Jubo : Text 017. Going to Work

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: tend0u

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

Wang Cheng, who was dressed as a migrant worker, was mixed among a group of men and women who were all dressed up as elites. Because of this, he successively received countless disgusted stares. Even the security guards of the building had been staring at him. If he ever had a trace of misconduct, they would immediately rush forth to catch him.

Wang Cheng took it as if he did not see anything. What‘s wrong with being a migrant worker? Did they know that migrant workers have the greatest profession on earth? In his heart, he also had the same contempt for these people. Wang Cheng strutted as he took the elevator to the 47th floor.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for your boss.” Wang Cheng came over to the counter. He only knew Zhang Yiheng, Fang Tian and Chu Yifeng, the boss, who was the last one who called him to come, so he should find him.

This beauty‘s name was Tang Sisi. She was a newcomer who had just been recruited by Hua Ying Real Estate. She was a fresh graduate from college and was recruited so that Li Yu would have an assistant. Li Yu once complained to Fan Qi, who was in-charge of the finance department and personnel department, about not having an assistant. Fan Qi did not know about this matter at first, so when he found out about it, he recruited Tang Sisi in. By chance, they were also short of receptionists, so he did not waste time and followed through with the recruitment.

“Excuse me, if I may ask, do you have an appointment?” Tang Sisi looked at him up and down, and almost could not hold back the smile on her face. For the first time, she saw such a sloppy-dressed person in this high-end place of Changhe Building. Defiance and contempt could not be concealed in her eyes. In the end, it was a young man who had just stepped into the society, and had no experience at all.

“I don’t know if I have an appointment, but I have a business card from your boss,” Wang Cheng said. He took the business card out and showed it to her.

Tang Sisi took a look but did not take it. What could a business card count as? Hua Ying Real Estate was a new company. The business card of the boss must have been distributed everywhere. If she would let everyone in, who got a hold on to the business card of the boss, then she would not need to do this job anymore. What she did not know was that there were really only a few who could own the business cards of Chu Yifeng. To be specific, the business card that he personally gave was extremely rare.

“I’d like to ask what your name is. I can help you check if there‘s an appointment or not.”

“My name is Wang Cheng.”

Tang Sisi opened the book on the table. After reading it, she found that there was no one named Wang Cheng. The smile on her face was deeper: “Mr. Wang, I‘m really sorry but there’s no appointment scheduled for you. It would be better for you to go back again next time…”

“Wang Cheng?” Zhang Yiheng’s surprised voice interrupted Tang Sisi’s words. He just came back from outside and was walking in a hurry. If he did not look up, he would have missed Wang Cheng.

“Mr. Zhang.” Wang Cheng also recognized Zhang YiHeng, “I came to look for Boss Chu. I made an appointment with him last time.”

“Boss isn’t here today.” Zhang Yiheng knew about the appointment, but he was busy and forgot that it was today, “But Boss already instructed me. He asked me to assist you. Come with me.”

Wang Cheng put the business card back in his pocket and walked in with Zhang Yiheng, leaving behind the dumbfounded Tang Sisi.

Li Yu found out that the expert she had waited for for a long time finally came, and immediately stopped the work in her hand. The elite professional master that she had been imagining in her heart left her petrified after seeing Wang Cheng’s appearance. This country bumpkin dressed up as a migrant worker with the bald head turned out to be the so-called expert that the boss mentioned. Was he playing with her?

Zhang Yiheng knew that this would be the case. He had already seen both sides of Wang Cheng and knew his identity. He was not surprised by his clothes today, but it was not the case for others. When he saw Li Yu’s expression, he knew how much she was expecting in her heart. She looked forward to this expert to help her share the work.

Under Zhang Yiheng’s explanation, Li Yu finally recovered from her shock.

This expert named Wang Cheng only had high school education, he was a monk, and he was the owner of Mount Feng Xia—but not anymore. She finally understood that when the boss said that Wang Cheng was a so-called expert, he originally meant this. He was a person who was a monk by profession. She could imagine that he did not have any work experience. In the end, she still needed to personally teach him; otherwise, she would not dare to hand this important project to him.

Li Yu’s mouth twitched. The boss really gave her trouble. If she had known earlier, she would rather have Tang Sisi work as her assistant. In any case, she was a college student. A few pots of cold water was poured down on Li Yu and all of her enthusiasm disappeared. She directly handed over all of the documents she had previously search for the boss to Wang Cheng.

“Before you get off work today, go through all of these documents. Don’t even think about lazing around. I will check on you.”

Wang Cheng did not mind her hot-and-cold attitude. He already felt sorry for letting her down, but… isn’t this pile of documents too much?

Only employees who complain were not good employees.

On the first day of work, Wang Cheng decided to be a good employee for the time being. He did not just look at the date. At the beginning, he was forced to carry dozens of books by the old monk. He did not have photographic memory, but if he would examine his own memory, it was not too bad.

Li Yu had her own office. Wang Cheng’s desk was in front of her office and it was the first table to the right. At first, there was only one new computer on it and the rest were empty; now, there was also a pile of documents.

Li Yu realized from the blinds that she could just see Wang Cheng. He was bitterly immersed in reading every piece of information. Once in a while, he would frown then flip over the documents. From the looks of it, he was rather dependable. The gloom in Li Yu’s heart finally faded away. At least Wang Cheng was obedient, unlike… She then shot a glance at a certain someone’s figure outside. He was not like this certain someone who did not work well and was just thinking about what should not be thinking all day long.

Time passed by quickly. Wang Cheng made a phone call to his family during his lunch break and told them that he had already gone to work at Hua Ying Real Estate Company so that they did not have to worry about him.

When he got off work, Li Yu did not come over to check on him so he got off work. As for the boss, Wang Cheng did not see him the whole day.



7 thoughts on “Jubo : Text 017. Going to Work

  1. This progress is rather slow?
    Should and I don’t get any romance fluff feels whatsoever.
    Should I add a “slow romance” tag? Lol.

    It’s just simple slice of life stuff. And isn’t .. that particularly interesting. But well I got nothing better to read.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Hopefully!!
        I’m looking forward to it.
        It’s really boring now.
        Like super boring.
        The family isn’t even interesting. They are pretty boring. And one dimensional.


  2. AJ

    I personally really enjoy this story.

    Due to how fast each chapter seems to fly by I’m excited to binge the story again when it is completed; I think it will be even better then.



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