TUMBT : Chapter II – 2

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie

Proofreader: KainGuru

The Third Prince slightly withdrew his eyes and his expression became somewhat grave. While Poison Master Mo Ru remained puzzled after pondering over it a thousand times in his mind, he secretly praised the Third Prince. Whatever expression the Third Prince made, he was still so handsome. It was impossible for others not to pay attention to him.

“As I said before, this Young Master’s body was severely poisoned. Even though Third Prince has already relieved his internal heat, there will still be trouble. However, when this Worthless Commoner diagnosed this Young Master just now, I discovered that the Young Master’s blood vessels were unblocked and there’s no sign of poison left in his blood, so I dare ask the Third Highness to think thoroughly if there’s other people who already worked on the poison for Young Master Xue?”

The Third Prince frowned, “All underneath heaven, there’s still someone who can contend against several hundreds of millennium-old venomous insects…”

All of a sudden, Poison Master Mo Ru looked at the Third Prince. The Third Prince already understood his intention as well. Poison Master Mo Ru could not help but feel fear in his heart, so he said: “Yue Lingchai had already disappeared in all corners of the country a long time ago. Some say that she was enchanted when she was refining magical prowess in a servant boy’s blood. She ended up locking herself in her own magical array and died a tragic death. If she appears once again, then that will prove the rumors that were spread weren’t true. In that case, why did she make a comeback this time…?”

Poison Master Mo Ru was still ruminating about this matter with a worried look on his face, but there were two imperial guards who already appeared beside him — one of them was Sun Ye. Sun Ye could clearly see through the Third Prince’s mind in one glance. He knew that the Third Prince did not want anyone else to stay in his bedchamber now, so Sun Ye just took the opportunity to throw the wily old fox out of the small courtyard.

Even if he was being forcefully dragged to the entrance, Poison Master Mo Ru unexpectedly did not feel any anger at all; instead, he jokingly said: “Third Highness, before you worry about the person in bed, worry about yourself first. That Young Master already received help from a very able person, while the poison in your body hasn’t completely been removed. If you don’t want me to disturb you again, wait for the time when oriole orchids blossom at full moon then take their pollen and apply it lightly on the back side of your hands. However, oriole orchids rarely blossom. If it will bloom on the night of the full moon, it will be your luck.”

After he said that, Poison Master Mo Ru suddenly turned to Sun Ye and laughed. He leapt forward and disappeared in the small courtyard.

Mu Xueshi had awakened a long time ago, but he did not open his eyes while he carefully listened to the Third Prince and Poison Master Mo Ru’s talk. It was only then did he find out that the poison in the Third Prince’s body had not been thoroughly removed. Originally, he still wanted to complain loudly about the alleged injustice because the Third Prince had beaten him; however, now he suddenly felt remorseful and secretly planned that he must personally help the Third Prince get the pollen.

While Mu Xueshi was still thinking, the Third Prince suddenly took Mu Xueshi and moved him a foot away, then the Third Prince laid down by his side. Because his bruises were touched, Mu Xueshi was unable to hold back so he loudly groaned and tightened his grip on the quilt.

Since Mu Xueshi had returned, he seemed to be not as lively as before. The Third Prince could not help but notice this. Previously, when he sent Mu Xueshi away to serve his penal sentence in the frontier and Mu Xueshi was brutally beaten there, after Mu Xueshi woke up, he was still vigorous and lively; however, now the Third Prince wondered whether it was because Mu Xueshi’s heart was still discontented or because his body was still unwell, but Mu Xueshi had been taciturn the whole time.

The Third Prince looked at Mu Xueshi and was in a trance until Mu Xueshi suddenly spoke, and only then did the Third Prince come back from his trance.

“I’m sorry,” Mu Xueshi gloomily said as he covered his face with the quilt.

The Third Prince understood what Mu Xueshi meant. He must have heard his conversation with Poison Master Mo Ru a moment ago and apologized for the Third Prince getting poisoned because of him. The Third Prince’s gaze suddenly softened, but he still spoke as ruthless as before.

“From tomorrow onwards, not only will you have to practice martial arts, but you will also need to get ready for Imperial Tutor Mu’s case. If you can’t find it out by the end of the month, even if I don’t kill you, the emperor will kill you.”

“Are you the one who’ll teach me martial arts?”

“It’s Su Ruhan.”

“Can you teach me? I don’t want him to teach me.”

“I can’t.”


At first, Mu Xueshi wanted to ask who Imperial Tutor Mu was, but once he remembered that this body’s original owner’s name was Mu Xueshi, in a split second, he understood that Imperial Tutor Mu was his father. Wasn’t it Mu Xueshi who killed his own father? Why do they still need to investigate? Could there be another secret? And what does this have to do with the emperor…?

“You… you can’t bear to see me die, can you?” Mu Xueshi still probed as he asked.

“No, I can’t accept that Imperial Tutor Mu died, so I have to find out who’s the real murderer.”

“Haha… I knew it wasn’t…” Mu Xueshi stuck his face on the pillow, enduring the severe pain from his back and gently closed his eyes.



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