BMHS : Chapter 21.3 – He and Yan Sui Got Married

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: KainGuru

Meng Ting played the game just like Yan Sui. He died over and over again, but a particular someone made his mood good. Even if he died so many times in the game, he still felt happy.

However, some of the games did not appeal to Meng Ting. He played for a while, but he decided to quit in the end. As of the moment, the office was very quiet. Yan Sui had his head bowed as he wrote instructions on his report files, while Meng Ting leaned over and took pictures with his phone. After that, he faced about and sat properly. It took him a long time to go back to this position. Yan Sui was also looking after him.

“It’s almost twelve o’clock. Let’s go and eat lunch then I’ll send you back.”

Because Yan Sui was reluctant to part with Meng Ting, he decided to let Meng Ting stay in his office. Yan Sui never thought that he would do something like this before; but now, Yan Sui did not just think about doing it, he actually did it, too.

Meng Ting tucked his phone back in his pocket. He got up to his feet and walked over. He looked at Yan Sui, then he bent down and hugged Yan Sui’s neck, “I don’t want to go back yet. Can’t I just play games on the couch in the afternoon? I’ll be a very, very good boy.”

Yan Sui simply could not refuse Meng Ting’s intimacy, let alone when Meng Ting coquettishly plead.

“I’m afraid that you’ll get bored.” If Meng Ting liked accompanying him, how could he refuse it? However, the more that Meng Ting insisted to stay, the more that Yan Sui hoped that Meng Ting really liked it as well, and not just because he was forced to stay with Yan Sui.

“I’m not bored at all,” Meng Ting responded. He originally wanted to get up, but he decided to continue embracing Yan Sui. He loosened his embrace up a bit, then moved closer and kissed Yan Sui’s lips. “I like it.”

Yan Sui’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down twice. Before he could even make a move, the door to the office was pushed open again. Although Wang Feng immediately withdrew after seeing the two, Meng Ting, who was already startled, had let go of Yan Sui. After he became aware of the situation, his face blushed, then he quietly measured Yan Sui with his eyes.

Meng Ting did not have the ability to judge a person. After two seconds, he gave up and asked, “Do you hate it when I kiss you?”

Yan Sui slowly shook his head. He could not resist such intimacy. He did not hate it even for a bit.

If he did, he and Meng Ting would not get in this situation where he was unable to resist.

Hearing what Meng Ting said, Yan Sui sighed, and his lips curled up, “I don’t hate it.”

He did not hate anything about Meng Ting. All of Meng Ting’s words were spoken bluntly, yet Yan Sui could not make sense of what he had heard. When he stood up, Meng Ting put forth his hand, and the two of them walked together toward the door.

When Yan Sui was about to open the door, he stopped and drew his hand back from the knob. He pulled Meng Ting’s other hand then let it go. After that, he pinned Meng Ting against the door. He bowed down and kissed Meng Ting on the lips.

“Close your eyes.”

Meng Ting heard him say these words, so he slowly closed his eyes. He could still taste the faint sweetness of the fruits he just ate, yet it was completely despoiled, wiped clean, and mixed with the taste of Yan Sui. Both of them started to pant. Although this kiss was something unexpected, it was more intimate and hastier than their kiss in the Civil Affairs Bureau’s corridor.

Meng Ting was no longer embarrassed by this, and instead, he clumsily took the initiative to respond to Yan Sui’s kiss.

As they continued kissing, the distance between them vanished. They kept close to each other and were now only separated by the clothes that they wore. The desire that was brought out by this kiss was raging and fierce. Yan Sui’s eyes gradually darkened. Meng Ting sensed some danger in the atmosphere, so he did not dare to move.

It was only about ten minutes later when Yan Sui slightly loosened his pressure on Meng Ting; however, it was only the atmosphere that was loosen. He still locked Meng Ting in his arms and did not let him go. He raised Meng Ting’s chin and whispered, “Meng Ting, you have no chance to regret this.”

This kiss had confirmed what Yan Sui’s heart desired. He also came to understand how naive his previous thoughts were. For Meng Ting, he could not let go.

Meng Ting did not understand it, but he still determinedly shook his head, “I won’t regret it.”

No matter what the outcome in the future would be, he was certain that he would not regret it. This was the path that he had chosen by himself. He would not regret it—never.

Yan Sui glanced at Meng Ting with determination and pulled him into his arms, then he stretched his hand out and opened the door.

When they came out of the office, Wang Feng behaved himself and bowed his head down. He felt awkward. Who would have thought that he was the unlucky one who accidentally barged in and ruined Yan Sui and Meng Ting’s intimate moment?

Wang Feng walked a few steps behind them. He could not help but take a few glances at the couple. He noticed how different Yan Sui’s attitude was toward Meng Ting. He was obviously more possessive—the possessive desire that was only limited to the other man.

Yan Sui took them to the restaurant. A few seconds later, the whole restaurant was silent. All eyes were on Meng Ting who was beside Yan Sui. When Yan Sui swept his eyes on them, everyone consciously bowed, then the quiet restaurant became noisy again, but it was more toned down than before.

“What do you want to eat?”

Meng Ting’s attention had long been fixed on the food on the plate. He pointed to a few meat dishes. Yan Sui added two more, then took Meng Ting’s food and lead him to one side of the restaurant.

As for Yan Sui’s food, it was Wang Feng who carried it.

Meng Ting glanced at Wang Feng and felt like Wang Feng snatched the work that was meant for him. No, he was too slow to respond and that was why he could not do it. He would have done it for Yan Sui, but this had not crossed his mind this time. He would surely remember it next time.

Yan Sui, who knew Meng Ting’s appetite very well, got up and gave him some more food. He made sure that Meng Ting was full before he took him back.

As soon as they left, the chattering in the restaurant immediately increased.

“He’s really handsome.”

“Who’s that person with the boss?”

Wang Feng left the place along with Yan Sui and Meng Ting right away, otherwise he would be blocked by this crowd for gossip. He was afraid that if that would happen, it would not be so easy for him to escape.

Yan Sui used to sleep at the company when he was busy so there was another room in his office. Of course, it was not as big as his room at home, but still, it had a bed, a wardrobe, and a bathroom which was enough for him to use when he would occasionally sleep here for a few nights.

Yan Sui opened the room and led Meng Ting in, “Take a nap here. I’ll just be outside. When you wake up, come out and look for me.”

Meng Ting looked at the bed, then he looked at Yan Sui and slowly nodded. He already said before that he would behave so he had to do whatever Yan Sui said, even though he was not very sleepy.

Yan Sui adjusted the air-conditioning again, put a glass of water on the bedside table, and watched Meng Ting lie down and close his eyes. He stood there for a while before he came out.

When Meng Ting was certain that Yan Sui was gone, he opened his eyes. He took out their marriage certificate, touched it gently, and guarded it carefully in his embrace, then he closed his eyes again.

Not long after, while Yan Sui was busy dealing with his work in the office, he received a call from Gu Lang.

“Boss Yan, I heard you brought a handsome boy to the company?”

No one could compare to Gu Lang in his spirit for gossip. However, when he heard this news, he did not believe it. Meng Ting was exceptional to Yan Sui. He saw this with his own eyes and he knew Yan Sui was not a half-hearted guy. Otherwise, he would not end up being an old virgin who needed to be saved up until now.

Hearing this question, Yan Sui’s eyes were swift and fierce, “What handsome boy, he’s Meng Ting, your sister-in-law.”

If this news had reached Gu Lang’s ears, it was very likely that it would not be long before the whole nobility in Haicheng’s circle would find out about it.

“It seems that there are a lot of people who are too idle,” Yan Sui was talking about the staff in the Yans’ Company. They were so idle that they had time to gossip about their boss.

Gu Lang stopped speaking slovenly and also straightened his sitting position, “I was wrong. It’s sister-in-law.”

“But…why did you bring him to your company?” As a matter of fact, they were not yet married, but then again, he thought that they already got married. Even so, Yan Sui was not the type of guy who would bring his wife to work.

Yan Sui stood up and walked to the French window. He did not answer Gu Lang’s question; instead, he asked Gu Lang a question.

“How do you take the initiative?” This was the question that had been bothering Yan Sui since he started working today. He felt that he should be more proactive than Meng Ting, but he could not think of how he could take the initiative.

It was rare for Yan Sui to ask him questions. Gu Lang grinned but he still kept his voice serious as before, “Proactivity is the subjective willingness to act. It’s when you act according to what you think! Yan Sui, I thought you’re the one who knows best what taking the initiative is.”

When other children were still being swayed by their parents, Yan Sui was already very clear about his purpose. He was the only heir to their family. He exerted all of his efforts for this position. Now, as expected, he had taken control over the Yans firmly in his hands, and his words had surpassed all the influence that the former patriarchs of the Yans had before.

If what he was doing could not be counted as being proactive, what could be counted as being proactive?

Of course, this was all in the past when the young Yan Sui worked really hard. This spontaneity that he displayed was out of his desire to take the position in his hands. However, the Yan clan was no longer his goal but it has now become his responsibility, so his enthusiasm naturally declined.

He wanted to do it… Judging by how Meng Ting had conducted himself, he was really the one taking the initiative. If he wanted to confess to Yan Sui, he would make a confession to him. If he wanted to kiss Yan Sui, he would kiss him.

“I’ve got it.”

Yan Sui ended the call and stood in front of the window for a while before he got back to work. Actually, he already made up his mind. However, Meng Ting was not the same as the Yan clan. He was a breath of fresh air and was more difficult to deal with.

However, it was inevitable that he was already determined to win him over. He asked Gu Lang this question just to make it clearer for him.

As for how he could be proactive, perhaps it would be more difficult for him than for Meng Ting. This was because he felt that he needed more self-control than ever before, to ensure that some things would not happen too early and to strengthen their feelings for each other.

Around two o’clock, Meng Ting rubbed his eyes. He came out to look for a certain someone. When he saw Yan Sui, he let out a sigh of relief and slightly nodded at the other people who were speaking, then he sat on the couch, took the tablet and played with it again.

It was half an hour later when the other people withdrew from Yan Sui’s office. Yan Sui came over and Meng Ting raised his face.

“Did you sleep well?”

Meng Ting thought about it for a moment and told him the truth, “I can’t sleep well without you.”

He woke up from a nightmare in a completely unfamiliar room. He was in a daze for a long time before he could gather his thoughts. When he heard voices outside, he was eager to come out and find a particular someone.

Meng Ting moved closer to him. He slowly leaned forward into Yan Sui’s arms. His voice was still low, “I always have nightmares, but when you hold me, I don’t dream much.”

With Yan Sui’s way of thinking, he could not clearly think about it for a moment. This was the reason why Meng Ting was so persistent to let Yan Sui hold him. It was not what Yan Sui originally thought. Meng Ting had been too straightforward for countless times, but Yan Sui dwelled and thought too much about what Meng Ting meant and because of this, he made too many mistakes.

However, it was just fine. He was afraid that he had mistaken Meng Ting’s words to be something else.

“What nightmares?” Yan Sui gently patted Meng Ting’s back. To keep thinking about it would not affect his beloved.

Meng Ting buried his face on Yan Sui’s neck. After a long time, he continued, “Constant nightmares of death…I can’t wake up. I don’t like dreaming…I don’t like it at all.”

However, having these kind of dreams could not be subjectively stopped by Meng Ting. The quality of his sleep in his previous life was not very good. After being reborn for more than a month, it was sheer torture.

And now, he was only frustrated—not irritable or angry—it could already be reckoned as hard to come by.

“I will hold you while you sleep from now on.”

Yan Sui did not need Meng Ting’s own efforts to change his previous decision. However, he also knew that this palliative measure was not a cure. Meng Ting’s situation needed to be completely solved, and some external help was needed.

After he heard Yan Sui say this, Meng Ting slowly raised his head. A smile gradually bloomed in his eyes. He rubbed his face on Yan Sui’s cheek, “Yan Sui, you’re so nice.”



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