Jubo : Text 018. Big Brother Wang Ning’an

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: tend0u

Proofreader: KainGuru

Whenever it was time for work to start or end at the city center, certain parts of the metropolis become very crowded. The best example was the bus stops. A group of people milled about and rushed to get on the bus.

Wang Cheng took advantage of his physical strength and was very calm as he became a part of the first bus for those who just finished their work. The bus’s door closed to more than a dozen unwilling faces on the outside, and there was even a woman who glared at Wang Cheng. She wanted to pull Wang Cheng down and out of the bus, so that she could come up instead. However, she could not pull Wang Cheng since she was pushed back by the people who came from behind.

Squeezed to the rear of the bus, Wang Cheng raised his arm and looked down.

The woman’s nails were too sharp, and there were a few red marks that were deliberately drawn on his arm. If it was not for his thick and rough skin, he would have probably seen traces of blood.

Wang Cheng could not help but be thankful because tomorrow was Sunday and he did not have to work on Sunday. However, he could not stand squeezing into the bus every day, especially now that it was summer. The weather was so hot, and it was even hotter when people crowded. What he did not notice was that next to the bus, there was a black sports car that stopped there.

When the light changed to green, the bus left the intersection with a load of people.

The black sports car drove in the other direction. The owner was Wang Cheng’s main boss, Chu Yifeng. He probably did not expect to see Wang Cheng, who was almost attached to the door of the bus. His bald head was very conspicuous and not that hard to notice. Chu Yifeng looked at the bus then looked away.

After reaching the terminal, Wang Cheng transferred to another bus. When Wang Cheng reached home, the sun had completely sunk in the west. The night in the mountains was much cooler and the stifling hot feeling of going to work during the day instantly disappeared.

Mama Wang felt sorry for her son. By the time Wang Cheng returned, she had already finished making a table of dishes and there were plenty that was served.

There were enoki mushrooms mixed with cucumbers with a sweet-and-sour flavor. The enoki mushroom itself has a very high therapeutic medicinal value. When they were still in the Wangs’ Village, they had a vegetable plot for growing enoki mushrooms. Mama Wang planned to plant it again in the future, but she had been recently busy with the renovation of their new home, so she had no time to plant the mushrooms. There were also stir-fried radishes with minced meat, braised chicken feet, braised pork, and much more. Even Wang Ziyu said that the family had not eaten such a sumptuous dinner for a long time.

These words of hers were true. Although Wang Ziyu was working skillfully, her cooking skills were not that good. During this time, their family was very busy, so they had to bear all three meals a day that were served by her because all the food tasted bland in their mouths.

Wang Cheng smiled. He wanted to help in cooking, but he often goes to Shiquan County, so he did not have much time.

Now, there were not many people in Shiquan County. Those old people who did not want to leave were also moving away. Because of this, Hua Ying Real Estate had started the construction. From time to time, Zhang Yiheng or his assistant would go there. Since they were not familiar with Shiquan County, they invited Wang Cheng over to be their tour guide. They often discussed with him the development of the project as well.

After dinner, those who needed to wash up, went to wash up, while those who needed to clean up, went to clean up.

“Cheng Cheng, it’s better for you to go and stay at your big brother’s apartment. His place is spacious. Having you there won’t take much space and you two brothers haven’t spent much time together for a long time as well. Just take this opportunity for you two to get closer with each other. Your big brother will be very happy.”

Mother Wang heard what Papa Wang said while she brought in a plate of freshly-cut fruits. This was the result of the discussion between the couple during the day. Considering mainly the distance from Guans’ Village to the city, it was absolutely impossible to sit for such long time every day while traveling. Although she hated to part, and it was not at all easy to get along with her second son, for his own good, she could only do this.

“Won’t it bother big brother?” Wang Cheng did not mind it. He did not want his parents to wait for him to come back every day before they start eating dinner. They usually start eating dinner at six o’clock, but today, it was already around eight o’clock. That was still good. If he could not get on the bus or get off work earlier, then even going beyond nine o’clock was possible. However, his intimacy with his big brother was not as good as with his little sister, Wang Ziyu.

Wang Ning‘an’s senior high school was the best school in the city to study in. When he also went to study in senior high school, his big brother already entered a busy review career. His university’s standards were as high as that of the universities in the Great Capital. In the past four years, even their parents had not seen him many times, let alone Wang Cheng, who often stayed on the mountain.

“Between brothers, you don’t have to ask whether it’ll be a bother or not. I’m the one who makes the decisions, so it has been decided. Your big brother won’t say anything.” Mama Wang simply made a decision and no longer cared about Wang Cheng’s wishes.

Wang Cheng was speechless. He should at least consult his big brother first. If there were other people living in Wang Ning’an’s apartment, what should he do? For example, a girlfriend, this was a great possibility.

Based on what his little sister said, their big brother had two or three girlfriends during his university days, but they never reached more than three months. There was one time when his relationship almost surpassed three months. Later, he heard from Mama Wang that their big brother had not had a girlfriend for two years because of school work.

After graduation, when he went out into society, his big brother continued meeting one or two girlfriends. It was said that there was one whom he dated for more than three months, to almost a year and a half, and even wanted to bring her back home to meet their parents. However, for some reason, they ended up parting ways. His emotional experience was both rich and bumpy. Although Wang Cheng never talked about love, he was not envious. It felt very much like he was giving trouble for himself.

Fortunately, Mama Wang did not really disregard what her eldest son wished.

The next day, she made a phone call to Wang Cheng’s big brother.




7 thoughts on “Jubo : Text 018. Big Brother Wang Ning’an

  1. Boring.
    Have to bear through this.
    It’s like walking through a desert surviving only on the sparse raindrops that fall from the dry clouds.
    But due to the heat of the desert, by the time it reaches you. It is nearly evaporated.
    But the sheer amount of sparse rain let’s you survive through. Begrudgingly.


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