Jubo : Text 014. Moving House

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: Angel35778

Proofreader: KainGuru

After two days, Uncle Zhang and Aunt Zhang came to apologize with unwillingness written all over the latter’s face. However, Mama Wang did not let them enter the door and spewed a mouthful of sarcasm at them, which turned Aunt Zhang’s complexion green and then white. If it had not been because of her husband, who suddenly overpowered her, perhaps Aunt Zhang would have flipped out a long time ago.

Although Mama Wang did not accept Aunt Zhang’s apology, Uncle Zhang still insisted that Aunt Zhang should stand at the Wangs’ door to apologize, then he pulled her to leave after waiting for a while. After this incident, the two families may not have any contact anymore.

Later on, they did not hear anything again about Zhang Liangzhong and his wife for a long time because of the moving matter. It was only by chance that they found out that after Aunt Zhang was punished by Uncle Zhang, she no longer dared to talk carelessly. By then, everyone realized that behind Uncle Zhang’s well-behaved facade, he was actually someone who could not be easily taken advantage of. Everyone thought before that he was afraid of his wife, but he actually restrained himself against Aunt Zhang’s temperament for a long time.

Soon enough, it was time to move.

Although they already prepared themselves, Papa Wang and Mama Wang, who had long-term feelings for this place, still felt somewhat reluctant to leave the hometown where they lived for several decades.

Wang Ning’an originally planned to ask for leave from his office to come back and help them move, but now that Wang Cheng had already returned home, after a discussion with their parents, they told Wang Ning’an that he did not need to come back. It was not easy to get promoted and asking for a leave would give a bad impression to his superior. Although his big brother said it would not be a problem, in the end, Wang Cheng still did not let him come back.

They moved using an old pedicab with a flatbed behind it, which comparatively had a large space to put the furniture.

Because they were one step behind, the cars in several villages had been booked in advance by other families. Now, their family was still looking for the house of Mama Wang’s parents. Early in the morning, the pedicab was already parked at the entrance of Wang Cheng’s house. All of the furniture that they could use were then moved to the pedicab.

Wang Cheng was very strong. He could carry a sofa by himself. However, Papa Wang was afraid he would be hurt, so he decided to help Wang Cheng. The two of them took the sofa and moved it onto the pedicab.

While the two men were doing the physical work for moving, Mama Wang and his little sister were packing their luggage and putting their clothes in suitcases. Some things could not be put in the bags. There were still pickled radish, bacon and other things from a long time ago, and bottles and jars that were piled in the cellar. However, they learned from their eldest son that if you ate a lot of pickled food, you could easily get cancer. Moreover, there were indeed a few residents of Shiquan County that died of cancer. Therefore, it was better to be safe than sorry. Mama Wang was afraid that it would affect the health of her children so she no longer pickled these things. Although once in a while, if they wanted to eat this kind of food, they would go and buy some again.

There were still many other things in the cellar like home-brewed wine and some plum products which were stored previously. When they were young, the three siblings loved to eat these. When Wang Cheng was apart from them, Mama Wang would store some then ask Wang Ziyu and her eldest brother to bring some wine and plum to Wang Cheng and the old monk. Nowadays, because they did not eat much of these, they did not have much stored in the cellar.

They used a few big cages to put the chickens in that were in the shed and hung it on the pedicab. They were glad that there were not many chickens, otherwise, they would have to come back again.

The rolling wheels of the pedicab had scattered the dust on the sandy ground and the old pedicab also made ‘chug-chug’ noise as it drove away from the Wangs’ Village. They moved later than others. Eighty percent of the Wangs’ villagers had already moved away. In the past, they would see a lot of people on the streets during this time; but now, the streets were empty. They practically did not see even the shadow of a human figure.

Mama Wang looked back at the Wangs’ Village, which would soon turn into a flat ground, with heart-felt mixture of emotions. They never thought that they would one day move away from the Wangs’ village. Although they had a few annoying relatives, in any case, they had lived there for many years. There would always be some lingering attachment to this place.

“Mom, from now on, we’ll live in Guans’ Village and you’ll be able to see Grandma and Grandpa every day. You should be happy.”

Some said that the older they got, the more they treasured old ties. This saying was especially true for people like his parents, who were so emotionally attached. In fact, there were still many old people who were unwilling to leave the village where they had lived for many years. However, for the sake of the younger generations, they did not have any choice but to compromise. Regardless of other people, Wang Cheng hoped his parents could be a bit happy.

Wang Ziyu chimed in with him at the side.

“Grandma and Grandpa will surely like you guys. A few days ago, your Grandma even asked of Cheng Cheng’s situation.” Mama Wang caressed Wang Cheng’s head and felt his prickly hair stubble which pricked her hand a bit. Eighteen years ago, when she entrusted this child to the old monk, she had a wild wish for the whole family to be able to reunite again. This was bestowed upon them by the heavens. She really wanted to cherish this moment when the whole family was together.

“Is it because I’m a lovable person?” Wang Cheng touched his chin.

“Second Brother, you’re really shameless.” Wang Ziyu covered her mouth in surprise. It seemed that it was only now that she discovered her Second Brother’s true colors.

“What do you mean shameless? I call this self-confidence.” Wang Cheng knocked her head since she unexpectedly dared to say her Second Brother was shameless. This little girl was also not too trustworthy.

“Narcissistic to be exact.” Wang Ziyu murmured.

“What did you say?” “Wang Cheng raised his eyebrows. Did she think he would not be able to hear her because she whispered?

“No! I didn’t say anything!” Wang Ziyu said. She stuck out her tongue obsequiously. She had not forgotten her Second Brother’s strength when he smashed the Zhangs’ steamed buns shop.

Watching these two siblings chatting and laughing, Mama Wang and Papa Wang, who were driving, looked at each other and smiled.




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  1. Alex Baine

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    Thank you for the chapter. I was interested in this story when it first came out and am happy it is continuing. Looking forward to seeing what happens…


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