They would definitely set on an expedition in the middle of the night. This kind of matter did not just happen once, but twice before.

“Boss, rest assured that we won’t go.” After Ying Xiujie finished speaking, Chu Haoyu looked at him in the eyes. Ying Xiujie had a look that was set purely to test his courage, to fight monsters and so on. On the other hand, Chu Haoyu had a look that was set on only thinking about going there to see a woman. Ke Bu gazed into the distance to that mountain, witch? It mustn’t be true. Legends just make simple things more and more exaggerated after it has been passed on through everyone’s mouth. This mere rustle of leaves in the wind feels like it’s a ghost haunting. Tonight, he needed to overcome that mental suffering again. He once again looked at Zhi Li and Su Youyan. It’s best to guard against these two talents!!

As night fell, as Ke Bu had expected, the group was fully armed. He thought that Zhi Li and Su Youyan would be too lazy to go, but he did not expect that they actually participated. This was what Ke Bu was most worried about. After everyone had coaxed Zhou Xinhe and forced her to leave the door frame, they set off! The group set foot on this desperate journey.



4 thoughts on “HIHEZL : 41. Yinguo Town’s Witch

  1. Marvolo

    Poor Ke Bu. I have a feeling they’ll make fun of him and scare him. Gosh, I wouldn’t go there if I were him. Cowards live longer XD

    Thank you for the new chapter and your hard work ^_^


  2. Okita

    When you know what you’re friends (even they’re innards) were made of, 😂😂😂 you’ll just have to go with the flow even if it cost you your own precious life. Ke Bu, I feel bad for ya….. Nah. 😂


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