S&OP : Chapter 8 – Sparks Between Rivals

Author: Su Youbing

Translator: Xandros

Proofreader: KainGuru

In less than a month, Xiao Bai was back again to ‘GO!GO!SU……SUPER STAR.’ With such high rate of speed, twists and turns of the process, and good turns of events, the people could only gasp in awe.

Shi Daming was complaining about not having a partner two days ago. It was too hard for him to host the show alone. Now, he began regretting that he did not appreciate the happy life he once enjoyed. Rather than working with Xiao Bai, he would rather host the show alone.

Thinking about how Xiao Bai replied to the Great God during that time, it made Shi Daming remember this vividly up to this day.

‘The Big Aunty Upstairs’ had already become a new term in the internet.

Chen Fei also shared the same idea as with him.

When he and the Great God met in ‘GO!GO!SU……SUPER STAR’ during that moment and again in ‘New Song of the Month’ on the next day, Chen Fei was deeply impressed by the lethality of Xiao Bai’s words.

Because from the start until the end of the show, the Great God had always looked at Chen Fei with ‘love and care,’ which made him feel nothing but extreme misery in front of all the audience.

Since then, all of the adjectives related to ‘bai’ had become Chen Fei’s taboo.

He did not expect that all this time that he was defending against the ‘adjective,’ he ended up losing against the ‘noun,’ and that ‘noun’ also came straight away to be the host of the show. [1]

([1] The adjective mentioned here is 白 or bai which means ‘white.’ The noun is 小白 or Xiao Bai.)

“Daming.” Before Xiao Bai arrived, Chen Fei shouted to Shi Daming: “I‘ll try to focus the camera on you and the guests as much as possible. When you arrive, you‘ll interact with the guests. Try not to let Zeng Bai interject, do you understand?”

Shi Daming hesitated and said: “Won’t it be bad if we do it like this?”

Shi Daming was afraid that such obvious exclusion would offend Yimate. After all, Yimate had a certain position in the entertainment circle.

“You can rest assured that I‘ll give him no less than smirk scenes.” Chen Fei patted him on his shoulder, “And besides, even if I’ll give him a chance to talk, do you think he‘ll spit out any good words?”

Shi Daming was immediately convinced.

If Fellow Classmate Zeng Bai would spit out his ‘good words,’ even for once, it was enough for them to regret for a lifetime.

When Chen Fei saw that Shi Daming agreed, he finally let go half of his worries. Just when he looked back, he saw the assistant coming over with a worried look on his face instead.

Chen Fei frowned and suddenly, he was overjoyed, “Did Zeng Bai also ran away?”

“It’s not Zeng Bai. It’s the Bagua Boys.” The assistant cried then added, “Both of them were food poisoned so they went to the hospital.”

“Damn!” He did not offend Tai Sui [2] this month, did he? Why was it that after he was done with the host issue, it was now the guests’ turn? “Then what should we do? Although it isn’t a live broadcast, it‘ll be broadcasted tomorrow. Can we not move the studio to the hospital?”

([2] In Taoism, those whose birth sign or other features would clash with the Tai Sui, they will face misfortunes or disturbances.)

The assistant stammered as he said: “Bagua Boys’ company invited their other entertainers to fill in.”

Chen Fei heaved a sigh of relief, “That’s good. The one who‘ll come over would unlikely be that Zhan Kun chap, right?” When Zhan Kun originally wanted to join the crew, Chen Fei felt he was still a bit immature. Thinking about it now, if Zhan Kun would really come, it was simply a blessing that he had cultivated for three lifetimes.

Unfortunately, he finally found out that he had cultivated bad luck for three lifetimes; if not, then how could he cultivate a person like Xiao Bai.

The assistant looked at his hopeful face and shook his head solemnly.

A bad premonition flashed through Chen Fei’s mind, “Who is it then?”

“Zhou Minli.”

“…” Chen Fei bursted out, “Fuck, dammit!”

Even if he did not read gossip magazine, he also knew about the gossip that had been raging on in the past few days. This would be good. The rivals in love would see each other. We could just wait for their eyes to burn with fury.

Originally, he was thinking about only giving Zeng Bai a few shots; now, he was worried that it would not be too bad if they were able to shoot a scene for Shi Daming.

“Shi Daming!” Chen Fei roared.

Shi Daming immediately opened his sleepy eyes, then he hurriedly run toward Chen Fei and asked: “What‘s going on? What happened?”

“You have to be mentally prepared.”


“Later, there might be a battlefield.”

Shi Daming was shocked by Chen Fei’s expression so that all of his sleepiness disappeared, “Have you reported this to the police yet?”

“The police can’t solve it. This is only something that you can solve.”

Shi Daming look at him with difficulty, “I still think we should let the police deal with it. The police are there for the people. We must believe in them.”

Chen Fei still firmly said: “They can’t do this. It’s only you who can do it.”

“…what the hell is going on?” He was stunned with fear.

“The guests have been changed. Bagua Boys won’t come anymore.”

“Don’t tell me it‘s Great God again?” Great God, have you been robbed recently, how come you always come here to suffer?

Chen Fei shook his head slowly, then with a deep voice, he said: “It’s not Great God.”

Shi Daming felt relieved as he patted his chest.

“It‘s Zhou Minli.”

Shi Daming’s reaction was delayed for the whole three minutes, before he could seriously say: “I’ll still report this to the police and file a report in advance.”

When Zhou Minli entered the studio, she felt that the atmosphere was very stiff. In fact, they did not need to ask her to know why.

When the company was looking for her, her manager advised her not to come. Although Aaron Feng held a press conference to clarify things, now was still a sensitive period. A mere rustle of the leaves in the wind was enough for the reporters coming around like flies.

However, Zhou Minli did not think that way.

No matter whether she and Aaron Feng were real couples or not, she could not stand the fact that a dignified heavenly empress like herself would be cast away because of a fledgling little boy.

“Director Chen, I haven’t seen you for a long time, you still look awesome as ever.” Zhou Minli was very courteous. Although she was already famous, she had always been polite to those whom she had worked with before and never put on airs. After all, everything have ups and downs. No one could guarantee a lifetime of success. It was always good to make more friends and less foes.

Nearly thirty years old, she was just at the time of gracefulness. Even Chen Fei, who was used to seeing beautiful women, could not help but be dazzled, “Sure enough, you‘re still the most punctual.” He looked at his watch.

Zhou Minli glanced at the audience and smiled slightly: “Oh, is that Mr. Zeng still not here?”

“He’ll probably be a little late.” Chen Fei forced a laugh.

“Then kindly give us your guidance again today, Director Chen.” She reached out and squeezed his shoulder. It was obviously a very ordinary movement, but when she did it, it was a little provocative.

Chen Fei heard this and firmly swallowed a mouthful of saliva in his throat.

“I‘m going to say hello to Daming.” The corners of her mouth rose and she walked over to Shi Daming.

The assistant sighed behind her and said: “Ah, she’s really a beautiful lady.”

Chen Fei gave him a look, “She’s out of your league.”

The assistant grieved and said: “I’m not as worthy as Aaron Feng. This is exactly what one calls living in plenty without appreciating it.”


A voice came over from his side, and Xiao Bai walked over with a small bag on his back.

The assistant looked at him, then look again at Zhou Minli, and could not help but sigh again.

“This time, we’re going to do it like this.” Chen Fei patiently explained to Xiao Bai, “When Daming will say this, you’ll have to follow this sentence up, mainly with a smile; but remember that you must look natural. By then, you should pay more attention to me. Because I‘ll modify and add content to the board at any time. You still remember this board, right?” Speaking of that board, he suddenly remembered the typos Xiao Bai read before, “Oh, by the way, what are your academic qualifications?”

“I’m a graduate of Hua Zhou Vocational High School…”

“Vocational high school, right? I understand.” Chen Fei flicked the script with his fingers. “Since you graduated from a vocational high school, don’t give me mistakes that primary school students will make.”

Xiao Bai seemed to remember the board previously, “Then write legibly.”

His words ‘write legibly’…

Chen Fei almost could not breathe.

Xiao Bai saw him turn around and leave. He could not help but ask casually: “Where are you going?”

“Practice writing!”

The show was finally about to begin.

Chen Fei felt like he was back again to the first episode of ‘GO!GO!SU……SUPER STAR.’ He was so nervous so that his hands were sweating.

Shi Daming glanced at the man and woman that sat beside and opposite him. His heart was quite tormented.

The music started to play.

Shi Daming put on an excited look in front of the camera and said: “Since Luo Peijiao ran away, I‘ve been single for a long time. Today, I finally renewed my string! If our friends from the audience sympathize with me, remember to send a red envelope to the TV station.”

Xiao Bai looked down at the script. His lines were underlined with a red pen——Xiao Bai smile: …: …

“Okay, now let‘s introduce today’s guest—the real SU……SUPER STAR!The popular among the popular! The beauty among the beauty! Zhou—Min—Li!”

Zhou Minli smiled faintly: “Hello Big Brother Shi, Hello Xiao Bai.”

Shi Daming was about to speak, but he heard Xiao Bai crisply say: “Hello.”

Since Xiao Bai had opened his mouth, of course Shi Daming could no longer ignore him as a partner. He had to pick up the conversation so he asked: “Xiao Bai, it must be your first time to meet Minli, right?”

Xiao Bai looked at her doubtfully, “I think she looks very familiar.”

“She looks familiar?” Nonsense! Shi Daming wanted to swear. Zhou Minli did not only appear in dramas, but she also appeared in several advertisements at the mall. It would be a surprise if he was not familiar with her. However, they still had to continue the conversation. He could only chuckle and say, “Ah, haven’t you seen her ad when buying lipsticks?”

“Ah.” Xiao Bai whispered, then said, “Isn’t she Xiao Qing from ‘My Unfinished Summer Date’ ten years ago?”

Ten years ago…

Ten years ago…

Ten years ago…

Chen Fei was shocked and looked at Zhou Minli’s perfect smile slowly cracked a bit.

Shi Daming quickly remedied by saying: “Yes, Minli debuted very early. That Xiao Qing was really a classic character. I didn’t expect Minli’s acting was already so good during that time.”

Zhou Minli smiled modestly and said: “Big Brother Shi is too flattering.”

Xiao Bai remembered Jia Zhiqing’s saying that the host should properly join in the conversation, so he racked his brain and said, “You look no different then than you are now.”

You look no different then than you are now…

You look no different then than you are now…

You look no different then than you are now…

Chen Fei’s body was on the verge of collapsing.

If you say ‘You don’t seem to be any different from that time,’ it was a compliment. It means that you look young and well-maintained. However, if you say ‘You look no different then than you are now,’ it was totally ironic. It means you have an old face since childhood.

Shi Daming dared not to look at Zhou Minli’s face any longer. He cut it off and said, “I heard that Minli recently released a new album. Can you tell us about it?”

Zhou Minli picked up the album and said slowly: “This album is called ‘The Former Me.’”


Shi Daming looked at Chen Fei.

Chen Fei bit on the cap of his pen, then wrote quickly on the board.

Usagi notes: We changed Gossip Guy to Bagua Boys. Looks like they’re some idol duo.



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