Hi all,

It’s been a while. We’re finally back. BMHS will be updated in a few hours. Based on the survey that we created and also on what we have discussed internally, this will be the new schedule for the updates:

BMHS – every Sundays

HIHEZL – every Mondays (twice a month)

Jubo – every Wednesdays

LL2, DB&ML – every Thursdays (once a month)

SOP, LMTW – every Fridays (once a month)

TUMBT – every Saturdays

The others would be less frequent for now since we have limited translators right now. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to email us at If we get more translators, we would be able to update more frequently.

For those few of you who are reading my own work, I won’t be able to write for the mean time since I’m still busy IRL.

Also, if you have any feedback about what we translate, please say it in the comments section rather than posting it elsewhere. We’re very open to feedback and we do everything that we could to correct our mistakes. Please be reminded that we have clearly indicated in our disclaimers that we are not native Chinese and English speakers so we’re bound to make mistakes. If you don’t feel like reading our translations, then by all means, you’re free to read the raw or somewhere else. We’re just sharing to you, without earning a single penny, these awesome stories.

I’m finished editing the TUMBT and Jubo chapters and will work on the other stories too for revisions. For the links and the site, we’re slowly working on the links for the next pages, etc. Please bear with us.

Kind regards,


Crescent Moon Translations


7 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. It is alright. We are very thankful enough for all your hard work. The update might not be frequent but at the least we could a proper and more understandable storytelling / dialogue /monologue.

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