TUMBT : Chapter II – 1

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

“Fifty flogs!” The Third Prince said with a gloomy face.

With a hint of fear in his eyes, Mu Xueshi asked the Third Prince: “ls it true?”

As a result, it turned out that Mu Xueshi was completely mistaken about what he thought earlier. This time, the Third Prince did not give the slightest thought about sparing Mu Xueshi’s feelings and even took off his pants. Because he did not want the servants to see the face and body of Mu Xueshi, the Third Prince did it himself. He firmly pounded the icy sword hilt on Mu Xueshi’s buttocks!

Not even a few hits have landed, and yet Mu Xueshi was already crying and yelling out of pain. The Third Prince slowly decreased the strength of each hit, but he did not have the desire to hold off. In fact, this was not considered as a punishment for the Third Prince. Any tool within this courtyard could be used to torture people to death.

Only after getting hit about twenty times did Mu Xueshi struggle nonstop and repeatedly asked for mercy. Of course, at first he felt that he had let the Third Prince down, and going through a punishment would tie up the weight in his heart a bit. Now that he was hit like this by the Third Prince, Mu Xueshi felt that he was wronged. When he was hit by Mama Chen in the past, he did not feel so much pain. On top of that, Mama Chen’s iron palm was not as strong as the Third Prince’s.

No matter how much Mu Xueshi wailed or begged for mercy, the Third Prince continued striking without even stopping for once. In the end, Mu Xueshi’s fair and white bottom had completely turned purple in color. There were welts everywhere and it was a tragic sight.

Mu Xueshi’s wounds ached as if he was already on the verge of death. He had cold sweats on his forehead and even his clothes were drenched with sweat. The Third Prince looked like he did not care in the least as he picked up and carried Mu Xueshi in his embrace. He simultaneously used a gauze kerchief to cover Mu Xueshi’s face, then he walked over toward his bedchamber.

Mu Xueshi’s wish of returning to the Third Prince’s bedchamber was fulfilled. However he returned looking like this. His whole body was brutally beaten until he could not say anything. The Third Prince still did not give him a friendly look.

During this period, Poison Master Mo Ru stayed in the Third Prince’s courtyard and did not go out. At first, it was so hard to invite him to come here. Now, maybe even if he was shooed away, he would not go. Sun Ye had always considered him to be an eyesore. From the moment Poison Master Mo Ru rushed over to help because the Third Prince was a peerless handsome man, Sun Ye began to hate him.

Although he also adored the Third Prince’s appearance, Poison Master Mo Ru, as an elder had the impudence to be so coquettish. Every time he saw the Third Prince, a smile would spread across his face, but when he saw other people besides the Third Prince, his face would become arrogant and unapproachable.

After Mu Xueshi came back, he lost his consciousness right away. The Third Prince personally helped him apply medicine. When he noticed that there was no sign of Mu Xueshi waking up, he asked Poison Master Mo Ru into his room.

This was the first time Poison Master Mo Ru entered the Third Prince’s bedchamber. Of course, he was very excited, but he never thought that such a cold man like the Third Prince would decorate the inner room so brightly. Poison Master Mo Ru looked at the person on the bed with a puzzled look. The Third Prince had already covered Mu Xueshi’s face with a film, but his faintly discernible figure was enough to surprised Poison Master Mo Ru for some time.

“Could Poison Master get rid the poison from the body of the man on the bed?” The Third Prince’s words revealed a trace of displeasure.

When Poison Master Mo Ru heard the Third Prince’s words, his gaze shifted from the person on the bed to the Third Prince’s body. Hearing his instructions, without losing time, he anxiously stepped forward to examine what had happened to the person thoroughly.

Poison Master Mo Ru spent a long time placing his finger on Mu Xueshi’s acupressure point, then he slowly let it go. His initial puzzled look changed to an incomparably grave one. He repeatedly tried feeling it out for some time. Poison Master Mo Ru looked surprised and then as if he was talking to himself, he said: “There‘s no sign of poison in this Young Master’s body.”



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  1. maryam amirah

    Soooo… there actually no poison gosh… I actually cried a bit on Mu dialog in the last chapter.. poor guy


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