BMHS : Chapter 25.2 – A kind of like that gradually became clear

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: KainGuru

Yan Sui placed Meng Ting’s hand back inside the quilt, then quietly got up and went to the balcony outside, which was connected to the room. He made a few phone calls then went back to the room and put the laptop away. After that, he went to the bathroom, then back to the bed, and did not do anything else. Meng Ting wanted Yan Sui to accompany him while sleeping, so Yan Sui accompanied him.

He slowly lied down and pulled Meng Ting into his arms. He hugged Meng Ting, leaned over toward Meng Ting’s forehead and kissed him as he whispered, “Good night, Meng Ting.”

Watching Meng Ting fast asleep, Yan Sui’s knitted eyebrows loosened a bit. He reached out to caress Meng Ting’s forehead, then he embraced the boy. After quite some time, he also closed his eyes and fell asleep, but after he slept, that painful feeling still lasted for a long time. It could not be completely dispersed from his chest.

Meng Ting woke up in Yan Sui’s embrace and the gloom he had from yesterday had completely faded away. He obediently stayed in Yan Sui’s embrace and when Yan Sui was about to wake up, he rose up and kissed Yan Sui’s forehead, “Good morning, Yan Sui.”

Little by little, Yan Sui’s eyes brightened up and soon, Meng Ting’s beautiful smiling face appeared right before him. Meng Ting’s eyes and brows were curved. He smiled while looking at Yan Sui, with his lips slightly pouted. Yan Sui touched his forehead and his eyes lingered on Meng Ting’s lips for a while.

He raised his hand to caress Meng Ting’s cheek then asked, “Did you sleep well?”

“Very well,” Meng Ting propped up his body with one hand and moved forward. With both hands on Yan Sui’s cheeks, he bowed his head and kissed Yan Sui on the lips. Yan Sui did not respond, but Meng Ting’s cheeks became redder, then he continued saying, “I slept with you and slept very well.”

It was so good so that he wanted to kiss Yan Sui a little more. As for why he targeted Yan Sui’s lips, he merely acted on instinct.

Yan Sui gently wiped his lips. When Meng Ting was about to lean aside after speaking, Yan Sui pressed down his nape and prevented him from leaving. As they looked at each other’s face, Meng Ting’s cheeks blushed even more but he could still understand what Yan Sui’s wanted to do and slowly drew nearer, then their lips stuck close to each other’s. They exchanged a tender loving morning kiss.

At the end of the kiss, Meng Ting slowly opened his eyes and continued to hold Yan Sui’s cheeks with both of his hands, then slowly nestled up against the man once again. He whispered, “Yan Sui, I like you.” A kind of like that gradually became clear.

“Mhm,” Yan Sui answered. He pulled Meng Ting’s waist as they sat up together. He ruffled Meng Ting’s hair and earnestly looked up at him, “I like you too, Meng Ting.”

Meng Ting’s eyes lit up when he heard these words and he was even more unable to stop smiling.

He could not help saying it again, “I’ll always like you.”

Even if the day comes that Yan Sui stops liking him, he would still like Yan Sui.

The tip of Yan Sui’s eyebrows slightly raised, then he pinched Meng Ting’s tender cheeks and confirmed, “This is a must.”

Since they liked each other, of course, they should always like each other. He had to do it, and Meng Ting also had to do it.

Both of them got out of the bed and went for a morning run together. They went back to take Rhubarb for a run for half a lap. After that, they went back to their room and washed up. They then went to the dining room to have breakfast.

“I’m not going to the company today. Let’s go together tonight.”

Meng Ting raised his face from the porridge bowl. He looked at Yan Sui, blinked his eyes, then shook his head, “No need to do that. I’m not afraid of them. Yesterday, I was… just a little bit sad. It’s completely gone now.”

Meng Ting thought he would feel sad because he had a good time for the two days. If one understood what was good, one would even understand more what was bad; hence, he felt sad. As for the Mengs, he was not scared of them. He just hated them.

“If you have work, then you should go to the company. I’ll wait for you to come home, or I’ll go there and wait for you, it doesn’t matter.”

Yan Sui thought about it one more time and nodded, “Okay, I’ll come home early.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting smiled and immersed himself in eating the porridge. Nanny Wang knew Meng Ting’s big appetite and specially prepared a big bowl that could cover his whole face for him, so he did not need to fill it repeatedly. He could eat enough with just one portion. In any case, Meng Ting was very happy using it.

When Yan Sui went to the company, Uncle Xiao and Nanny Wang took several servants to Yan Sui and Meng Ting’s room. They cleaned up half of the space that was originally filled with Yan Sui’s belongings and filled that space with Meng Ting’s belongings. While the room that had been arranged as Meng Ting’s room turned into his storage room, there was nothing in it at the present.

There was an extra desk by the window in Yan Sui’s study room which was also prepared for Meng Ting. Furthermore, Meng Ting also received his own laptop and tablet. Yan Sui also prepared other things for Meng Ting, but he wanted to hand those things over to Meng Ting personally.

After those people left, Meng Ting looked at the room again and could not help but feel warm. At first, he did not have many feelings toward this; but now, he really felt that this room belonged to him and Yan Sui.

Their clothes were placed in one cabinet. Their shoes were also in one cabinet. Half of the cabinet that was originally filled with Yan Sui’s stuff was now occupied by his. This felt especially good.

“In two hours, Yan Sui will come home. By that time, let’s welcome him together.”

Meng Ting rubbed Furball, and there was no need to conceal the expectations on his face.

“Meow,” With its eyes closed, Furball gently answered him, then continued to lie in his master’s bosom and took a nap.

Although Furball and Rhubarb were nothing special to look at, they were more clever than ordinary pets. Meng Ting only took Rhubarb to recognize the people in the house once and it did not randomly bark when it saw those people.

Furball was not at ease because its body was still injured. Even if it wanted to get on the sofa by itself, it had to circle around Meng Ting’s feet and call out softly. On the sofa, Furball also only stayed in Meng Ting’s arms. It was as clever as his owner. This made Nanny Wang and Uncle Xiao change their mind about these pets.

Meng Ting was playing his phone in his room for a while, when he heard the sound of Rhubarb’s barking and a woman screaming.

“What’s this animal doing here? Throw it out for me!”

It was no doubt that the only woman who could talk like this in the Yans’ residence was He Wan.



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  1. Fiona Gordon

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    Rhubarb should bite that woman… but on a second thought he would get in trouble so pee on her instead! Or just bark at her and leave the rest to Meng Ting to take care of.
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  5. Meng Ting… is the most interesting and well thought out MC I have ever read about.
    His character is deep and tragic, but he has a strong sense of hope and life with him that lets him keep going.
    You can really tell that from his previous life. Where he tried to find love while working in the perfume laboratory.


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    Lovely translation work. Lovely chapter. Lovely translator.

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