BMHS : Chapter 22.2 – He has Yan Sui, he has Home

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

On that day, he was restricted by Yan Sui within five steps. Part of the reason was that he did not eat enough and did not sleep well. Now that he was in good shape, carrying Yan Sui for a little while was not a problem.

Meng Ting thought about it then he added, “We’re home so it’s all right.”

It would be embarrassing if Meng Ting would carry Yan Sui in front of outsiders; however, since they were home at the moment, it would not matter.

Yan Sui smiled and pulled Meng Ting into his arms, then he suddenly kissed Meng Ting’s cheek. It was Meng Ting’s reward for his painstaking efforts.

“Why do you want to carry me? I’m not sick. I don’t need to be carried.”

Meng Ting mulled over it, then he eventually nodded; however, he also felt some disappointment at the same time. It was difficult for him to find what he could do for Yan Sui.

Meng Ting’s disappointment dissipated quickly as fast as it came. After Yan Sui led him out of the car, Meng Ting recovered his cheerfulness. From now on, they would be together every day. He was sure to find other nice things that he could do for Yan Sui.

Meng Ting also knew some sense of propriety. The good premise that Meng Ting had for Yan Sui was that he could not make any unnecessary trouble for him since Meng Ting was too slow-witted.

Meng Ting was an absolute genius in terms of mixing fragrances. Apart from this, he was also forced to practice his skills in fighting since childhood. In other respects, he was a little bit over mediocrity. Furthermore, his temperament was also affected. He was not as innocent as a child, yet he was not as thoughtful as an adult. He was acting more in line with his actual age.

His gloominess—his taciturnity was a camouflage for his shortcomings. It was only because of Yan Sui that he learned to open the door to his heart, leaving him exposed without any misgivings. In this process, if Yan Sui had even a tad bit of ill-intent or inappropriate motive toward Meng Ting, Meng Ting would certainly be afraid and re-enter his turtle shell.

Who would have thought that he and Yan Sui actually learned to get along without a hitch? Both men came hand in hand and they looked good together. It was like what Meng Ting had said so in the car this morning—he and Yan Sui really matched. They matched from their looks and even their auras were in accord.

He Wan could not see the things that everyone could see at a glance. She was standing by the old house’s living room entrance, and as they drew near, the smile on her face gradually faded away.

To be precise, she had waited for Meng Ting for a whole day.

Early in the morning, she arrived at the Mengs’ residence and learned from Feng Zejiao that Meng Ting was taken by Yan Sui to the old house yesterday. Because of that, she rushed to the old house and discovered that Yan Sui had taken that person to go out. Not long after, she got the news that Yan Sui had brought that person to the company.

After a whole day, Yan Sui brought that person back to the old house. They were holding hands and they even came back with a close affinity toward each other. Apparently, that foolish Meng Ting was already enchanted by the little tricks that her son used so that he was unable to tell which way was north.

However, this fact did not matter. Some people were born stupid. It’s not like a few sweet words from Yan Sui could make him any smarter. On top of that, if foolish people would get mad, they would usually do stupid things and become a joke.

He Wan saw Yan Sui and Meng Ting from afar, and Yan Sui also saw her. The gentleness on Yan Sui’s face gradually faded away, but he still held on to Meng Ting’s hand and did not let go.

“You’ve come.” He gently nodded to He Wan and then looked at Meng Ting, “This is my mother.”

“This is Meng Ting.”

He Wan smiled and said nothing. Meng Ting stood up straight and shouted, “Mom!”

He realized that he was too nervous so that his voice was a bit too loud, so Meng Ting toned it down, “Hello.”

The difference in volume between Meng Ting’s first and last statements was too big. He Wan could not figure out what was running in Meng Ting’s mind. Meng Ting looked at her and wondered whether she was enthusiastic to see him or not.

“Okay, okay, let’s come in.” There was a stiff smile on her face, then it softened again. She leaned sideways and then, not only her tone softened, but the way she looked at Meng Ting also softened.

“Where did Sui’er take you to?”

Meng Ting did not answer immediately. He looked up to Yan Sui and after he saw Yan Sui gently nod, he then responded to He Wan.

“We got our marriage certificate.”

Although Meng Ting said this, he did not take out the marriage certificate from his embrace. He noticed that there were some doubts in He Wan’s eyes.

He Wan was smiling, yet it was a fake smile and she also gave a fake smile to her family member. She definitely did not like them. It was easy to comprehend that she did not like Meng Ting because he was not born to be likable, but why did she not like Yan Sui when he was so nice?

“Oh… Is that so?” He Wan immediately raised her tone. She was still smiling, yet her forced fake gentleness disappeared. She looked at Yan Sui. There was more anger than surprise in her eyes. She almost revealed a few things that she had been hiding—her true colors.

“In any case, the wedding date has already been decided, so the sooner the better,” Yan Sui explained and did not want to speak more. He swept his gaze at Uncle Xiao who was in the corner of the living room and said, “Prepare the dinner in ten minutes.”

“Yes,” Uncle Xiao answered softly and turned to the kitchen.

Yan Sui withdrew his gaze and looked at He Wan, who was slightly at a loss, then said, “We’ll go back to our room and change our clothes.”

Meng Ting followed Yan Sui and nodded to He Wan, then Yan Sui led him upstairs back to their room.

He Wan followed them all the way with her blazing eyes until they closed the door to their room, and only then did she withdraw her gaze. After that, she sat on the sofa and bowed in silence.

After Meng Ting changed his clothes, he looked around their room and finally chose to put their marriage certificate on the bedside table. His reason behind this was very simple. He wanted to look at it from time to time and make sure that it was still there, or else he would not feel at ease if it was kept somewhere hidden.

Seeing Meng Ting’s appearance when he heaved a sigh of relief, Yan Sui could not help but smile. He came over and ruffled Meng Ting’s hair, then he whispered, “My relationship with her isn’t that good so don’t take it seriously.”

Yan Sui’s tone plainly stated the facts. Meng Ting contemplated for a moment, then he reached out and hugged Yan Sui’s waist, “I won’t take it seriously if you also don’t mind it.”

Meng Ting did not know He Wan so why would he care about how she viewed him? What he really cared about was that if someone would get hurt, it might be Yan Sui.

Yan Sui stopped ruffling Meng Ting’s hair for a moment then he continued to ruffle it again. Meng Ting was very slow in some matters; however, when it comes to this kind of matter, he was very sharp. He knew about getting hurt more than anyone else.

Indeed, those who could really stab one’s heart were often not strangers, but one’s closest relatives.

There was some coldness in Yan Sui’s eyes, “I already stopped minding a long time ago.”

“Mm,” Meng Ting answered then he looked up at Yan Sui again and nodded. He really agreed with the authenticity of Yan Sui’s words, “Yes, let’s not mind her.”

Yan Sui’s hand moved to his own lower back. He then held on to Meng Ting’s hand and pulled him up to go downstairs.

There were some matters that Meng Ting did not care about; however, Yan Sui could not help but take notice of these. Although the results of his thorough investigation had not come out yet, Yan Sui understood that these could make Meng Ting so sensitive. How could these be normal? Some people did not care, but they could not forgive.

When they came downstairs, Uncle Xiao and Nanny Wang took the servants to set the dishes, and He Wan was seated at the dining table.

Meng Ting’s gaze swept at the two but both Uncle Xiao and Nanny Wang lightly shook their heads. He thought for a while and finally understood what they meant.

It must be because eating together with Yan Sui’s mother would be too awkward and they could not enjoy their meals, so they were not willing to eat with them. This was also okay.

Meng Ting noticed that this kind of awkwardness existed not only in Uncle Xiao and Nanny Wang, but it was also evident in Yan Sui. Of course, for Yan Sui, he would not call it as awkwardness. He would call it indifference. He was unconsciously indifferent.

However, what Meng Ting was most familiar with was the feeling of being hungry, so he hated to let Yan Sui starve because of this awkwardness.

After going to the dinner table, he did his best to eat, and also strived hard to give dishes to Yan Sui.

“You work so hard every day. You have to eat more.”

“Mm,” Yan Sui softly answered and then he ate all the dishes that Meng Ting had given him.

Meng Ting unconsciously glanced at He Wan, who was sitting on the opposite side. She was also looking at him so both of them were looking at each other. When He Wan thought that he was going to say something, Meng Ting bowed his head and ate his meal. He was obviously speeding up eating, making Yan Sui speed up eating as well.

He Wan’s eyes were cold. Before their appetite were completely ‘dampened’ by her gaze, he and Yan Sui still tried to eat as much as possible.

To He Wan’s surprise, Meng Ting quickly ate three bowls of rice and a great deal of dishes that Yan Sui gave him in between. Under his influence, Yan Sui also accompanied him by eating a bowl. It seemed that his appetite had gotten better than in the past.

Originally, Yan Sui would not have any appetite because of He Wan; however, having Meng Ting on his side, he unconsciously laid the greater part of his attention on Meng Ting. Any reactions and behaviors that Meng Ting would make were adorable in his eyes. Naturally, his good appetite also followed.

After they finished eating, He Wan still had half a bowl of rice remaining, but she did not want to eat it anymore.

Meng Ting hesitated for a while, but he still spoke, “How come you [1] have leftovers? This isn’t good. You still have to finish it.”

([1] Meng Ting used 您 or ‘nin’ when talking to He Wan, which is the honorific for 你 or ‘ni.’)

Being told like this by Meng Ting, He Wan, who already had no appetite, now lost her appetite even more. She pulled her chopsticks out of the bowl and placed them on the table. When she looked at Meng Ting, her mouth was smiling, but her eyes were colder than before.

“What are you talking about? This is the Yans’ residence. I can’t eat anymore. Having a bit of leftover isn’t good enough?”

However, Meng Ting was not scared by He Wan. He pondered about it for a moment and his expression started to become serious.

“A lot of teachers say that it isn’t good. Haven’t they told you that?”

He Wan was dumbfounded and speechless. Meng Ting only gave her a tacit consent. He turned to Yan Sui and said, “Let’s raise a puppy or a kitten in the house, so we don’t have to worry about leftovers.” The person who liked to leave leftovers was Yan Sui’s mother. This was too difficult to handle and this matter could only be managed through this.

Yan Sui chuckled and said, “Okay.”

Meng Ting nodded. He actually remembered there used to be some cats and dogs in the university campus. He preferred to get along with these kittens and dogs than with other people. He also thought that the animals knew him better. Now, he also had Yan Sui.

“There’s a pet shelter near our home. We can take a look later.”

“Okay,” Hearing that, Meng Ting’s eyes became a little brighter. He used to want to raise a cat or a dog of his own, but at that time, he did not even have his own home, so how could he give them a home?

However, things now were different. He had Yan Sui. He had home.


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  2. “There were some matters that Meng Ting did not care about; however, Yan Sui could not help but take notice of these. Although the results of his thorough investigation had not come out yet, Yan Sui understood that these could make Meng Ting so sensitive. How could these be normal? Some people did not care, but they could not forgive.“

    This was a bit confusing to read. What are they talking about? What is he caring about ? What is he minding? And what did Yan Sui notice?…

    Al they did last sentence was how Meng wasn’t going to mind He Wan’s mother… so I’m confused? Could someone explain for me?

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    1. I can help. If you could recall, when Meng Ting was sick in chapter 18, he showed signs that he had fear of needles and he also feared taking in medicine. This is potentially brought about by trauma from the past. Yan Sui wanted to investigate what happened to Meng Ting in the past. Meng Ting acted like it didn’t matter but Yan Sui can’t just ignore it. That’s what I can remember. Correct me if I’m wrong haha

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      1. But why… does the needles and fearing medicine is being mentioned now when they were just simply talking about his mother?

        Nothing came about in their dialogue about MCs quirks and actions. They were just hugging and MC was just trying to comfort Yan Sui.

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      2. If you were to ask me, the author was pointing out that Yan Sui was thinking that Meng Ting took what He Wan said/how she acted to his heart. It may have been the case that Yan Sui was thinking that Meng Ting was sensitive…and this sensitiveness was connected to his past trauma. On a writer’s point of view, it’s some filler to make the chapter longer. Lol.

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      3. Ok. I get it now! Thank you for explaining.

        And this can’t be called filler. It was so random and didn’t fit in at all. It was really really confusing. I tried so hard to make sense of it and reread the whole chapter a couple times to figure it out. But I couldn’t, author-Sensei could’ve explained it a bit more eloquently.
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      4. Haha you’re welcome. Yeah we were confused too. Actually, one reason why the previous translators gave up on this story was because it was a bit confusing and hard to translate. The author used a lot of pronouns so you couldn’t tell who was who and she loved to use a lot of flowery words. Anyway, we love her story so much. She has a very creative mind and she’s a great writer. (^ω^)

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      5. Yes! I do love her story! Even though it’s confusing and weird! But I absolutely love this story.
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      6. Same here. Thank you for the support. Please feel free to ask again if you’re confused or there’s anything you wanted to correct. You’re very welcome! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡

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      9. Everyone wants translators.
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    2. Well English is not my main language but here I go, as you remember Meng Ting suffered for being abused in the past that’s why he is sensible when people show coldness or animosity and his reaction towards that is indifference, here the same thing happened with Yan Sui and his mother and the reaction of Yan Sui is the same as Meng Ting “indifference”, that’s why when Yan Sui told Meng Ting to don’t care about her he understood and said that he won’t, Yan Sui knows of the abused past of Ment Ting so he understands that he is sensible about these matters and how he acts as if he doesn’t care is normal to him, that’s why he ask “how could these be normal?” And “Some people did not care, but they could not forgive” meaning that even though Meng Ting reacts indifferent when people hurt him doesn’t mean that he can forgive them.

      That’s how I took it, coming from a dysfunctional family I somehow understand how that feels. I hope my explanation helped you.

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      1. It did help me immensely!

        I suppose the phrase became confusing due to the flowery and poetic stuff in the original translation. And couldn’t be properly conveyed.

        So with that sentence. He was noticing Meng Ting’s behavior and actions. And vowed that he himself would not forgive them.

        I also come from a dysfunctional family and I understand how that feels as well.
        I act a lot like Meng Ting. I’m indifferent to those who I dislike. Which is why I love this story. Meng Ting kinda acts like me, or I act like him. It’s very… weird. But makes me love Meng Ting.

        And it did help! Thank you! And your English is perfect!

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    Hello Chiangyushien! Renkun27! KainGuru!

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    I believe the line 那一天他被晏睢五招之内制住 here could mean that that while day when Meng Ting was with Yan Sui in his office, as you remember that he was sitting near Yan Sui (in a sofa, I guess). Therefore this line refers to that scene so here this line means that- Meng Ting was restricted by Yan Sui within 5 steps which means Yan Sui kept Meng Ting near him i.e within 5 steps to his seat, as the last word 住 can mean -dwelling or stay, hence Yan Sui kept Meng Ting 5 steps within his reach and also didn’t allow Meng Ting to help him as he only wanted Meng Ting to relax.
    Hope I explained it clearly and hope that it’s correct :P, and didn’t get too long.
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  7. this is all bout “when someone doesn’t like you or showing hate in their eyes, you might not care about them but you might not be able to forget or forgive them.”

    meng ting is smart & sensitive enough to know that he wan doesn’t seem to like yan sui or him very much and the kindness showed by her face kinda fake.
    also because of meng ting past experience (it will be told later) with the people around him so he can see whether people is sincere or not, fake or not in front of him.
    And then yan sui realized that there must be something (even though the investigation result haven’t come out yet) in meng ting past that makes/made meng ting being so sensitive to people sincerity.
    yan sui thought how it could it be normal for a person to be like meng ting that could easily forget what people did to him.

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      1. Oh. Sorry if we’re slow in translating. But thanks for reading our work. Please let us know if we made a mistake. Haha. This story is quite difficult to translate. Lol


  8. Meng ting she’s an older woman of course she cannot eat much! 😂 One bowl of rice is already 600 calories and to maintain slimness should only eat 1200calories per day.


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