HIHEZL : Chapter 43. The Most Horrible Thing in the Future

(Title – 最恐怖的在后面 – Zuì kǒngbù de zài hòumiàn – The Most Horrible Thing in the Future)

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

The woman let go of Zhi Li’s chin and stamped on his foot. Why didn’t he fight back? Just because she‘s a woman, or an exceedingly beautiful woman, Zhi Li could just bear it? Su Youyan took her glasses off and threw them on the ground.

“Hey, your little girlfriend is angry. Don’t worry, let’s make a bet.”

“Hey…” Just when Zhi Li was able to utter this word, the woman put her index finger on Zhi Li’s lips and gently raised her red lips: “Now, I can’t let you talk. Be a good boy and sit down, or else…” The woman drew near Zhi Li’s ear and whispered. Zhi Li frowned after hearing what she said. Ke Bu was not a fool. He could roughly guess what she said to Zhi Li. There was no doubt that she was planning to use this group to pressure Zhi Li. If she was a man, it would have been nice. Zhi Li could just knock her out. “Now let me continue with what I was saying. Do you want to make a bet with me?”

“What do you want to bet on?” Su Youyan asked with vigilance.

“I want to bet on who can make me cry.”

Ke Bu had never heard such a weird bet. He only heard of a bet of making someone laugh but he had never heard of a bet of making someone cry. Did this woman forget what it felt like to cry? Nevertheless, this could probably be a trap. Witches don’t have tears.

“If you’ll win, I‘ll let you go. But if you lose, he‘ll have to stay with me. Of course, you have no other choice. The door has been locked.” The woman pointed at Zhi Li.

“If…if we can make you cry, we can go, is that right?” asked Gong Zhu. It was not clear when this had happened, but Zhang Luo took out his laptop to search for information about women.

Chu Haoyu rolled up his sleeves and said: “Everyone, let’s beat her up until she cries.”

“That is, if you have the ability to do it.” It was not clear when, but the woman was somehow able to get many silver knives. She gently stroked one of them on her skirt and a slit simultaneously appeared on its side. Her slender legs that were covered by her skirt were now exposed. Chu Haoyu swallowed hard. She was already powerful when she was wearing that tight skirt earlier, not to mention now, their odds of winning were very small.

Ying Xiujie sat down on the ground and put his hands on his knees: “Then let me go first. Once, there was a warrior. He was the most valiant person in their town. He diligently practiced martial arts every day. From wicked high officials down to lowly criminals, he slew them all. He was really heroic. However, one day, his master led him into a hut. When his guard was down, his master unexpectedly got rid of his martial arts and sealed his Dao so that he could no longer practice martial arts. From then on, he was disabled. It’s very sad. It’s really so sad.” Ying Xiujie emphasized while pounding his thighs.

What a bad story!! It’s got no beginning and no ending. It’s in disorder! And where is the sad part? Ke Bu never understood what Ying Xiujie was thinking. The woman was unmoved as she sat on the settee and raised her eyebrows to hint the next one.

Zhou Xinhe looked pale as she stood and said: “There was once a girl who was full of joy as she returned home. She wanted to prepare a hearty dinner for her family, but when she opened the refrigerator, she suddenly shed tears because…because she found out…she found out that there were no ingredients left in the refrigerator that she can cook!!”

It’s almost as rotten as Ying Xiujie’s story! Is this group seriously considering what’s happening now?

Chu Haoyu spoke up: “A hot girl and a handsome boy were intimately entangled on the bed. The boy slowly undid one of her sleeves then the other, and suddenly! He found out that the originally plump chest of the girl began to sag and wrinkles started to appear. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing in front of him. He closed his eyes for a while, then he opened his eyes. Now, it’s not only the chest, but her face also began to deform. In the end, she transformed into the school’s cleaning auntie!!” Chu Haoyu’s story is definitely a God-made nightmare. That won’t make me cry when I wake up!!

Ke Bu looked at Gong Zhu and gave him an encouraging look. He made up the best stories. Those novels, comic plots, and sad stories were all played out to his heart’s content.

Gong Zhu nodded in response to Ke Bu. He cleared his throat and began to tell his story: “He…he was mute. He couldn’t say what food he liked, he couldn’t say what book he liked, and he couldn’t even say the words ‘I like you’ to his favorite person. Little Mute could only look at his beloved from far away. He watched the boy that he liked walk in the sunset, watched him walk his dog, and watched him chat happily with his girlfriend as she handed the heart-shaped couple cellphone chain to him as a gift. Although there was some sort of sadness in him, Little Mute still felt so contented. He had no courage to take a step forward…he had no courage to face him. All he could do was remain silent when confronting the boy.” This is a good start. There should be hope. Ke Bu secretly observed the woman’s reaction.

“One night, Little Mute was as quiet as usual as he kept his distance from behind the boy. Suddenly, he found a cellphone chain on the ground. Little Mute took a glance at it and he was able to recognize that it was the one given to the boy by his girlfriend. It must be very important to the boy so Little Mute picked up the cellphone chain from off the ground, and when he was thinking about chasing after the boy, a hand suddenly covered his mouth from behind. He couldn’t make a sound, nor could he move. It turns out he was caught by a man who dragged him into a room and threw him on the bed. Little Mute held onto the cellphone chain and desperately shook his head back. Why did it end up this way? The boy would be very anxious if he couldn’t find his cellphone chain. The boy will definitely go and look for it everywhere, after all, it was given to him by his girlfriend. The man who dragged Little Mute began to take off his clothes despite the fact that Little Mute was struggling. A chill came through from behind, then a hot object suddenly took away Little Mute’s first time. As the bed swayed, Little Mute was silently shedding his tears and blood slowly trickled down his thighs. As Little Mute’s cries intensified, he turned to look at the man’s face. He wanted to say something but he couldn’t speak. He was so sad and felt a sense of loss.” One would have to admit, even Ke Bu had slowly fallen into this sentimental story. Gong Zhu then went on with his final remarks: “The sad thing was…as a mute, it was even impossible for him to groan. He wanted to cry ‘ah…ah…a little to the left…harder…ah…ah…’ but he couldn’t. Even the most basic ones, he couldn’t.”

What!! The story ended with this kind of scene. It started off with a great story of innocent love but it ended with this kind of scene. This Little Mute is basically a hungry and thirsty guy! Ke Bu felt helpless and really wanted to cry!!

Su Youyan looked at the woman: “Has anyone ever told you before that you’re old and ugly? Your face is wrinkled. Your chest is not proportionate, one is high and one is low. Your butt’s too big and you have radish-like legs. You’re in the childbearing age but can’t conceive a son and no man also wants to date you.” Indeed, if a woman would hear someone else rebuke herself, she would definitely cry; however, this was only applicable to a woman with low tolerance like Zhou Xinhe. In the face of such a beautiful woman who was so confident, Su Youyan’s words were too unrealistic.

“Your puny mouth’s quite powerful. It’s really sad for me to say this, but…” The woman felt a little bored listening to everyone’s story so she tilted her legs: “…there’s no one who could make me cry. Since that’s the case, he’s now mine. You guys can go.”

“No.” Ke Bu suddenly said: “I won’t give him to you.”

“And why’s that? What’s he to you?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“What does it have to do with you if he will do it on his own accord?” The woman revealed a chilly smile. Ke Bu was dumbfounded. When he looked at Zhi Li, he found that Zhi Li was staring at him with interest.

“He’s definitely not willing to because…because…” Ke Bu clenched his fists and bit his lower lip: “Because no matter how beautiful you are, he only likes me, and he’s only allowed to like me.”

“Like?” The woman swayed her leg and said as if nothing mattered to her: “If I’m not mistaken, you‘re a boy, right?”

“Whoever said that liking someone is gender-specific? I just like him. Even if I’m a man, I like him. I like him despite everything. Even if you’ll rebuke me, I’ll still like him. Even if it makes you or everyone else sick, I’ll still like him.”

Just when the woman rose to her feet and looked like she wanted to say something, Zhi Li, who was sitting on the floor, finally spoke: “Haven’t you had enough fun?”

“Fun? Do you honestly believe that I’ll forgive you?!” The woman once again trampled on Zhi Li’s belly. Even if she added more force to it, Zhi Li still did not fight back; instead, he just allowed her to stamp on it: “It’s been a long time since you last came and saw me. You suffered from this kind of treatment because you asked for it. On top of that, since you enrolled in school, you’ve become so weak. It’s really shameful for you to topple so easily, Zhi Li.” The woman actually called out Zhi Li’s name. This blew up the insides of Ke Bu’s mind. Who the heck can explain what’s going on? No one had ever called Zhi Li’s name from beginning to end, and what’s with that conversation? Ke Bu’s reaction was too slow. He was so foolish.

“Consider this as your gift on your first meeting.” Zhi Li held on to the woman’s leg and stood up to pat the dust off of his belly.

“It’s too late. I’ve already stamped on you. You’re not filial at all.” The woman harrumphed then she directly kicked Zhi Li; but after a while, she threw herself into Zhi Li’s arms like a child and hugged him tightly: “I wanted to die because of you. Have you ever thought about me, my baby son?”

Ke Bu’s vitality plummeted, and now, he felt that he was going to collapse. He finally found out where Zhi Li’s genes came from. This witch turned out to be Zhi Li’s mom!! Was he mistaken? He really hoped this was not true!!

“Don’t pretend like you’re crying.”

The woman looked up: “You’re really boring.” She turned and smiled at the petrified people, and introduced herself: “So you’re Zhi Li’s friends. I didn’t have the chance to introduce myself. I’m Zhi Li’s elder sister, Lan Yin.”

Didn’t she just call Zhi Li her son? Now she’s shamelessly saying she’s Zhi Li’s elder sister, yet their surname isn’t the same. The group just accepted the facts as if they were fools. At the moment, the one who wanted to die the most was definitely Ke Bu. The words that Ke Bu just said replayed in his own mind like a cassette tape. He just wanted to die. He could still cut his own stomach open while there was still time.



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  2. Elle

    My guess was right! She is Zhi Li’s mother! XD I knew it, anyone that’s as beautiful and ruthless could only be His Highness’ relative.

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