BMHS : Chapter 23.1 – Yan Sui was not ‘struck,’ he was just in love

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

The glimmer in Meng Ting’s eyes were too pure and suddenly Yan Sui’s heart was moved; then, he looked at He Wan.

“I’ll take Meng Ting out to take a look at the pet shelter.” If he would say that they would go, then they would definitely go. Yan Sui’s actions had always been so high.

He Wan’s complexion became more unsightly. Her anger that was provoked by Meng Ting had not dissipated, and now, Yan Sui wanted to take the person away. This was obviously to cover up Meng Ting’s faults.

Nowadays, in the whole of Haicheng, who would dare to say bad things to her? However, not only did Meng Ting say it, but he also did not admit his mistakes and did not apologize. He dared to act like this because Yan Sui protected him.

She originally wanted to annoy Yan Sui, but she obviously failed, and it was her who was vexed. With this on mind, her thirty percent of rage became seventy percent of rage!

All kinds of emotions ran around her mind. She restrained her expressions so that her anger would not show but she did not smile anymore. She indifferently looked at Meng Ting with vague compassion in her eyes.

She pitied Meng Ting because he fell for Yan Sui’s sweet words of mercy and he began to think he knew everything. The more he thought so, the more miserable Meng Ting would fall in the end.

With the things that were going on, she came around both dissatisfied and satisfied. She was obviously dissatisfied because Meng Ting was an insensible man, but it was this ‘stupidness’ of him that she took fancy the most at first; except that now, when she got herself involved with him, she also got annoyed by him.

When it comes to why she was satisfied, it was all because of Yan Sui. Yan Sui, who never responded to her decision, had unexpectedly chosen to use tricks to seduce Meng Ting this time, and he even played some love drama in front of her. Because of that, she wanted to see how long he could play this game.

Meng Ting was naturally so sensitive to this kind of gaze. However, it was only by understanding the meaning of this gaze so that he became even more confused. So, what did he do to make her feel pity? Was it because he was born more slow-witted than others?

“Let’s go,” Yan Sui turned his body to the side to block He Wan’s gaze, then he gently nodded at her and led Meng Ting to walk away.

He Wan watched Yan Sui take the boy away and after she sat in the living room for a while, she left the Yans’ residence.

With this, she failed to find something more terrible such as the fact that Yan Sui and Meng Ting shared a room before marriage and so on. As far as she knew, Yan Sui would never let people enter his room just to coax them, even if the person was allowed to move into the house. His room was absolutely his territory. It was definitely impossible and disdainful for Yan Sui to let people violate it.

As for a walk after their meal, Yan Sui took Meng Ting to walk around. In passing, he took him out to get Meng Ting familiarized with the roads around the Yans’ residence. They went south of the Yans’ residence until they reached the villa area, and the people in that area gradually increased.

Yan Sui grew up in this area and was naturally familiar with the neighborhood, but he had not wandered around like this for a few years.

Meng Ting was not curious about other things. He just remembered the road and did not see much. He was absorbed with following Yan Sui.

However, he somewhat noticed that many eyes fell on Yan Sui. Even though those people did not come over to chat with him, they undoubtedly were interested in Yan Sui. Indeed, he felt that Yan Sui was good, so of course, there were others who also felt that Yan Sui was good.

Although Yan Sui did not keep on holding on to Meng Ting’s hand, he occasionally bowed his head and talked to him. Those gentle and affectionate looks also drove away a lot of ‘envious’ eyes.

To Meng Ting’s surprise, most of those who looked over to them wanted to see him. However, Yan Sui was very keen about this, so he calmly blocked them or declared his sovereignty through some unnoticeable little movements.

It was simply impossible for strangers to penetrate Yan Sui’s aura. However, with Meng Ting by his side, Yan Sui did not feel gloomy as he did before. Yan Sui was gentle and handsome. He was really eye-catching. It was only Meng Ting who felt that the others were looking at Yan Sui. Meng Ting felt sour in his heart, when in fact, it was supposed to be Yan Sui who should be more sour.

“We’re here…” Yan Sui pointed to the front and put his hand down, then he pulled Meng Ting’s hand.

Meng Ting gripped his hand too and looked at it. The emotions of excitement and joy mixed together also left those unclear emotions behind.

“Do you think we should raise a cat or a dog?”

“We should raise whatever you like,” Yan Sui said then he continued to lead Meng Ting to go inside. Just now, he should have held Meng Ting’s hand the whole time instead of worrying about the gazes that would make Meng Ting uncomfortable and keep his distance.

“Mm-hmm,” Meng Ting gently agreed to him and somehow, the tip of his nose felt slightly ticklish and his eyes were also covered with a light mist at the moment. He did not want to cry. He just felt a little moved.

For him, to raise a pet felt more unreal than to get his and Yan Sui’s marriage certificate.

However, now that his marriage with Yan Sui was real and them raising pets was also real, he just felt moved.

Yan Sui looked down at Meng Ting then gently pulled his hand and took him into his arms. He reached out for Meng Ting’s hair and said, “Let’s go inside and have a look.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting nodded and grasped Yan Sui’s hand firmly, then they entered the shelter together.

They came in through a glass door then faced a man with a pair of metal-framed eyeglasses and a white coat. He looked at Yan Sui and was stunned. The seriousness on his face dispersed a little and stood casually, “How come you’ve got the time to come here?”

When he opened his business for the first time, Yan Sui came over for ten minutes. Since then, he had never set his foot here again.

“I just sent you a text message,” Yan Sui continued to lead Meng Ting to the only soft leather sofa in the pet shelter, which was the throne that Zhen Han had made for himself. Ordinarily, no one dared to touch it. The sofa was very eye catching and it stood alone amongst a bunch of wooden stools.

“Sit down,” said Yan Sui to Meng Ting. Meng Ting nodded and looked at Zhen Han with uncertainty, then he sat down.

Zhen Han came over with black face. He groped his pocket but did not find his phone, then he continued to say, “I just did a minor operation and it seems like I forgot my phone in the locker room.”

He swept his eyes to Meng Ting as he spoke, and Meng Ting also looked him in the eyes. He did not evade it nor was he curious anymore. It was just a very ordinary eye contact. Zhen Han, who was ‘distressed’ by Yan Sui, felt that he was ‘healed’ at once.

“This is Meng Ting, your sister-in-law.”

“He’s Zhen Han, my cousin.”

Yan Sui also had an aunt who lived abroad for so many years. Zhen Han lived in the old house for two years when he was young, and later on, he was taken abroad.

Two years ago, he returned to the country and opened a pet clinic near his old house, but the pet clinic was named ‘Pet Shelter.’

“Hello, cousin,” Meng Ting obediently greeted him. So far, he knew nothing about the people around Yan Sui and matters about him. It was only today that he was able to meet He Wan and Yan Sui’s cousin, Zhen Han.

“Hello,” Zhen Han stared at Meng Ting and glanced at the sofa where he was sitting. This sister-in-law seemed a bit foolish, but his first impression of Meng Ting was that he was not annoying, so Zhen Han did not force the person to get up.

However, Yan Sui, his cousin, always forgot about his mysophobia and that made him irritated.

“We want to raise a pet. Do you have any suitable one here? Let’s take a look first.”

Yan Sui continued standing and said something to Zhen Han. His cousin’s problem was not only mysophobia. He was also stingy. He handled everything in the pet clinic himself. Of course, if he would buy good durable goods that could be touched by other people, the cheaper it was, the better it would be.

Yan Sui believed that Zhen Han was not mysophobic. He was just reluctant to let others use his good things.

“Except for some stray cats and dogs that came in a few days ago, there aren’t any small animals that would suit you. How about if I call you again in two days?”

His ‘Pet Shelter’ was mainly a clinic which was opened for treating pets of nearby families and for pet grooming. They also sell young animals; however, they usually ordered the breeds in advance. He only ordered them to sell them, so there would not be any young animals available if it was a sudden case like this.

Yan Sui did not respond to him, but Meng Ting already tugged on his sleeve. Because of this, Yan Sui and Zhen Han looked at him.

“Stray cats and dogs are better. I think they’ll like me,” Meng Ting shared the same bad experience and sentiments as with them. These cats and dogs once had no home just like him. He knew that they desired a home more than any other domestic pets.

“And you…they’ll like you, too.”

Yan Sui’s adam apple rolled up and down, then he said softly, “Okay.”

Looking at it like this, he only wanted to meet all of Meng Ting’s requirements.

Using the term ‘lost his head over lust’ to describe Yan Sui was rather too much, but Meng Ting really had the ability to affect his mood and decision.

However, he realized this and still chose to let it go. Just because of this answer, Meng Ting gave Yan Sui a smile.

Meng Ting pursed his lips. Perhaps, he wanted to be a little more reserved, but he could not resist it. He smiled and reached out to rub Yan Sui’s hand to express his gratitude.

Zhen Han raised his eyebrows at Meng Ting and also cast a sidelong glance at Yan Sui. This was the flaming hot gossip that people were talking about.

Had his aunt suddenly changed and did something good? This possibility was really small.

“…If you haven’t eaten yet, you should nibble on dog food.”

Zhen Han muttered and swallowed the curses that he wanted to say in front of them. He certainly did not care if he would swear in front of others, but Yan Sui was stricter than his mother. It was not only a mouthful of lecture that he would receive from Yan Sui. Sometimes, Zhen Han was also pulled to practice his fists and feet. This time would be the time for him to be taught a lesson.

Meng Ting walked around the pet cage and finally chose an extremely ugly kitten and a yellow native dog with half of its tail gone.

Nowadays, there were a lot of people who raised cats and dogs, but there were also a lot of pets that were abandoned and abused.

Meng Ting squatted in front of the cage. He reached out and stroked the listless dog. It underwent operation two days ago. “It’s okay. Afterwards, you’ll have me and Yan Sui. We’ll take care of you.”

That native dog seemed to feel Meng Ting’s kindness. He licked Meng Ting’s palm and gently ‘grunted’ as if it was responding to his words.

Meng Ting stroked it for a while, then he went to look at the white kitten that he had asked for. It was injured and sick. Except for its face, the fur on its body had shed off. Originally, it was already thin, so without its fur, it became thinner and uglier.

The only part of its face with fur was also infected by fungal infection and had many black clots, making it look very unsightly. It was really beyond Zhen Han’s expectations that Meng Ting would choose them. What was more unexpected was that Meng Ting really liked them.

“They have undergone surgery and the stitches have been tied up. It’s okay to take them, but you need to understand how to take care of them.”

Zhen Han leaned against the door as if he did not have any bones. Of course, he was also like this in front of Yan Sui. Ordinarily, he thought Yan Sui was quite serious and very cold.

“Every three days, you have to bring them back here for an examination.”



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