BMHS : Chapter 21.2 – He and Yan Sui got married

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: KainGuru

Meng Ting also held Yan Sui’s hand. When they were in the car, his cheeks gradually began to blush again because Yan Sui praised his good looks. Yan Sui’s compliment was different than others. When Meng Ting heard it, he felt warm, itchy and very happy in his heart.

“Only my face looks good, but for you…your whole body looks good.”

”Ahem…” Yan Sui did not respond at all but his secretary, Wang Feng, who was seated in the front passenger seat, suddenly choked. Whole body? Did Meng Ting already see his boss’s whole body? Not only did he want to cough, but he was also imagining some inappropriate scenes which immediately made his nose itchy.

Meng Ting glanced over and only then did he realize that there were two people in the front seats who were able to hear what he said. He was talking to Yan Sui, for what reason did he cough?

“Drive.” Yan Sui had adapted to Meng Ting’s bluntness. Meng Ting was so blunt to the point that his bluntness intimidated people. He looked at Meng Ting’s bowed head and saw that his cheeks were still a bit blushing. After thinking for a while, he knew that Meng Ting’s words did not have any uncalled-for meaning.

Meng Ting really just had a good-looking face. There were a number of scars left from fighting on his hands and body. Some of them had disappeared, but some never disappeared. Realizing this, Yan Sui was unable to make a fuss about such a trifle thing like Wang Feng.

“His name is Wang Feng, my secretary,” Yan Sui said, then he pointed at the big man with a dark face who was driving the car, “His name is Zhao Bing. In the future, if you want to go somewhere, just give him a call.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting gently nodded.

He looked down at his hand, then he pulled Yan Sui’s hand and took a look at it carefully. He did not find any fault in what he had said.

It seemed that in the Mengs, and some people’s eyes, his handsome face still had some value and should not be destroyed, otherwise, he may not be able to preserve his face.

“Your hands are beautiful,” Meng Ting resolutely said once again.

Meng Ting was looking at their hands. Yan Sui also did the same thing. He gently rubbed the scars in Meng Ting’s hand, as if he wanted to rub them away. In the end, it only made Meng Ting’s hand redden a bit. Those scars could not be removed. Even if the scars were gone, the events that took place before could not be changed.

As he felt sorry for Meng Ting, Yan Sui could no longer care about Wang Feng and Zhao Bing who were seated in the front seats. He took Meng Ting into his embrace and said, You’re right.”

After hearing what Yan Sui had said, Meng Ting also did not talk about their hands anymore. He leaned on Yan Sui’s shoulder, but he did not feel that it was enough. He raised his face and slowly nestled to Yan Sui.

His little tricks were so quick that Yan Sui revealed his helplessness. Wang Feng and Zhao Bing could only regard themselves as blind and deaf.

Wang Feng carefully sat up and straightened his body. He still felt that he had misunderstood Yan Sui yesterday. He thought Yan Sui was not ethical. However, after one night, their relationship had progressed to the point where they could brilliantly see each other. Maybe he did not misunderstand it yesterday? Wang Feng pondered for a while and in the rearview mirror. His eyes met with Yan Sui’s. His whole body froze and he did not dare to mull over it anymore.

Yan Sui was not that cold, but he was only able to do this kind of thing when Meng Ting was around. No matter what, he was still Yan Sui, the master of the Yans’ household, who was quite formidable in both means and mind.

At nine o’clock in the morning, they arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau’s entrance. After they waited for four or five couples, it was finally Yan Sui and Meng Ting’s turn.

It took a long time for Meng Ting to finally understand why Yan Sui brought him here. Once he understood the situation, he was felt like he was high above in a place amidst the clouds and mist.

“Are we here to get married?”

“Yes.” Yan Sui assured Meng Ting. The corners of his mouth curled up then he added, “We’ve arrived.”

Meng Ting took a deep breath and followed him. He gently pursed his cherry-colored lips. His whole person was very focused. Of course, his heart was not as calm as he showed. There was only one sentence that repetitively flooded in his mind. He and Yan Sui were going to get married, get married, get married…

They filled in the form, took pictures, took their oath, and finally got their marriage certificate. It was all done in less than an hour.

Meng Ting held his and Yan Sui’s marriage certificate, just like holding a very heavy stone. He looked down. His emotions surged in his eyes more and more.

“Yan Sui, we really got married.”

He did not need to wait seven days to marry Yan Sui. From now on, they were legally a couple.

“Yes.” The emotion in Yan Sui’s heart also was not that calm. Originally, he personally came here just to make Meng Ting happy. However, after he went through the procedure, he also felt different in his heart.

When they walked through a small, empty corridor, Meng Ting could not suppress his excitement any longer. He took the time to step forward and pressed Yan Sui against the wall. With eyes wide open, he said, “Yan Sui, I’m so happy!”

Yan Sui was pinned against the wall. At first, he did not expect Meng Ting’s action, then he just let him have his own way.

As he said this, Meng Ting clasped his hands around Yan Sui’s neck. He glanced from left to right, then he squinted his eyes and pressed his lips on him.

It gently and quietly landed on his cheek, but the soft feeling remained on Yan Sui’s cheek.

Meng Ting took a step back. He bowed his head as he pulled Yan Sui’s hand to continue to walk through this small corridor, but before he could even reach Yan Sui’s hand, Yan Sui suddenly made him turn around again and then he pinned Meng Ting against the wall.

“Eh?” Meng Ting looked puzzled as he looked at Yan Sui. Then, his eyes lit up and he raised his face, “You’re happy too and you want to kiss me too, right?”

With Meng Ting being like this, if Yan Sui still did not respond, their “sexual” luck for the rest of their lives should be worrying.

Yan Sui gently lifted Meng Ting’s cheeks. He lowered his head and immediately kissed Meng Ting on his lips.

Meng Ting wondered why Yan Sui wanted to kiss him here, but he still obediently raised his head and did not move. This kind of trust immediately set Yan Sui’s heart ablaze. He gently sucked Meng Ting’s lower lip and when Meng Ting was in a daze, Yan Sui’s tongue explored over his teeth and made his way in.

When their tongues intertwined, all the gentle moments vanished and their breaths subsequently tightened. In this small and narrow space, there seemed to be ‘fire flowers’ in bloom. The whole attention was concentrated here, and any hint of thoughts and feelings amplified in their minds.

With their lips and tongues rubbing together, Yan Sui’s kiss was getting deeper and deeper, and once more, his confidence in his self-control was about to collapse.

It was Meng Ting’s first time being kissed by someone and it was also Yan Sui’s first time to kiss someone. Two minutes later, Yan Sui suddenly let go of Meng Ting then took the person in his arms. As he breathed gently, he also held Meng Ting stronger.

Meng Ting could not help but lick his lips, then purse them again, but his hands were already on Yan Sui’s waist, slowly embracing him.

All his feelings told him that, although this kiss was sudden, he did not loathe it at all.

Yan Sui adjusted his breathing, then he let go of Meng Ting, who looked at him with a blush on his face. Yan Sui smiled gently and said, “Let’s go back.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting nodded.

Out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Meng Ting looked back again. There were many men and women who were holding hands like them. Many of them were looking at him and Yan Sui, whispering something.

Meng Ting did not pay attention to them. He just turned his back on them and thought that this place was special for him and Yan Sui.

It was not only because of the marriage certificate, but also because of the kiss.

As they went back to the car, Meng Ting looked at their marriage certificate over and over again. Later on, he started to look a little annoyed.

“I was too nervous and I didn’t smile properly.”

Yan Sui looked at it as well, then gently ruffled Meng Ting’s hair. “It looks nice.”

Meng Ting heard what Yan Sui said and took a glance at it once again, then slowly closed it. He embraced Yan Sui’s arm and earnestly nodded, “We really match each other.”

“Ahem,” Wang Feng could not help but cough a little. Their patriarch’s wife really did not know how to contain himself. Even if he and Yan Sui were matched, it should not be up to him to say it.

Meng Ting looked at Wang Feng and stretched his body to the front, “Yan Sui and I got our marriage certificate.”

“Congratulations,” Wang Feng turned around and earnestly said. He saw Meng Ting was happy then added another sentence, “Happy wedding.”

“Thank you. We’ll be happy.” Meng Ting’s words were more serious than Wang Feng forced words. Before Wang Feng could respond to anything, Meng Ting was pulled back by Yan Sui.

For Meng Ting, this trip was considered enough to fortify their relationship and It was enough for him to completely be frank and sincere to Yan Sui. It could be said that the last layer of estrangement between them also disappeared. He leaned on Yan Sui’s bosom peacefully and the corners of his mouth curled up. He did not painstakingly hide his happiness.

Wang Feng and Zhao Bing, who sat in the front seats, did not speak anymore, but they could feel the cloyingly sweet and atmosphere.

However, no one could hate such a change in Meng Ting’s character. It was not so surprising that Yan Sui fell into Meng Ting’s hands. Although Wang Feng and Meng Ting had only met twice, he already felt this patriarch’s wife was very pleasing to the eye.

Yan Sui looked out of the window and whispered, “Let’s go to the company.”

“All right,” Zhao Bing turned left at the intersection. Yan Sui obviously hated to part with Meng Ting, and wanted to take him to the company.

Of course, it was mutual. Meng Ting was also reluctant to part with Yan Sui more than before.

He felt the marriage certificate in his arms. He actually thought that there was no need to hide. He was at ease. He was happy to continue to follow Yan Sui and even more tightly held on to their marriage certificate.

Yan Sui’s office was on the top floor of Yans’ building. They took the exclusive elevator and went straight to the top floor, but there were still a few people there. It did not take long before the news that Yan Sui came with a beautiful boy spread throughout the company, from the executive managers down to the cleaning aunties.

Yesterday, the wedding invitations were sent to each family in Haicheng’s upper circle. Who would have thought that the Yans’ patriarch, Yan Sui, had to be married to an illegitimate child of the Mengs. However, this illegitimate child was the one chosen by Yan Sui’s mother, He Wan. These two did not match, yet this was what He Wan wanted so there was no room for doubts from others.

At the moment, Yan Sui brought a beautiful boy to the company. Whatever could this mean? It was hard not to think about it.

As the person who was involved, Yan Sui might be able to guess that the people in the company were shocked. As for Meng Ting, he could not feel anything for the time being. He was still carefully holding their marriage certificate while Yan Sui led the way.

“Let someone go to the restaurant on the ninth floor and get some fruit.” Boys of Meng Ting’s age may prefer to eat some snacks, but he was not completely healthy yet. Light snacks or fruits should be okay.

Wang Feng personally cleaned the fruits then sent them in. Yan Sui was teaching Meng Ting how to play games on the tablet.

Meng Ting was not inexperienced with electronic devices since he used them for his studies. He rarely used them for games, but he was willing to let Yan Sui teach him.

“Dead…” Meng Ting looked down at his character in the game that just died. It seemed that Yan Sui also rarely played games like this.

Yan Sui coughed. Without any embarrassment on his face, he touched Meng Ting’s hair, “Go ahead and play first. I’ll take you to eat dinner later.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting gently nodded. He knew that Yan Sui was afraid of him being bored, but he knew he wouldn’t. He would not be bored even if he did not have his phone with him. For a particular reason, he was the least bit afraid of boredom.

He could stay alone for a long, long time, think about a lot of things, or think about nothing. As long as he was not hungry, everything would not be a problem.

Yan Sui sat in the seat of the host and looked at Meng Ting’s eyes once again, then he started to work seriously. His office was naturally full of people. Those people got news earlier and were naturally curious about Meng Ting, who was serious about playing games. There were not many people who dared to look at him more because of Yan Sui’s stateliness.

It was only when people like Wang Feng who had a serious matter to do that Meng Ting would care. If not, he was even less likely to take the initiative to say anything to them.



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