TUMBT : Chapter 80

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie

Proofreader: KainGuru

That sentence was like a blow to the head, hitting Mu Xueshi again and again until he sobered. He suddenly felt that he was very ridiculous. He accidentally came to an unfamiliar country like this, and he still had the thick skin to consider himself as a master of this place. He used this body to become the Third Prince’s friend. At first, he just wanted to look for someone to rely on, but in the end, he actually began to yearn for something that did not belong to him.

And, he was not Mu Xueshi. Even if he had the good looks now, there ought to be a day when everything would go back to zero. He was still Chen Youzai, a person who was not only ugly, but also unattractive.

He thought that all the care and tolerance of the Third Prince was caused by this other person, and the feelings that he was expending now would one day belong to someone else. Mu Xueshi felt that it was getting harder for him to breathe. He had never felt this despair and heartache before.

After some time, Mu Xueshi used all of his strength to take a breath, then he happily said to the Third Prince: “This isn’t a difficult matter. With the Third Prince’s help, I can find that silver coin, and recover my memories. By that time, the Mu Xueshi that the Third Prince is familiar with will come back, but I may forget my current memory. Even if my current memories don’t matter, you’re now treating me as a sick person anyway.”

Upon hearing Mu Xueshi mentioning that silver coin, the Third Prince was somewhat astonished and doubtful. He wondered if Mu Xueshi was toying with him again.

When the Third Prince was about to ask further, he found that Mu Xueshi had already retracted that cheeky grin from his face and replaced it with a tearful face. His eyes were red, and he was crying silently, leaving only that stream of tears flowing down nonstop on his face.

The Third Prince suddenly had a strange feeling. He felt that there was someone else in Mu Xueshi’s mind, but this figure was like a shadow that would soon disappear in the twinkling of an eye. Inevitably, there would come a day when Mu Xueshi would return to his original character. The thought of that day coming unexpectedly made the Third Prince feel somewhat heavy in his heart.

Mu Xueshi noticed that the Third Prince was looking attentively at him. Suddenly, he felt embarrassed, so he put up a mask on with an indifferent expression, then he said: “What are you looking at? I’m just excreting waste from my body. Sometimes, crying is good for the body.”

Seeing the Third Prince’s indifferent face, Mu Xueshi felt a throbbing pain in his heart again. He then probed: “Xi, if one day you find out that I deceived you, what would you do to me?”

The Third Prince chuckled, “You have already deceived me. You will find out how I’ll deal with you soon.”

Mu Xueshi turned pale with fear. He thought that the Third Prince fathomed that he was a fake Mu Xueshi. His lips suddenly trembled, rendering him speechless. As a result, when the Third Prince opened his mouth in the next second, speaking of yesterday’s incident, only then did Mu Xueshi realize that the so-called deceiving matter that the Third Prince referred to was the little mistake that Mu Xueshi had committed.

All of a sudden, again, he felt remorseful and uneasy in his heart. Mu Xueshi wanted to tell the Third Prince about his true identity, but he also feared that the Third Prince would dislike and avoid him, so he forced himself to keep on hiding it. He also knew that he was being unfair to the original owner of this body. The original owner’s soul was still blocked off. For no reason at all, he became a lonely and wandering soul. His body was forcibly occupied by someone else, and even forcibly seized his feelings.

As long as I manage to find that silver coin, all of this would be resolved. This was the solace that was bestowed upon me by the Heavens, who made me be born ugly. If the Third Prince finds out about the truth later, he will surely hate me and won’t look at me. If that will be the case, then let me be selfish for a few more days.

Thinking about this, Mu Xueshi could not help but let his tears fall. Suddenly, he felt someone wipe his tears from his eyes. Mu Xueshi cried even harder and suddenly knelt before the Third Prince. While weeping, he pleaded: “Third Highness, punish me. I deceived you. I deserve to be punished, but if you will pardon me, I will be grateful to you for as long as I live…”

The Third Prince saw Mu Xueshi’s pitiful expression, and said with no mercy: “Who said that I will forgive you? If I want to punish you, do you still need to ask for it?”

As soon as the Third Prince finished saying this, Mu Xueshi stopped sobbing. He really did not call to his mind how the Third Prince would punish him. He thought that the Third Prince would not have the heart to hurt him. He would simply just hold a few explosives that he created as his means to scare Mu Xueshi. Previously, Mu Xueshi offended the Third Prince several times. However, the Third Prince was just all talk but no action. This time, he should also not hurt Mu Xueshi in any way.



4 thoughts on “TUMBT : Chapter 80

  1. I hope everything will be a bit more clear in vol.2 and also the MC really need a chara development (I was still confused about the identity of the original Mu Xueshi till this day 😂he was born ugly but grow up to be a beauty? Or was he exchanged as a baby? 😂)

    Otsukaresamadesu ☆


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