BMHS : Chapter 22.1 – He has Yan Sui, he has home

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: KainGuru

Meng Ting’s ‘really nice’ was not a catchphrase. He never said these words to anyone except for Yan Sui because he really thought that Yan Sui was good to him.

He was so slow-witted—it could even be said that he was worthless. However, even after Yan Sui found out about it, he was still willing to marry Meng Ting. Yan Sui was the one who took him out of the Meng’s residence, was the first to hug him, the first to kiss him, and the first to take care of him when he was sick…

Meng Ting’s way of thinking was too stiff, his words were too poor, and he could not think of any other words apart from ‘really nice’ to express his gratitude.

Yan Sui patted Meng Ting’s back and stopped, then his hand slowly moved to Meng Ting’s neck and finally to his cheeks.

Meng Ting and Yan Sui looked at each other. His excessively clear eyes made Yan Sui see all of his feelings in one glance.

Yan Sui slowly drew closer. He kissed Meng Ting’s lips first, then he slowly moved up and kissed Meng Ting’s eyebrows.

“Keep this in your mind. I’m good to you because this is what I’m supposed to do.”

He spoke of these words simply because he was Meng Ting, and not because Meng Ting was his wife. This point was very clear to Yan Sui.

Being nice to someone and being responsible to someone were two different things. Meng Ting was different from him since the very beginning, but it was not too obvious, and he was really sure now.

Meng Ting’s eyelashes slightly quivered and various emotions continued to ferment in his eyes. He looked at Yan Sui carefully, and after a long time, he solemnly nodded.

He had always been told that nothing was a must, but Yan Sui always told him that he must eat and sleep well so he should be good to Yan Sui as well.

He did not know who was wrong or right, and he did not need to know. Meng Ting only knew that he liked to talk to him like this—that he should treat his Yan Sui this way.

Of course, he thought that this ‘should’ be mutual, so he would be good to Yan Sui in the future as well, which was naturally the right thing to do.

“Yan Sui, it’s really nice to marry you.”

The corners of Meng Ting’s mouth curled up, unconsciously revealing a smile that could bewilder people. While Yan Sui was in a daze, Meng Ting drew closer to him. With one push of his arms, Yan Sui was pushed back to the couch and with his legs, he skillfully restrained Yan Sui’s instinctive response.

“Don’t move,” Meng Ting solemnly said and Yan Sui did not move.

Meng Ting managed to hold the man down and explained his actions, “We’re not going to fight. I just want to kiss you.”

Seeing that Yan Sui still did not resist, Meng Ting began to put away the seriousness on his face, and without hesitation, he sent his lips flying toward Yan Sui’s.

Yan Sui might appear to be so cold, but his lips were not. They were very comfortably warm.

Meng Ting restrained the tension caused by the rapid beating of his heart. He clumsily and intently kissed Yan Sui. After twirling around between Yan Sui’s lips, he sneaked in the tip of his tongue and tried to deepen their kiss. His kiss was somewhat like his character. From being blunt, it became passionate and unperturbed.

To ensure that Yan Sui would not reject it and to ensure that both of them liked each other’s kiss, he commenced with his first ever overly-concentrated and entangled French kiss.

The honey-trap came out to be too sudden. Meng Ting’s reaction was beyond his expectations. Yan Sui could not afford to resist being kissed like this and he was pressed on the couch. This was his first time, but since the one who kissed him was Meng Ting, he was pretty sure that he would be willing to do it several times.

Meng Ting’s ardor had provoked a burst of light tremors in his heart and their hands that were clasped together continued to tighten. Finally, Meng Ting sat completely on Yan Sui’s legs. With this up and down posture, they exchanged a warm and lingering kiss that could last forever.

After a long time, Yan Sui recovered his breath and could not help but to laugh out loud, then he lightly ‘hissed.’ The kiss that was led by Meng Ting was warm but somehow tragic because Yan Sui’s lip was bitten.

“You…you’re cut…” Meng Ting stared at the cut on Yan Sui’s lip. He moved closer and blew it gently, “Hu…hu…does it hurt? I’m so clumsy. I’ve bitten you…” Apart from that, he did not even notice when he bit Yan Sui. He pushed the guilt and shame behind his mind, then continued to blow Yan Sui’s lip.

Yan Sui looked at Meng Ting and he could not take away the smile on his face. He slightly shook his head. “It doesn’t hurt,” he said, then hugged Meng Ting. After a while, he whispered, “I’m very happy.”

He could not help but want to happily smile because of this feeling.

The guilt in Meng Ting’s heart dissipated a little. He thought about the kiss just now and blushed again as his heart raced. He was also willing to gain more experience, so he vowed, “I’ll be more careful in the future.”

Yan Sui’s lips curled up and then he whispered, “Okay.” Meng Ting took the initiative to present him an enticing kiss and Yan Sui was unable to refuse it.

This kiss alone had dispersed the haze brought about by Meng Ting’s poor sleep. It also made Yan Sui’s mood this afternoon even better. His efficiency in dealing with things was remarkably very high. In the office, when a group of people came in, that group walked away in a moment. Wang Feng brought in quite a lot of documents and as well as took out quite a lot of them.

While on the other hand, Meng Ting had been sitting on the couch. He played a game for a while and ate some fruitcake, without affecting Yan Sui. He looked at Yan Sui and then he stroked their marriage certificate. It could be said that this whole day was perfect for Meng Ting.

Before five o’clock, Yan Sui turned off his computer and conveniently tidied up his desk all at once. He then got up and waited for Meng Ting on the side of the couch.

“It’s almost time. Let’s go home.”

Meng Ting raised his eyes and looked at Yan Sui. He put the tablet on the table as he put his right hand on Yan Sui’s palm. They were holding hands and both of them could not help but smile.

“Hm,” Meng Ting answered and his eyes could not help but look at Yan Sui’s lips.

As a matter of fact, it was not only him who could not help but look at the cut on Yan Sui’s lip. That afternoon, it was unknown as to how many people were frightened by it and with incomparable astonishment, they deduced that it was because of Meng Ting. He was brave enough to seize Yan Sui’s lips and even left a cut there. No one would be convinced if he said it was unintentional. This was clearly a displayed declaration of Meng Ting’s sovereignty.

After Yan Sui answered Gu Lang’s phone call, he asked Wang Feng to spread the word that the person he brought was Meng Ting, his wife, who already obtained their marriage certificate.

As for what kind of reaction the people who would hear the news would be, Yan Sui did not want to think about it. What they thought at the moment would not affect him and Meng Ting.

Yan Sui took Meng Ting and left the company building under numerous gazes who could not help but be curious. Since Yan Sui took over as the head of the Yans, this was the first time for him to get off work before six o’clock for no special reason. So, this was the rhythm of a workaholic man who became a married man.

Wang Feng did not follow them. Zhao Bing, who sat in the front seat, only drove the car seriously. After they got in the car, Meng Ting, who had not completely sat down yet, was pulled over by Yan Sui. He caressed Meng Ting’s forehead and attentively looked at him for a moment, “Are you tired?”

Meng Ting slightly shook his head, “I’m not tired. You’re the one who’s tired. You must have worked very hard to take care of me.”

The whole day, Meng Ting was able to witness Yan Sui’s daily work. Yan Sui met all those people, handled all the business, made calls, answered calls, and looked at his computer. He really was a CEO who was never idle.

Yan Sui chuckled. How much money could he spend to support Meng Ting? However, when Meng Ting talked like this, his heart was still pleased no matter how much money he spent on Meng Ting, “It wasn’t hard.”

Meng Ting shook his slightly head. He looked into Yan Sui’s eyes and said with a serious tone, “It’s tough. I saw everything.”

Yan Sui had firmly controlled the whole Yan clan at a young age. How could it be possible without some hard work? He felt that all of this hard work was something that should be done, but if he was to base it on how Meng Ting talked about it, it made it difficult for him to understand his own feelings for a moment.

Meng Ting was…feeling sorry for him. This feeling was very special and also felt very good.

“I’m really not good…I couldn’t do anything but fight for you.” Even if he had the skill to mix perfume from his previous life, it would still have no use being Yan Sui’s wife. However, he did not want to give up this position, not only because he wanted to be married off, but also for Yan Sui.

Now, he wanted to marry him. No, he was already married to Yan Sui. It was wonderful.

Meng Ting’s voice was toned down, and his expression was more serious than before, “But, I’ll accompany you. As long as you want me, I’ll always accompany you.”

To stand by him, to share both honor or disgrace, these were Meng Ting’s promise to Yan Sui. Although he was not sure whether Yan Sui needed them or not, he wholeheartedly gave them all to him.

Yan Sui earnestly looked at Meng Ting, with a little bit of fierceness and scrutiny in his eyes. It was rather terrifying. Meng Ting felt it, but he still looked face to face with Yan Sui. When he could not bear anymore, he started to get nervous and felt a sense of loss. Yan Sui raised his chin and gently kissed his lips, as if he was sealing his answer.

“All right.”

Regardless of whether Meng Ting understood what he was saying in his own words or not, Yan Sui already took these words seriously, and there was no turning back.

“Hm,” Meng Ting could not help but smile a little when his intention was accepted by Yan Sui. He sat up straight and patted his own shoulder. “You can lean on me, and I can lean on you, too.”

Meng Ting was not as tall as Yan Sui, and of course, his shoulders were not as broad as Yan Sui’s; however, he looked at Yan Sui with all sincerity. He was really not prepared to be rejected. Yan Sui was still hesitating but Meng Ting already put forth his hand and pushed Yan Sui’s head on his shoulder.

“Take a rest for a while. When we get home, I’ll tell you.”

Meng Ting had decided to be good to Yan Sui. This was not just hot air, rather, it was out of his desire to study hard and put it into practice.

Without doubt, what made Yan Sui find it somewhat both funny and annoying was that Meng Ting occasionally revealed his overbearing enthusiasm which was extremely likable. For example, now, although Yan Sui felt awkward, he still chose to obey Meng Ting. It was all because of this likable overbearing part of Meng Ting.

He leaned on Meng Ting’s shoulder and played with his fingers. He slowly smirked, and there was an unprecedented peace in Yan Sui’s heart.

From the start, Yan Sui regarded Meng Ting as pleasing to the eyes because of his sincerity and frankness that were different from others. However, now that Yan Sui really liked Meng Ting more than yesterday, he even liked Meng Ting a bit more than he liked Meng Ting this morning.

Zhao Bing, the driver in the front seat, used his experience of driving for more than ten years to drive carefully so as not to affect the couple in the back seat.

Whether it was Meng Ting or Yan Sui, their affection for each other was really beyond expectations; however, it could not be denied that the atmosphere between them was very beautiful and this had made people envious of the beauty.

When the car stopped in front of the Yans’ residence, Meng Ting carefully helped Yan Sui up. However, when he saw that Yan Sui still had his eyes closed, he hesitated for a moment, then he actually intended to directly carry Yan Sui in. Yan Sui felt his intention and slowly opened his eyes.

“If you’re still tired, I can carry you back. I’m very strong.”



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