BMHS : Chapter 24.1 – I must have liked it

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: KainGuru

“Hehe, nothing…”

Gu Lang scratched his head. His eyes and tone were ‘unsteady’ for a while before he could continue saying, “That… Everyone suggested that you bring Little Sister-in-Law out so that we can get to know him.”

Yan Sui was silent for a long time and did not answer him. Gu Lang racked his head when he suddenly realized something. That’s right, how long has it been since Yan Sui and Meng Ting got to know each other? They haven’t reached that point yet. Now isn’t the time. For Yan Sui, between bringing that person to see them and taking that same person to see He Wan, the former was rarer and more meaningful than the latter.

“He’s been sick for the last few days and hasn’t completely recovered yet. How about the day after tomorrow?”

Gu Lang took a deep breath and suddenly swallowed the excuse—that he came up with for Yan Sui—with difficulty back to his stomach, “Okay.”

Anyhow, the length of time they had to wait for them to get acquainted with Meng Ting was not a problem. It was a fact that Yan Sui really likes this person.

This was the first time that Yan Sui liked someone like this. Gu Lang was deeply moved, at the same time, he also had worries in his heart. Although Yan Sui was ordinarily strong and capable, once he used his heart, there would be a possibility for him getting hurt.

Was it not that the colder the person was, the purer and more passionate they were. This Meng Ting best not let Yan Sui’s feelings down, otherwise, their brothers would not let him off easily.

“I’ll take care of it. I’ll call you back once everything has been arranged.”

“Okay,” Yan Sui answered. Gu Lang definitely had rich experience in organizing parties and he knew Yan Sui’s habits, so it was okay to let him arrange it.

After he hung up the call, Yan Sui rubbed his eyebrows and glanced at Meng Ting’s photo on his phone. He could not help but gently smile.

Golden sunshine, green grass, a handsome young man in a white shirt, and a very ugly kitten—no one had intended to smile—but those two pairs of eyes expressed everything with just one look. They were simply lovely and beautiful.

The smile on Yan Sui’s face quickly withdrew, but it could not be denied that because of Meng Ting’s picture, his mood improved.

About half an hour later, he opened his Moments again. Several friends and classmates, who had been secretly checking on their screens for eternity, were surprised by him. If they had a little bit more courage, they would have probably called and ask him like Gu Lang did. They really doubted whether the person who posted in the Moments was really Yan Sui or not.

As soon as the news about Gu Lang wanting to host a party spread, several people who lived abroad said that they would book airline tickets to go back, not to mention the rest of the people in Haicheng. Thanks to Meng Ting’s good fortune, this party might become the most important party after they became adults.

Around half past five in the afternoon, Meng Ting led Rhubarb and went to the big iron gate as he carried Furball in his arms. He was going to wait for Yan Sui, but before he reached the iron gate, the phone in his pocket vibrated.

He took out his phone and looked at it, and the excitement on his face dissipated. He hesitated for a moment before he answered the phone.


“Little Seventh, you’re sick and you’re not in the old house. Where did you run off to?!”

Meng Qi definitely knew the answer, yet he deliberately asked. When he rushed back to the old house and did not find Meng Ting, it was still all right. However, when he found out what happened after he left that day from Uncle Wen, the irresolute pain from knowing that the person that he treasured was taken away by another was very obvious that he spoke in a rush.

He was angry for some time but then he made this call.

Meng Ting sat down in a stone pier near the iron gate and took Rhubarb into his arms before he answered Meng Qi.

“I’ve got married, didn’t you know?”

That night, when Old Master Meng talked about him getting married to Yan Sui, he remembered that Meng Qi was also there, and it was Meng Qi who told him that Su Siyu confessed to Yan Sui. Meng Qi already knew all along that he was going to marry Yan Sui.

Meng Qi was speechless for a while. He really wanted to grasp Meng Ting and shake him up, “Little Seventh! You guys aren’t married yet!”

Today was the first of July. There were still five days left before he would marry Yan Sui, so this was just Meng Ting being too impatient to leave the house.

Meng Ting continued rubbing Rhubarb’s head and explained what he considered as the facts with a flat tone, “I married Yan Sui and got the certificate yesterday.”

From Meng Ting’s point of view, two marriage certificates could definitely give him more sense of security than a luxurious wedding ceremony. Originally, he was just complying with the marriage, but after he knew Yan Sui, he did not think like that anymore. Of course, there was no need for him to tell Meng Qi about it.

Meng Qi really did not expect Yan Sui to act so fast. He already took the person away and even took him to get a marriage certificate.

Meng Qi’s words rolled back in his mouth before he reluctantly changed the topic, “Do you feel better?”

“Yes, better.” Meng Ting answered. He somehow caught glimpse of a slightly familiar car appearing at the end of the road. His eyes lit up, then he immediately stood up.

“I asked you to call me. Why didn’t you call me?”

If Meng Ting called him, he would never let Yan Sui take the man away so easily. The easier a man obtains something, the lesser he would cherish them. This was a common problem amongst men. Meng Qi did not want a member of his family to be considered cheap by others just because Meng Ting was too spontaneous.

He also could not understand the reason why Old Master Meng allowed Yan Sui to take the man so easily.

Meng Ting uttered the truth, “I don’t want to call you.”

Meng Ting did not delete Meng Qi’s phone from his mobile phone. Even if it was hard to obtain, Meng Ting wanted himself to take the initiative in giving Meng Qi a call. However, it was unlikely for him to do that now or even in the future.

Meng Qi did not do anything wrong to him; however, Meng Ting did not like the Mengs and he also wanted to stay away from them. This was his own subjective wish that he unconsciously forced on himself.

Meng Qi was very disappointed by Meng Ting’s words. When he was about to ask something, Meng Ting added, “Can I hang up now?”

Yan Sui’s car already stopped and he was about to get out of the car. Meng Ting did not want to chat with Meng Qi. He wanted to chat with Yan Sui.

“No, you can’t!” Meng Qi was so angry with Meng Ting’s words that the blue veins on his forehead came out.

He wanted to go over all of the good things he had done for Meng Ting but when he was carefully thinking about it, besides giving Meng Ting medicine and saying a few words to him, it seemed that he had done nothing else. It should be said that Meng Qi had no chance to do anything. If not, with Meng Ting’s slow-wittedness and naivety, how could he fail to win this man? Yes, he just missed the right opportunity.

“I’m your big brother. It was me who took you out to meet Yan Sui that evening, and I also gave you medicine!”

The more Meng Qi spoke, the more he felt guilty. However, if Meng Ting dared to hang up his call, he would definitely burst out with rage.

The reason was quite sufficient. Meng Ting was thinking about hanging up, but he still did not hang up. On the other hand, Yan Sui was already in front of him.

Yan Sui saw Meng Ting was holding his phone for a long time without saying a word, so he also did not speak. He just stood two steps away from Meng Ting and waited for him to finish the phone call.

When Meng Ting saw Yan Sui was coming closer, the smile on his face gradually bloomed. Although Meng Qi was still talking endlessly on the phone, the sound of him speaking became far away from Meng Ting. Meng Ting took two steps forward. He stood on his tiptoes, then he leaned forward to Yan Sui.

He still held Furball in his arms and barely left some space without pressing on the kitten, which also made Meng Ting’s posture look too strange when he pounced on Yan Sui. If Yan Sui did not immediately reach out to hold him, Meng Ting would have probably leaned on toward an empty space.

“Oh.” He responded to Meng Qi, but his eyes were fixed on Yan Sui. He seemed to want to explain something, but he could not say anything while on the phone. He could only look at the man and try to see if Yan Sui understood him.

Yan Sui had no choice but to embrace him. He let Meng Ting continue leaning on his bosom while talking on the phone.

On the other hand, Meng Qi could not understand what Meng Ting was saying. The way Meng Ting talked to Meng Qi on the phone had completely changed. However, with Meng Ting’s faint ‘Oh,’ Meng Qi still felt some joy, which eased up his mood for a bit. He thought Meng Ting was finally moved by him.

“… and if Yan Sui isn’t good to you, I can still support you.”

“Anyway, you can’t hang up!” Meng Qi talked too much. He had not spoken so reasonably to anyone for a long time and after he finished his words, he instinctively threatened, “Dare to try hanging up on me?”

Meng Ting took the phone away from his ear and looked at it a few times. With a stroke of his hand, he tried to hang up, and then he really did hang up the call.

“It’s actually fine with me.”

He muttered as he put his phone down. Under the light of the setting sun, Yan Sui, who could not understand what Meng Ting said, slightly raised the tip of his eyebrows. Meng Ting slowly drew near Yan Sui, then he softly called him, “Yan Sui.”

His eyes were bright and his desire to show his joy was completely written all over his face, “You’re back.”

“Yes,” Yan Sui softly replied. He raised his hand and rubbed Meng Ting’s head, “I’m back.”

“What are you doing at the gate?” Actually, he could easily guess it, but he still wanted to ask and listen to Meng Ting say it.

Meng Ting’s smile did not disappear on his face. He continued looking up to the man and earnestly said, “I brought Rhubarb and Furball to wait for you.”

“Hmm,” Yan Sui responded. His face eased up, then he took Meng Ting into his arms and walked over to the house.

“It’s windy here. Wait in the living room moving forward. When I get back, I’ll just come in.”

Meng Ting turned to the side, then he poked his head out to feel the wind. However, in all honesty, he did not feel that it was windy during this summer.

“Then, can I just wear more clothes when I wait for you later on?” He wanted to refute Yan Sui’s decision. Meng Ting felt a bit listless. He squeezed Yan Sui’s arm, “I… No, it’s us. We all want to see you earlier.”

This argument was really hard to refute. Yan Sui unconsciously tightened his hug a little. He bowed and gently pressed his lips on Meng Ting’s forehead.

“Okay, but if you get sick again because it’s windy, you won’t be allowed to do it anymore.”

Meng Ting stopped walking and quickly pulled Yan Sui by his neck with one hand, then he pecked gently on Yan Sui’s cheek. The ‘chu’ sounded sharp and clear, drawing an itchy feeling in the man’s heart.

After the peck, Meng Ting looked around, “Only Rhubarb and Furball is here. No one saw it.”

Yan Sui gently smiled and did not speak again. He pulled Meng Ting and continued walking into the house. First, they sent Rhubarb and Furball back to their kennel and cat house, then Meng Ting accompanied him upstairs to change clothes.

As soon as the door of the room was closed, Meng Ting could not continue walking in. He was pressed against the door by Yan Sui. Yan Sui caressed Meng Ting’s cheek. He unconsciously caressed Meng Ting’s lips with his thumb. His gaze was strange and had some aggressiveness that one could not ignore.

Meng Ting looked up to Yan Sui. With his sensitivity to danger, he felt that something was wrong with Yan Sui. However, he was still confused. He thought that Yan Sui would not hurt him, though it conflicted with his convictions, so this made him confused.

“What are we going to do here?” Meng Ting put his hands against Yan Sui’s chest and suspiciously asked.

Yan Sui still did not reply. He used his actions to answer Meng Ting’s question. He slowly bowed down and bit Meng Ting’s lip, then he used his other hand to hold Meng Ting by his waist. While Meng Ting was stunned, he pushed his tongue into Meng Ting’s mouth, then intertwined it with his as their tongues danced.

Meng Ting’s eyelashes unconsciously quivered for a bit and after some time, he slowly closed his eyes, trying hard to ignore the dangerous atmosphere that Yan Sui did not intentionally exude, and indulged in this warm and intoxicating kiss.

Meng Ting was very true to his own body’s senses. His arms unconsciously wrapped around Yan Sui’s neck and his chin was slightly raised, allowing the two of them to kiss with ease. This kiss had never been deepened, but all of his senses were already plundered, then it was followed by a burst of tingling from the top of his head to the tip of his toes.


After a long time, Meng Ting slightly opened his eyes, and they were a little reddish. The kiss had already aroused him.

He leaned on Yan Sui and gently moved closer to his body. He had lived until twenty-eight years in his previous life, so it was natural for Meng Ting to be familiar with this reaction. It was just that he had little interest in this matter. Even for self-relief, he had only done it once in a long while. It was even harder for him to understand how two men should do it.

“How……. How do we do it?” He asked Yan Sui. He thought that even if he did not understand, Yan Sui would certainly understand.

Yan Sui stretched out his hand and pulled Meng Ting into his arms. He hesitated for a while before he bent over and carried Meng Ting up in bridal style, then he walked over to the bed, while Meng Ting remained obedient in his embrace.



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