BMHS : Chapter 24.2 – I must have liked it

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: KainGuru

Of course, at the moment, Yan Sui was not the type who wipes clean after eating, especially when Meng Ting’s response was so unripe and uncertain. Moreover, he had not prepared anything either. If Meng Ting was injured in bed because of this kind of thing, then he was absolutely disgraceful.

In the end, Yan Sui used his hand to help Meng Ting resolve the problem, then he went to the bathroom to wash himself up by having a thoroughly cold shower.

Meng Ting’s kiss on his cheek at the courtyard earlier was just a fuse. It all started when he took Meng Ting out yesterday. It made him understand one fact — those points in Meng Ting that could attract him also could fascinate others. These changed people to soon find out how good Meng Ting was and it also had nothing to do with him. This was a fact that secretly made him rather irritated.

Those people’s gazes, Zhen Han touching his head, and Meng Qi’s phone call just now… these things kept on running around Yan Sui’s mind, making him lose his self-control. No, loss of self-control was too vague; to be more precise, Yan Sui was jealous.

Starting from last night’s deed in his Moments, up until today’s kiss, as well as his deed of helping Meng Ting relieve himself, Yan Sui just tried his best to imprint on Meng Ting with a mark that only belonged to himself.

He was not such a man. Before meeting Meng Ting, Yan Sui was definitely not such a man.

While taking the cold shower, Yan Sui analyzed himself from beginning to end. In the end, he still reflected that he was too anxious.

He dried his hair and came out of the bathroom. Meng Ting was still lying on the bed, wearing the clothes that Yan Sui gave him earlier. However, Meng Ting’s cheeks were blushing and his eyes were also flushed, as if he had been taken advantage of. Yan Sui’s Adam’s apple rolled again. He felt that he had to go back to take another cold shower.

Meng Ting hugged his pillow. He looked at Yan Sui, then he immediately looked away. After that, his cheeks turned a little redder. He never thought that there was something that could make him feel this strongly—but Yan Sui’s kiss—his hand aroused Meng Ting’s sense of shame after two of his lifetimes.

He rolled around, pulled the quilt over and wrapped himself up.

Soon afterward, one corner of the bed sunk. With the familiar scent and gesture, he caught Meng Ting in his arms.

“Meng Ting…” Yan Sui hugged him as he gently sighed. There was a little more reproach for himself in Yan Sui’s tone. “Just now, I was bad. I’m a bastard. Are you… angry?”

“No,” Meng Ting immediately pulled the quilt down for a bit. He took a glance at Yan Sui and he stretched out his hands, then he wrapped them around Yan Sui’s neck. Yan Sui took this opportunity turning Meng Ting over to have him lie on his own body.

“You’re not bad and I’m not angry either,” Meng Ting’s cheeks were still very hot. He slowly drew near Yan Sui’s neck that had been washed by cold water, then he continued saying, “I… I’m shy.” Meng Ting continued to stutter, “You helped me. I was very flustered… I, I even got to…on your hand.” His cheeks became a little warmer, then he laid his long legs crosswise and directly crossed over Yan Sui’s body to straddle on him. After that, he continued burying his face on Yan Sui’s neck and hugged the man. With his face blushing, he said, “I must have like it.”

Yan Sui once again reflected on himself. He should say that he had no self-control when it comes to Meng Ting. The bottom line was that, he and Meng Ting could not do it for the time being; at least until Meng Ting’s birthday next year. Originally, he thought that it was not difficult to do; but now, how long would he be able to hold himself? He felt it would be a little difficult.

Yan Sui held the boy and with a bit of strength, he took Meng Ting into his embrace. They stayed in this position and did not speak for a long time. Meng Ting needed some time to subside his shyness and Yan Sui also needed some time to restrain his searing mind.

Meng Ting’s shyness lasted until they had finished their meal downstairs, but it did not dissipate completely. He still glued to Yan Sui and he still could not help but gaze at the man. However, as long as Yan Sui’s eyes met his, his cheeks would immediately blush.

“You’re going to the study, right? I’ll watch TV with Rhubarb and Furball in the living room.”

Meng Ting, who was reluctant to part with Yan Sui, glanced at him. He then picked Furball up from off the sofa and placed the kitten in his arms.

Yan Sui ruffled Meng Ting’s hair and hesitated for a moment, but he still went upstairs. He had taken only two steps when he heard Meng Ting’s voice again, but the boy was not talking to him.


In Meng Ting’s phone, apart from Yan Sui’s phone number, it seemed that there was only Meng Qi and Zhen Han’s phone numbers. However, at this moment, the person who called him over was most likely Meng Qi.

“What have you been doing? I’ve called you so many times, but you didn’t answer any of them!”

Earlier, when Meng Ting hung up his phone call, Meng Qi was furious. He waited until he calmed down and made two consecutive phone calls, but no one answered. It was then dinner time at the old house, so after dinner, he went to his room and immediately called Meng Ting.

“I won’t tell you.” replied Meng Ting. The heat that was not easy to dissipate earlier, climbed back up to his cheeks.

His phone had been kept in the pocket of his clothes the whole time, of course, he knew that the vibration meant someone was calling him. However, at that time, he and Yan Sui were flustered so he did not bother to look at it.

Besides, he really did not feel that Meng Qi had been calling him to talk about anything important.

“You…” Meng Qi noticed that Meng Ting’s skill to annoy people gradually grew across the phone. How long has it been since he became so angry over the phone?

“I…” Before Meng Qi could say anything to Meng Ting, Meng Ting’s hand that was holding the phone was covered, then his phone was taken away by Yan Sui.

“Why are you looking for Meng Ting?”

“I also don’t know why he’s looking for me.” Meng Qi had not answered yet, but Meng Ting already replied to Yan Sui as he stretched his hand out and wrapped it around Yan Sui’s arm. He pulled Yan Sui to sit on the sofa in the living room, then he rested his chin on Yan’s shoulder while listening to what Meng Qi was going to say.

There was silence for a moment, then Meng Qi started talking again, but his tone was not as fierce as before.

“Tomorrow evening is Third Aunt’s birthday, which is Little Seventh’s godmother’s birthday. I just called to remind him.”

When he made both of his phone calls and did not go straight to the point, he was annoyed half to death by Meng Ting; but now, he was taken aback by Yan Sui’s cold tone.

“Third Uncle’s wife, she… anyway, you’d better go together if you have time.”

Although Meng Ting was considered part of the main family, he was still Meng Yide’s son after all, and Han Xuejun was also his godmother. He could not be absent from this birthday party; however, up until now, there was no news about Meng Ting from his family’s side. It was clear that they did not inform Meng Ting about it. Unknowingly, they considered Meng Ting so unfilial by relying on Yan Sui.

Right now, it was regarded that Meng Ting has not established his reputation yet in Haicheng’s noble circle. If such a reputation spreads out, it would pile errors on top of errors and would definitely become a problem for him.

On the other hand, Han Xuejun, this person… Even Meng Qi also did not quite understand why he made this phone call. It was purely because he was afraid that Meng Ting would be at a disadvantage because of Han Xuejun. Meng Qi was absolutely calling Meng Ting with his best intentions. Unfortunately, Meng Ting was unable to tell good from bad. Only with a few words, he choked Meng Qi to death. Now that he thought about it, it was still very annoying.

“I’ll go together with him. Thank you.”

Yan Sui’s tone did not change, but at least he did not misunderstand Meng Qi.

Since Yan Sui had said this, Meng Qi also could not find another topic to continue the conversation. It was mainly because he just wanted to talk to Meng Ting in person, instead of this Yan Sui, who was obviously better than him in all aspects.

Just when he was coming up with something to say and intended to hang up the call, he heard Meng Ting’s voice.

“Meng Qi, thank you.”

Meng Ting was listening on the side, and from what he had known in his previous life, it was enough to make him understand what Meng Qi meant.

Meng Qi sighed in relief, but when he was about to speak. There was already another sound of ‘beep beep beep’ that he heard. Certainly, after that, he felt that he was choked; but this time, he did not have any excuses to call Meng Ting again.

There was no doubt that the one who disconnected the call was Yan Sui. He was nevertheless a little bit annoyed when Meng Ting spoke with such a gentle tone to others, apart from him.

Yan Sui put down the phone. Meng Ting’s head moved in again. He moved his hand that was holding Furball away and at the same time, he seized Yan Sui’s hand. Although he had not yet arrived at tomorrow evening’s banquet, he began to feel somewhat depressed.

Yan Sui glanced at Meng Ting and moved his hand to Meng Ting’s lower back. He gently asked Meng Ting to put Furball on his lap and wrapped Meng Ting in his arms, “Meng Ting, tell me what’s wrong?”

Yan Sui’s warm and solid embrace, his deep and gentle tone, dispersed Meng Ting’s complex emotions a little. He continued leaning on the man and he only opened his mouth after a long time: “They’re considered as my family, but I don’t feel like they are. I have no family.”

Three days after his birth, he was abandoned by his biological mother. His grandmother took him away from the orphanage when he was seven years old. Still, he did not have a good life. For three years in high school, four years in university, five years at the base research institute… he had always been separated from this so-called ‘family.’

Meng Ting’s tone was not sad. He had accepted this fact quite a long time ago.

“I feel that they don’t like me and don’t want me, but why do they always look for me?” Did they want to control his life all the time?

When he really needed his family, they never showed up; but whenever he seemed to fight for a little space for himself, they always came, pulling him by his hind legs.

“I… I’m so useless.”

He became a useless person and got married, yet the Mengs seemed to have no plans of letting him go.

“Yan Sui,” Meng Ting called out while looking at him. Yan Sui’s expression remained unchanged, but Meng Ting’s tone became sad, “What’s to be done if I got you into trouble?”

If it was only him, at most, the outcome would be the same as his previous life; but now, he also got Yan Sui involved. Yan Sui was so good to him. What would he do if he got Yan Sui into trouble? What would he do if he disturbed Yan Sui’s life?

He was too selfish and just thought about making a run for himself, but he did not realize that he was troublesome, a problem that could implicate others.

Meng Ting’s words were brief, yet the amount of information was very large. Yan Sui still had not yet looked into this matter to get it cleared up for a while. He had more important things to say and do as of the moment.

“No, you won’t get me into trouble.”

Yan Sui ensured genuinely, then another peck landed on Meng Ting’s forehead.

“You have to believe in me.”

He believed that he and his family were strong enough. Others would not dare saying anything. Meng Ting was absolutely safe.



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