TUMBT : Chapter 77

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie

Proofreader: KainGuru

The Third Prince was very astonished. He had never seen this woman before nor had he seen ordinary people with this kind of skill. Could she be the wandering Yue Lingchai who had already vanished a long time ago? Yue Lingchai would really come and go like a shadow, with a veil covering her face. If it was really her, what was her purpose for visiting Mu Xueshi?

When the Third Prince returned to his room, Mu Xueshi was still in a coma and had not regained his consciousness yet. Though he fainted from fear, he was sound asleep. His soft hair concealed his beauty, as if he was a painting of a face that was tilted to one side. His long eyelashes gently quivered and his dashing eyebrows lightly creased. It was not like he was alarmed or indignant, it was just out of sheer sleep talk.

It was this kind of person that swayed the Third Prince’s initial stance. The Third Prince admired his beauty, but he was not obsessed with it. Later on, Mu Xueshi took the initiative to approach and care about him. Like a confidant, when he was together with the Third Prince from morning to night, the Third Prince still did not think that this person really affected his frame of mind. Until the previous event took place when Mu Xueshi did such an audacious act, only then did the Third Prince realize that he did not wallow in falling out with Mu Xueshi.

He used to think that he liked seeing Mu Xueshi resist, that he liked to torment him and make his life not as good as being dead. His pain was the joy of the Third Prince. Now he came to know that he did not like Mu Xueshi’s betrayal, that he did not like his schemes, that he did not like even a little bit of fighting between the two of them, because he tasted a more intense pleasure than revenge, and that was simple warmth and happiness.

The Third Prince let himself relax his hand which was holding Mu Xueshi tightly, he put down the sword from his waist, took off his robe, and laid down slowly by Mu Xueshi’s side. Upon feeling the familiar touch, Mu Xueshi immediately buckled on the Third Prince like an octopus. He liked to put his leg on other’s body while he slept. In the past, no one was willing to sleep with him, so he often straddled his quilt while sleeping every day. His whole person seemed to have an impressive bearing.

The Third Prince was also accustomed to Mu Xueshi’s arm on his waist, so he tossed and turned in his own room. In the end, he was forced to come here to patrol. The Third Prince felt that Mu Xueshi had a strange scent on his body, and this smell that he emitted was like the Third Prince’s own lifeblood, so that the he could not help but want to get close to him.

This kind of feeling, only two people had given the Third Prince, one was Lin Yue, and the other was Mu Xueshi.

Early in the morning, when Mu Xueshi woke up, there was no trace of any person by his side. He was awakened by Su Ruhan’s long sword. Mu Xueshi kneaded his forehead with an indignant look on his face as he looked at Su Ruhan.

“You didn’t accompany me last night and now you came here. You’re not welcome here! Go away, shoo…” Mu Xueshi frowned. He shooed Su Ruhan away like driving off a housefly.

Su Ruhan was absolutely still in the same place. Mu Xueshi used up all of his strength, yet he could not even move Su Ruhan by a hairsbreadth, making himself extremely embarrassed. In the end, Mu Xueshi was annoyed. He retreated to a place far away from Su Ruhan, and then rushed toward Su Ruhan, intending to use his own collision inertia to let Su Ruhan move.

As a result, Mu Xueshi was like a burlap sack as he bumped into Su Ruhan’s body. His whole person flew a few steps back, yet he unexpectedly managed to land steadily on a stool.

Mu Xueshi was hurt a little when he lost his balance, but he still looked excited. He grimaced toward Su Ruhan and said, “You’re so strong. How did you get so strong? Hurry, teach me!”

As Mu Xueshi said this sentence, Su Ruhan sneered. He grasped his sword tightly, then said: “I have received the Third Prince’s order to teach Young Master Xue martial arts.”



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