Jubo : Text 019. Boss Arrives

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: tend0u

Proofreader: xallisonjanex

Wang Cheng did not expect to receive a call from the boss, and he did not expect him to actually go to Shangyang County.

When Mama Wang asked him to pick up the phone, he thought it was Zhang Yiheng or Fang Tian. Those people were workaholics, and it was possible they did not even rest on a Sunday.

At the moment, Wang Cheng was eating the egg pancakes made by Mama Wang. The milk was fresh even though they did not raise cows at home. When his little sister went to their grandma’s house to deliver meals for them, their grandma gave her milk to bring back home. Before going out, he hesitated once but still conveniently took a few egg pancakes.

Looking from afar, there was an eye-catching black sports car parked at the entrance of Guans’ Village. A tall and slender figure leaned against the door of the sports car. With one hand in his pocket and a cigarette in his mouth, he puffed out hazy smoke from time to time. His posture was casual; one could not make out his boss-like stance at all when he was a bit more laid back and unrestrained.

At that time it was not counted as early anymore. The farmers in the rural area were used to getting up early. Although there were not many people entering and leaving the village, it was rare to see such a beautiful sports car in a place like Guans’ Village, especially for the boys. There was no man who did not like cars, so majority of the onlookers were male. Someone even pointed out that this was a sports car worth millions.

The man who was surrounded by the onlookers was calm and collected, as if he did not have a group of people watching him.

When Wang Cheng approached, the man just finished smoking the cigarette in his hand. He threw the cigarette butt on the ground and stepped on the lit part, then he said to Wang Cheng, “Get in the car.”

The surrounding discussions became louder.

Wang Cheng did not want to be the center of attraction. He immediately opened the door and got into the car according to the man’s words.

A large cloud of exhaust smoke surrounded the people, and the sports car instantly disappeared from everyone’s sight.

In the car Wang Cheng secretly observed the boss’s eyes. He was somewhat uncertain and hesitated for a while, but still took out the egg pancakes he brought from home.

“Boss, it seems you haven’t had breakfast yet. You must be hungry. This is my mom’s egg pancakes. It was just taken out the pan not too long ago and it’s still hot. If you want to eat a little; my mom’s cooking isn’t bad.”

Chu Yifeng glanced at him.

Just when Wang Cheng thought he did not want to eat, Chu Yifeng took the bag naturally and thanked him.

Wang Cheng stared at the pancakes in the bag for a few seconds, then finally withdrew his gaze. He even replied ‘you’re welcome,’ but in fact he was just being polite. He thought that upper-class people like the boss would not want to eat coarse food made by commoners. This kind of food was not allowed in the eyes of most people in the city. It was a coarse food that some people would not touch for a lifetime, but it was precisely this kind of food that was better for people’s health.

For example, when people eat high-fat, high-calorie foods such as boiled fish and braised pork, they always get worried about getting fat. These coarse foods could help people lose weight, prevent bowel cancer, help people detoxify and so on.

“Boss, where do we go first?” Wang Cheng was afraid of the awkward atmosphere, so he took the initiative to raise a topic. He only met the boss once so he could only talk about things related to work.

“Mount Feng Xia.” Chu Yi Feng threw him a short answer.

“East or West?” He was happy with his response. It was what he was best at — Mount Feng Xia, so it immediately made him interested.

“Is there a difference?”

“Of course there is.” Wang Cheng at once openly talked, “The east side of Mount Feng Xia faces the sea, so the rain and sunshine are more abundant than in the west. The density of the forest in the east is twice as dense as that in the west. Although its terrain isn’t high, the field of vision is limited. Visibility isn’t high either. It’s easy to meet an accident in there if the one acting as the guide isn’t familiar with the place, but because of this, the value of the east is much higher than the west.”

“Value?” This seemed to make him think of something. The corners of Chu Yifeng mouth turned down discreetly.

Wang Cheng was keenly aware that his words were somewhat different. However, he could not say anything. When he thought carefully about it, he did not seem to say anything wrong. It was normal for businessmen to be profitable, right?

“However, its value can only be believed by people who have seen it before.”

While they spoke, they had already arrived in Shiquan County. Since the next road could only be used for walking, the two got directly out of the car. Chu Yifeng did not seem to worry that the car would be stolen. When he took the key out of the ignition he immediately got out of the car and went up the mountain.

In his hand, he was still holding the egg pancakes that Wang Cheng gave him. While Wang Cheng discussed Mount Feng Xia, he was actually eating them. Their aroma drifted into Wang Cheng’s nose. He had not eaten enough for breakfast.

While walking through some dangerous pathways, Wang Cheng intentionally looked at the boss. He thought that he would see a boss who was cautious because of fear, but as a result, Chu Yifeng did not change color and his pace was even steady. So it turned out, Chu Yifeng was an experienced person; then Wang Cheng was no longer worried.

At the top of the mountain, their line of sight became wider.

Wuyin Temple was the same as before he left. It was like an invigorated old man standing in the cold wind; even if it was blown by the wind and frost, it was still standing straight, just like the old monk.

Wang Cheng remembered his boss was still beside him, so he quickly put away his late sentiment. While pointing at the dense forest in the east he said,”Boss, that part below is what I just told you about.”

“Lead the way.”

The boss spoke; Wang Cheng could only act accordingly.



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