S&OP : Chapter 6 – Rumors of a Love Triangle

Author: Su Youbing

Translator: synecdoche-acookie, Renkun27, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

The next day, Xiao Bai and Jia Zhiqing woke up early.

Jia Zhiqing took Xiao Bai to the barbershop downstairs, which often only had mosquitoes as guests, and had Xiao Bai’s hair trimmed. They also went to that well-known counterfeit shop and bought a bottle of cologne with the BOSS label. If the black coating paint of the bottle would touch water, the cologne bottle paint would shed off.

Jia Zhiqing then helped Xiao Bai dress up with the clothes that were given by Gao Qin yesterday.

After everything was done, Jia Zhiqing looked at the neat and tidy Xiao Bai in the mirror with satisfaction and nodded as he said: “Well, you are indeed a bit like an idol.”

Xiao Bai touched the lock of hair on his forehead and wondered: “Why keep this?”

“This is a popular trend.” Jia Zhiqing took out a magazine from under the sofa cushion then exclaimed, “Look at the glamorous model on the front page!”

Xiao Bai looked at the date, “The year was 1999. That’s ten years ago.”

“Hey, leave it on for a few years. Look at Weng Meiling [1]. She acted as Huang Rong [2] in 1983, but her looks still look classic.”

([1] Barbara Yung Mei-ling [Chinese: 翁美玲, 7 May 1959 – 14 May 1985] was a Hong Kong actress during the early 1980s.)

([2] Huang Rong is a fictional character in the wuxia novel The Legend of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong. She also appears as a supporting character in the sequel, The Return of the Condor Heroes.)

Xiao Bai knew that the excited Jia Zhiqing would not hear out any voice of reason, so he decided to docilely shut up.

“Well, the meeting with the CEO is at noon, am I right?” Jia zhiqing beamed, “We definitely can’t eat ginger, garlic, onion… and so on. Oh, that’s right, before going, you must definitely not eat sweet potato, otherwise you’d end up farting.”

Xiao Bai replied: “We don’t have sweet potato at all.”

Jia Zhiqing thought about it for a while, then with a serious face, he decided, “Xiao Bai, should we just chewing gum in the afternoon?”


And so, they spent their lunch time chewing and chewing and chewing.

This was Jia Zhiqing’s first time seeing Yimate‘s building. If we were to base it on the scale of the building, Yimate was still a tiny speck as compared to the insurance company where he used to work at; however, in Jia Zhiqing’s eyes, there were only handsome men and beautiful women in this place, and there were also no super ugly women. With this in mind, the differences between Yimate and his old insurance company immediately became like the gap between heaven and earth.

Xiao Bai was already familiar with the place so he lead Jia Zhiqing to the top floor.

The eyes of the female secretary, who was bored searching for hidden illicit affairs online, suddenly lit up.

“Xiao Bai.” She greeted him with a smile.

Jia Zhiqing suddenly dashed forth and grabbed her hand, “Hello, I am Jia Zhiqing, the new manager. Please give me more advice in the future.”

The secretary calmly pulled out her hand. She smiled and said: “Oh, you were the one that was recommended by Sir Gao. The boss is inside his office. Please come in.”

Jia Zhiqing looked at her with a fixed gaze.

What a beauty! Beautiful women are the scarcest resource in my former company.

Xiao Bai could not help but to poke and poke at Jia Zhiqing’s waist, and only then did he reluctantly leave to go inside the CEO’s office.

The secretary watched them walk away until they disappeared behind the door of the CEO’s office. She then immediately took her smiling facade off of her face, and quickly opened the group forum in qq to publish her new discovery:

>> Licking Boss’s Boots is Very Difficult: An affair, a glamorous affair! o(≧v≦)o~~

>> Vow To Die Rather Than Obey The Police: Don’t tell me your boss already got rid of Aaron Feng?!

>> Emerald Blossom: Aaron Feng finally got rid of Gao Qin?

>> Licking Boss’s Boots is Very Difficult: How come you’re not suspecting that he got rid of me, huh?

>> Emerald Blossom: =_= I’m so sleepy. I’m going to sleep.

>> Vow To Die Rather Than Obey The Police: Let’s do that.

>> Licking Boss’s Boots is Very Difficult: Why you… /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ I hate you guys…

>> Lotus Soup: What are you guys chatting about?

>> Vow To Die Rather Than Obey The Police: We’re chatting about you……………… sis.

>> Lotus Soup: Fuck, this joke is very outdated, OK?

>> Licking Boss’s Boots is Very Difficult: Today Xiao Bai came again.

>> Lotus Soup: Who’s that again?

>> Licking Boss’s Boots is Very Difficult: And he even brought a talent manager with him.

>> Vow To Die Rather Than Obey The Police: A backer! As expected he really has a backer!!!

>> Licking Boss’s Boots is Very Difficult: That talent manager was the one that Gao Qin was talking about this morning that he wanted to refer.

>> Vow To Die Rather Than Obey The Police: … Then it really is an affair. Could it be that Xiao Bai is Gao Qin’s lover??? O(∩_∩)O Haha ~ Aaron Feng’s going to be jilted!!!

>> Lotus Soup: I don’t get it.

>> Licking Boss’s Boots is Very Difficult: \(≧▽≦)/ A glamorous four-sided love story is about to be born! I finally have the motivation to work!


Inside the office, Ma Rui measured Jia Zhiqing with his eyes.

He was very clear about what kind of a person Gao Qin was. After knowing him for so long, he never left half of the handle in the hands of others. However, he proactively recommended someone this time — and that someone was his own cousin who would enter the company. Because of this, Ma Rui had no choice but to consider accepting Jia Zhiqing.

As for Zheng Bai, he had already searched very closely and thoroughly about him as early as possible.

“I’ve already prepared the contract.” He took out the newly-prepared contract from the drawer.

Just when Jia Zhiqing was about to come closer to take a look at it, he heard Ma Rui adding a sentence, “You can rest assured that Gao Qin has already seen it.”

Jia Zhiqing felt a bit depressed. Although he knew that Gao Qin had more than a hundredfold worth of experience and ability in this line than he had, listening to Ma Rui made him feel like he did not need to do anything and that he was just living off of others. However, Jia Zhiqing had also been in the insurance industry for many years and he had faced a lot of challenges in his own line of business. In the end, he just smiled modestly and said, “I just want to learn more from Elder Brother Gao Qin.”

Ma Rui could not help but look at him, “Well, it’s good for young people to learn more.”

After exiting the office, Jia Zhiqing and Xiao Bai were in the mood to take down any challenges. That Ma Rui was an old fox who had many years worth of experience with these types of challenges. The poisonous gas that emitted from his eyes almost made those two suffocate.

The secretary saw them coming out of the office, so she quickly stood up, then asked with a smile: “Are we colleagues now?”

Jia Zhiqing looked at her face that was full of youthful vitality and vigor. He vigorously nodded then responded, “Please guide me in the future.”

Jia Zhiqing knew that he was practically a blank sheet of paper in this line, so he decided to accept the arrangement made by Yimate. As a talent manager, he learned to simulate a would-be criticism, and therefore had imitated Gao Qin’s cheeky face. Although Gao Qin spouted bad things, he never drove Jia Zhiqing out.


After joining the company, most of Xiao Bai’s time was spent on joining various courses that the company had arranged. All of his coursemates were teenagers so he felt even more alienated there. Fortunately, Xiao Bai got used to it, and he also did not feel uncomfortable afterwards. On the contrary, his mild character made those teenagers very dependent on him.

Through Gao Qin’s connections, Xiao Bai worked as a model in a few magazines. Although his qualifications in the entertainment circle was not considered as outstanding, thanks to the luck that he received from ‘GO!GO!SU……SUPER STAR,’ as a newcomer, his social status was not high, yet his popularity was not low, too. He was a quick learner and because of that, he managed to stand out in two days. Since he only needed to stand there and pose for a few times, he did not even need to express his feelings.

The cameraman felt that he possessed a very unique charm due to his constant gaze which was completely relaxed and aloof.

However, in Jia Zhiqing’s words, it was dull and lifeless, although he could point out that there was a little difference between the Xiao Bai of today and the past.

When Xiao Bai and Jia Zhiqing entered the studio, they were startled by the pink hearts that pervaded the air.

After staring blankly for a while, Jia Zhiqing asked: “Is this an illusion? Is it the effect of the lighting?”

Xiao Bai replied: “I’ve encountered this before.”


“At the variety show.”

“…” Jia Zhiqing finally understood where those hearts came from.

In the sea of people, there was a sparkling face that stood out that was smiling cheerfully.

“Yan Su’ang? Why is he here?” Jia Zhiqing thought to himself.

Staff Member A, who was passing by answered, “The Great God’s scheduled for photoshoot today for a magazine’s cover page.”

Staff Member B gasped in admiration as he said, “Ah, then that magazine will surely sell well.”

Jia Zhiqing anxiously looked at Xiao Bai, “How about if we call it a day?”

Xiao Bai blinked then asked, “Why?”

“…” Did you not know that because of your carelessness, you offended the Great God? Jia Zhiqing hesitated to expose the bitter truth.

However, the heavens clearly did not give him the chance to hesitate.

Because of Yan Su’ang’s keen eyesight, he was able to find them. He pushed his way through the people and approached them with a smile on his face, “Xiao Bai.”

Xiao Bai raised his head. He politely smiled at him and greeted: “Hello.”

Yan Su’ang looked at Jia Zhiqing, then back to Xiao Bai’s face again, “Long time no see. I’m grateful that you’ve taken care of me last time.”

Hearing this, Jia Zhiqing had goosebumps all over his body.

The vigilance that he developed from being oppressed by Gao Qin in the past suddenly awakened. His bitter experiences from the past made him notice that this smiling amiable man before him and his cousin Gao Qin were really birds of the same feather, except that Gao Qin rarely displayed his true color in public, while he… he enshrouded himself in pink hearts.

“Oh, Great God, you’re really too modest.” Half of Jia Zhiqing’s body was leaning toward Xiao Bai. He gave Yan Su’ang an exaggerated bow and said, “To be able to stand in the same stage with the Great God is really a good fortune that he cultivated from his past life. Please promote and take care of our Xiao Bai as much as possible in the future.”

Yan Su’ang faintly smiled and answered: “Isn’t it that Xiao Bai has always been taken care of by the big aunty upstairs? Why should I do something superfluous?”

It was confirmed. He really did bear grudges due to that particular matter. Jia Zhiqing was sweating profusely, “Great God really likes to crack jokes. Haha… ah ha ha… you’re really funny, haha…”

There was silence and only his laughter could be heard. It went on, and on… and on…

Yan Su’ang glared at Jia Zhiqing with a wooden face until his laughter slowly faded and his voice disappeared into the depths of his throat.

“And besides, isn’t it that you already have your elder brother Aaron Feng in your company, if I’m not mistaken?” Yan Su’ang‘s killing spree continued.

… Sure enough, his old grudge began to turn into provocation. Jia Zhiqing racked his brain in search of a way to settle this dilemma before his eyes.

Xiao Bai suddenly faintly said, “Did you also come here to get Brother Aaron’s autograph?”

It was not just quiet. It was solemnly silent around them.

Xiao Bai, who was unable to make heads or tails of it, looked at Jia Zhiqing. Jia Zhiqing suddenly felt that his back was completely sweaty. In the past few days, many people asked him for Aaron Feng’s autograph. Thanks to Jia Zhiqing and Gao Qin’s connections, every time he asked for Aaron Feng’s autograph, it went very smoothly. Therefore, even if Yan Su’ang really asked for his autograph, he could easily give it to him.


Everyone simultaneously looked where that dropping sound came from.

It turned out that Staff Member A was so nervous that he carelessly dropped his pen to the ground. The sound was loud enough to catch everyone’s attention.

For the first time in his life, the staff member felt that dropping his pen was not a matter that could be forgiven. Huhu, he vowed that he would never drop anything so carelessly again.

Yan Su’ang took a deep breath. He faintly smiled at the photographer and said: “Let’s start the photo shoot.”

“Uh, okay… okay, let’s hurry up and take pictures.” The photographer, as if receiving a great amnesty, immediately got himself busy.

It was Yan Su’ang’s photo that was mainly taken, and the other ten models, including Xiao Bai, were just the background, standing behind Yan Su’ang and highlighting him.

The photographer originally arranged Xiao Bai to stand at the corner, but who would have thought that Yan Su’ang would unexpectedly say, “Let him stand beside me.”

Both the photographer and Jia zhiqing broke into cold sweats.

“Uh, but…” The photographer looked at Xiao Bai who was pulled to Yan Su’ang’s side. Xiao Bai was half a head shorter than he was, and if these two would stand side by side, it would really make the whole picture look unharmonious.

It was like a row of neatly shaped teeth with an unexpected dent in the middle. If he was just at the end of the line, the distance could more or less fix the difference, but if they stood so close to each other, there was absolutely nothing that the photographer could do about it. He could not possibly let Xiao Bai stand in the front.

The photographer struggled thinking about how to express his opinions in front of the Great God without offending him.

“Is there any problem?” Yan Su’ang looked at him with a smile.

The photographer plucked up his courage, and with a deep voice, he said: “Great God… sure, no problem at all.” Huhu, the Great God was always right. If the Great God was wrong, please refer to the previous sentence.

The magazine came out very quickly. As what most had expected, it was the best seller of the season.

Seeing Xiao Bai standing beside Yan Su’ang was a little bit off. Although he was just like a pressed down key among a row of piano keys, borrowing the words of two certain female readers: ‘His stature was short, but because of his ethereal and otherworldly expression, you can’t help but to take him in your embrace,’ and ‘Him standing next to the Great God was just like seeing the sun getting along with the moon; the light and shadow were obviously different, yet so harmonious.’

Soon after that, a new section emerged in a certain secret forum — God Bai’s Benevolent Rule.

The threads with the highest clicks were as follows:

【Picture】The intimate moment of the Great God and Xiao Bai.

【Vote】Support God Bai!

【Fan fiction author】 Looking back through time, you still haven’t changed.

【Fan fiction author】 Long live the overwhelming!

However, just as this forum had risen, another piece of news was gorgeously occupying the headlines of major magazines —

The battle of the Heavenly King’s (Aaron Feng) lovers! The pure Xiao Bai VS the gorgeous Empress?

Gao Qin threw 5 or 6 magazines on Aaron Feng’s table and said: “Still won’t explain?”

Aaron Feng glanced and indifferently shrugged as he responded, “I only asked Xiao Bai to accompany me to buy some clothes.”

“Then on the way you decided to put your hands on his waist?”

“My hands were tired and needed to rest a bit.”

Gao Qin’s veins on his forehead twitched a bit and he murmured: “Do you know how much lobbying and money I’ve spent to make Zhou Minli your shield?”

Aaron Feng shrugged again. He looked at him and hypocritically showed off affection, “I’m sorry to make you the manager of a homosexual. I’ve really wronged you.”

Gao Qin ignored his sarcasm and expressionlessly said: “Now she feels embarrassed and doesn’t want to do it.”

Aaron Feng applauded. He laughed and said: “Exactly. I don’t want to get even more entangled with these trams.”

Gao Qin coldly asked: “In that case, do you still want to get entangled with me?”

Aaron Feng was slightly stunned and immediately replied in a coquettish manner: “Sincerely, you won’t abandon your family member because of such a petty matter, right?”

“…At first, I didn’t plan to, but now maybe I should consider it.”




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  1. akumakawa

    So they are dating? And he is upset at his plans going away and jelly of his treatment of Xiao Bai?

    I wonder what the Great God will think?


      1. akumakawa

        Maybe I am reading a bit much into this last section but it gives off the feeling of a relationship:

        |Aaron Feng applauded. He laughed and said: “Exactly. I don’t want to get even more entangled with these trams.”

        Gao Qin coldly asked: “In that case, do you still want to get entangled with me?”

        Aaron Feng was slightly stunned and immediately replied in a coquettish manner: “Sincerely, you won’t abandon your family member because of such a petty matter, right?”

        “…At first, I didn’t plan to, but now maybe I should consider it.”|

        I mean they were talking about his beard and ‘dating’ and then that happened so I was thinking they were dating.


      2. chiangyushien

        Ow I think that means if aaron still wants to involve with Gao Qin, as in for works – bcoz he refuse to pretend dating with Zhou Minli, a fake relationship which Gao Qin made up.
        If you look into ch.3 there’s a conversation between these two that said Gao Qin compare the probability to fall in love with Aaron and being viciously curse. So I don’t think they’re dating, but…I do think that will be interesting if they’re dating later on hahaha


      3. akumakawa

        Dating doesn’t necessarily mean love, they could just be knocking boots. But there is definitely some flirting going on.


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