BMHS : Chapter 21.1 – He and Yan Sui got married

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: synecdoche-acookie

Proofreader: KainGuru

Yan Sui seriously looked at Meng Ting. He held Meng Ting’s hand then let it go. He propped up on the bed once more, then turned over to push Meng Ting against the bed.

Meng Ting also slightly lowered his brilliant eyes. He reflected on his own behavior and actions and wondered whether there was something wrong with them.

No, it should be said that he hardly ever did something right; it was just that he had been long accustomed to it being said that he would always make mistakes. However, he and Yan Sui had not known each other for a long time, obviously he still had not made any mistakes.

“This is also not allowed, right?”

Yan Sui touched Meng Ting’s cheek with his right hand then gently caressed him. He reached out for Meng Ting’s chin with his two fingers and slightly lifted it up. Meng Ting also raised his eyes up. Both of them looked at each other again.

“Meng Ting, do you really understand what these words mean?”

Previously, Yan Sui really had faith in his self-control, but for how long would it last? His self-control became a joke in front of Meng Ting.

Meng Ting still had the rash temperament of a young man, so Yan Sui should not follow him like this. He had to be the one responsible for their lives.

Meng Ting did not hesitate the least bit and nodded, “If you’ll hug me, then I’ll hug you too.” What else could this mean?

Yan Sui still calmly looked at Meng Ting for a long time, but now it was clear that he had been thinking too much. Meng Ting threw himself in his arms only to hug him and nothing else.

He immediately sat up then pulled Meng Ting to help him get up. He ruffled Meng Ting’s hair as he said, “Get healthy soon, if you want a hug then let’s hug.”

Yan Sui paused for moment before adding, “This is the patient’s privilege.”

Meng Ting hesitated for a bit then he nodded afterwards. He was obviously not satisfied even if he had hugged Yan Sui many times in the past few days. However, he would be good to Yan Sui in the future. He would always be willing to give Yan Sui a lot of hugs.

The medicated food tasted stronger than the one in the evening. It almost had no difference with traditional Chinese medicine. Meng Ting drank two bowls of it without frowning, then he whispered, “There’s only little meat.”

“Wait till you’re better, then you can eat more.”

Yan Sui took out his handkerchief and wiped the corners of Meng Ting’s mouth. He then led him to the bathroom, simply to wash his face and mouth.

“Go ahead and sleep first. I’m gonna take a bath.”

Meng Ting nodded then lowered his head to smell himself. He already took a bath twice today, so he should not have any strange odor on his body.

With this in mind, he was confident that he could go to the bed in the room and sleep with Yan Sui. He should make sure that he was able to wash himself thoroughly. He must not make Yan Sui dislike him because of poor hygiene.

The cold water rushed down briskly and Yan Sui’s mind could finally become a little bit clear. Meng Ting’s way of thinking was clearly different from his and most of other people’s. He was very straightforward, and there were many things that he did not understand.

To Meng Ting, sleeping was just sleeping, and a hug was just a hug. On the contrary, the one who turned out to be really excited was Yan Sui.

Yan Sui changed into his pajamas and went to bed. Meng Ting opened his eyes and moved to his embrace. Meng Ting remembered what Yan Sui had said before and took advantage of his privilege as a patient.

Yan Sui leaned sideways and adjusted the bedside table lamp to the dimmest light. Now, he could continue to lie down properly. He glanced at the furry head in his embrace and placed his arm around Meng Ting. Yan Sui patted his back as if he was lulling him, “Let’s Sleep.”

This was Yan Sui’s first time holding a person in his arms to sleep and so was Meng Ting’s. His hand gently tugged on the corner of Yan Sui’s pajamas, and the two got a bit closer. He whispered, “Yan Sui, if you think I did something wrong, tell me and I’ll change it.”

Meng Ting was so slow-witted. Even if changing it was also not necessary, he still wanted to try harder.

Yan Sui’s hand that was patting Meng Ting’s back finally reached Meng Ting’s cheek, then he stroked Meng Ting’s forehead and kissed him, “You didn’t say anything wrong, nor did you do anything wrong. Don’t think about these things. You need to sleep now.”

“Good night.”

Meng Ting’s eyes slowly closed and he also stopped tugging on to Yan Sui’s pajama; instead, he hugged Yan Sui‘s neck and the corners of his mouth slightly hooked up a smile, “You‘re right. I will get well sooner, and after that, I’ll be good to you.” Meng Ting would do what it takes to let Yan Sui allow him to hug Yan Sui to sleep on his own accord!

Yan Sui did not talk anymore. Meng Ting closed his eyes for a moment, then fell asleep again.

Yan Sui woke up several times the whole night. At around two or three o’clock, he woke up to ensure that Meng Ting did not have a fever, then he felt relieved enough to fall asleep.

This feeling could be said was special for Yan Sui. For Meng Ting, it was an unprecedented happy event. At five o’clock, Meng Ting woke up on time in Yan Sui’s arms. On this night, he really did not have any nightmares.

He did not dare to move too much. He inclined his head to the side to look at Yan Sui and engraved his appearance over and over again in his mind. Yan Sui was really good-looking. He was good-looking from every angle and Meng Ting had definitely determined this point.

After half an hour, Yan Sui’s eyelashes moved, seemingly about to wake up. Meng Ting softly smiled and hugged him by his neck. The two who were originally close to each other became more intimate.

“Yan Sui, you woke up.”

“Yeah,” Yan Sui responded. He searched for Meng Ting’s forehead with his hand, then seriously felt it once again. After ascertaining that Meng Ting was no longer feverish, he took his hand back.

His voice carried a hint of languidness, “You shouldn’t rush to jog for a few days. Wait until you’re completely fine, after that, we can go for a run together.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you,” Meng Ting moved slowly and leaned forward, then he held Yan Sui’s face with his hands. Soon afterwards, a peck fell on Yan Sui’s forehead. ‘Chu’ was heard. With a little bit of shyness, he closed his eyes and said, “Yan Sui, good morning.”

Yan Sui gave him a good night kiss and Meng Ting gave him back a good morning kiss. It felt nice.

Yan Sui’s eyes were completely opened. Although everything around him was still a bit blurry, only Meng Ting’s bright and beautiful smiling face was clear. He could not help but smile and greet, “Good morning.”

Under Meng Ting’s initiative to be intimate, for the first time, they embraced each other as soon as they woke up early in the morning. It was not awkward, nor was it forced in any way. As the proverb said, ‘Old acquaintances act like strangers while new acquaintances act like old friends.’ He thought that he and Meng Ting should be a part of the latter — born with a natural connection.

Yan Sui slowly sat up with Meng Ting so that Meng Ting could not press him down anymore. Meng Ting sat up straight, but his smile remained unchanged and did not disappear. He was not the type of person who would usually smile so affectionately; but today, he felt really good after sleeping. His mood was very good and he was more than happy to smile if he was with Yan Sui.

Yan Sui ruffled Meng Ting’s hair and said, “Go and wash your face and rinse your mouth.”

“Mmm,” Meng Ting nodded and got out of bed, then turned around to take a quick glimpse at Yan Sui. He then went to the bathroom.

Yan Sui also could not help but touch the area between his brows where Meng Ting’s lips had touched. He could not help but reveal a little helplessness on his face and smile sheepishly and let nature take its course.

Today’s weather was still not very good. Yan Sui did not go to the lawn for a run, instead, he went to the fitness room on the first floor. He ran for a while, then taught Meng Ting how to use these machines. Both of them sweated a little, then Yan Sui took a shower, while Meng Ting only wiped his body and changed his clothes.

At seven o’clock, Nanny Wang took a few maids and brought them a light breakfast which included plain rice congee, pickled vegetables, stuffed steamed buns, deep-fried twisted dough sticks, sandwiches, and milk.

Meng Ting did not bother to rack his brain regarding this and ate whatever was there. He ate one portion for each. His appetite was not good yet, but he happily gave Nanny Wang a nod. She thought, if the old madame saw the patriarch’s wife with her, she would be happy, too.

Yan Sui had always well-accepted Meng Ting’s ‘eating a lot’ habit. Now that he was ill, Yan Sui was afraid that Meng Ting would not be able to eat a lot. How could he hate Meng Ting’s eating-a-lot habit?

Not long after they had finished breakfast, their private doctor, Li Yi, arrived. He examined Meng Ting again with special and overcautious care. His expression relaxed a little and said, “As long as you no longer have fever and cough, it won’t affect your health.”

He looked at Yan Sui and said, “Let’s pay more attention to him for the next few days and ensure that he won’t catch a cold.”

“All right.” Yan Sui answered.

Meng Ting bowed toward Li Yi and said, “Thank you.” He rushed over to the Yans’ residence early in the morning like this. This thank you was something that he expected.

Li Yi smiled and said, “I’m just doing what I’ve been paid for.” After some time, he added, “Oh, that’s right!” Then he took out two books from his medical kit and gave them to Yan Sui, “These are what you asked for and I’ve also contacted the people you asked me to contact. Read these first, then just give me a call.”

“All right.” Yan Sui nodded then continued to chat with Li Yi, and after that, Li Yi took his leave.

Meng Ting looked at Yan Sui and whispered, “You should hurry and go. The doctor said that I’m all right. Don’t worry. I’ll stay at home.” He pondered then added, “Come home soon.”

Yan Sui heard him and looked at his watch, then he walked over and sat by Meng Ting’s side. Meng Ting did not know why he came so close.

He looked at Yan Sui with his eyes widened and his voice was filled with joy, which appeared a little inconceivable, “Now, do you miss me already?”

So, Yan Sui came over before he left, sat with him and hugged him? Yan Sui really liked him so much.

Because of this, Meng Ting was very happy. The corners of his eyes slightly tilted up, with some unconscious charm. Yan Sui, who originally wanted to refute, suddenly could not utter any word to refute.

He just did not want to. In a moment, Yan Sui would also end up missing him.

Yan Sui gently held Meng Ting’s hand, and as he got up, he also pulled Meng Ting up.

“I’m going out, but you‘re also coming.”

Meng Ting’s mental state looked really good. Earlier, they went to do things that they did not do yesterday. This also allowed Meng Ting to feel somewhat at ease at home.

Meng Ting looked at their hands clasped together, and slightly nodded. The corners of his mouth hooked up and he looked up with a smile on his face once again. He did not mind the reason why Yan Sui wanted to take him out with him. He was happy that they could be together, so he was okay with anything.

“Okay.” He answered.

Inside the living room, Nanny Wang who was tidying the room and Xiao Bo who was waiting for orders, were both in a daze for quite a long time.

Such gentle and good-natured Yan Sui was obviously something that they rarely saw. In the past, even when the old madame and old master were still alive, Yan Sui had some emotions, but it would not be as gentle as this.

It seemed that their patriarch really liked his wife.

When they came down again, Yan Sui had changed into his daily black suit while Meng Ting’s was a white suit.

Yan Sui was tall and imposing. The black color deepened his profound and cold sense. The aura around him became even more formidable. While on the other hand, Meng Ting’s height was not considered as short, but he was not a real grown up yet. Especially his face was very bashful, clean, and fresh. It could be considered that he looked like a little white bunny that was easy to take advantage of, although this was not the case at all.

Meng Ting was naturally oblivious to other people’s feeling. He stuck close by Yan Sui’s side. He swept his glance on Yan Sui and was also not stingy with his complements, “You look really good dressing up like this.”

Yan Sui looked very intimidating. He was very fierce. He was simply good-looking in Meng Ting’s mind.

Yan Sui, who had never heard such an awfully frightening comment, could not help but raise the tips of his eyebrows. He pulled Meng Ting’s hand and simply said, “You look really good.”



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  1. “Yan Sui looked very intimidating. He was very fierce. He was simply good-looking in Meng Ting’s mind”
    Fierce? Nope!
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