TUMBT : Chapter 75

Author : Chai Jidan

Translator : KrisLo89

Proofreader : KainGuru

After a few loud gasps, Mu Xueshi realized that he had lost control of himself. Just like a robot, he slowly turned his head toward Su Ruhan, and with an awkward laugh, he said, “I’m not talking about you. That… Hehe…”

Su Ruhan was leisurely drinking tea on the side until he saw Mu Xueshi’s expression change multiple times after he woke up and crazily roared as if no one else were present in the room. His angry look was a little odd, but it was also funny and lovable.

Mu Xueshi was afraid that Su Ruhan would cast a disgusted look at him. When he was studying before, he knew that he could be strange at times. During that time, his classmates beside him would relentlessly take him as a stupid person, crazy, foolish, and lacking. These words were groundlessly branded onto him. Even if he was so depressed back then, those classmates did not care about his feelings at all.

As a result, not only did Su Ruhan not throw any unfriendly glances at Mu Xueshi, but he did not even look at him. Thus, although it was a sigh of relief for Mu Xueshi, it was also somewhat courting a rebuff.

“Are… are you going to stay here tonight?” asked Mu Xueshi.

Su RuHan shook his head and indifferently answered, “No.”

Mu Xueshi‘s complexion changed. He tried his best to get out of bed and walk toward Su Ruhan. Su Ruhan thought that Mu Xueshi would only stand in the distance and talk to himself. Su Ruhan did not expect that Mu Xueshi would actually go as far as to sit next him, and even struggle to pull a stool and get in front of him.

Mu Xueshi’s sweet smell suddenly seeped into Su Ruhan’s nostrils, and his delicate little face turned toward Su Ruhan. Had this person not been Su Ruhan, perhaps he would have been enchanted.

Mu Xueshi did not have the slightest idea that these actions were a certain way to entice someone. He still was even bold enough to place his arm over Su Ruhan’s shoulder, and with a pleading look, he asked, “So, since you’re here today, let’s sleep together in this room.”

Su Ruhan quickly took Mu Xueshi’s arm off of his shoulder and coldly said: “No, the Imperial Palace of Winter’s Verge was bestowed upon you by the Third Prince, Young Master Xue, for you to stay in for a few days. How could this subordinate dare to disturb…”

“No, no!” Mu Xueshi quickly waved his hand and said to Su Ruhan: “Why are we being so polite? I’ll make a claim for myself this time. You can eat and stay here. I’ll go and get additional bedding and quilts later.”

Mu Xueshi desperately wanted Su Ruhan to stay, but it was because of the strange event that took place at the back hill earlier this day. He thought of himself as a friend of the Third Prince and felt that it was right to ask Su Ruhan to stay since he was a guest of his residence. He seemed to think that Su Ruhan’s place was certainly not as comfortable as his current residence.

Who would have thought that Su Ruhan was the least bit moved. With an apathetic look, he replied: “Thank you for your kindness, Young Master Xue. Humble me really appreciates Young Master Xue’s kindness, but I just don’t want to stay here and share the same room with a man.”

“What’s wrong with men?” Mu Xueshi had a relaxed look, but his hand was firmly holding on to Su Ruhan’s sleeve, and he did not have the slightest desire to loosen his grip.

He had to have someone stay with him in this place. At night, it would be dark and there would be no lights. In this sinister place, if he would not be scared to death by ghosts, he would surely be eaten by ghosts.

Su Ruhan was really shocked when he heard Mu Xueshi saying ‘Whats wrong with men?’ Nowadays, homosexuality was prevalent. Two men who had no family relationships could rest their heads together in one bed and sleep, but after this matter would be known by the public, it would surely be difficult to justify. On top of that, Mu Xueshi was the Third Prince’s person. Even if Su Ruhan was really interested in him, he would not risk his own life, let alone Su Ruhan had any thoughts of him.

The Third Prince knew that Su Ruhan had his own sense of propriety, so he allowed him to accompany Mu Xueshi. Only he did not call to mind that Su Ruhan would not go beyond his limits, but on the contrary, Mu Xueshi was the one who glued himself to him. Su Ruhan did not know how to turn him down. Mu Xueshi was firmly tugging on his sleeve and looked like he did not want to let go.

No matter how calm Su Ruhan was, it was impossible for him to remain unconcerned about the fact that Mu Xueshi was sticking so close to him. On top of that, Mu Xueshi would often reveal a serene and friendly smile at him, which all the more kept Su Ruhan in a trance.

In the end, Su Ruhan decided to compose himself. He pushed Mu Xueshi away. He did not use even a tenth of his strength, but it was enough to make Mu Xueshi retreat several steps. By the time Mu Xueshi reacted, Su Ruhan had already strode out of the house and disappeared into the dark of the night.



4 thoughts on “TUMBT : Chapter 75

  1. Ima

    Lol, I understand where MX is coming from, I would not wanna stay alone especially in such an eerily place like that! He needs third prince now 😂
    Thank you so much for this!!


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