HIHEZL : Chapter 45. I Have You, I Have You Guys

(Title – 有你,有你们 – Yǒu nǐ, yǒu nǐmen – I Have You, I Have You Guys)

Author: Angelina

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

Feelings had always been an unpredictable thing. It was an urgent craving. It was a kind of strong possession. It was a kind of mood that was difficult to speak out and difficult to convey.

Ke Bu dug his legs in the sand. The sun was not blazing but warm. Su Youyan looked at Ke Bu’s knee and asked, “How did you get that wound on your leg?”

“I accidentally fell.”

Since there was no follow up from Su Youyan, Ke Bu warned her: “Why the heck did you even ask if you don’t show any concern? Say something like ‘Does it hurt?’”

“I’m not interested about it. What should I ask?”

“Then don’t bring it up at the very beginning.”

Zhi Li arrived slowly wearing blue beach pants and slippers. The sun shone on his hair and skin, making him look like a trap that could easily attract anyone at any time. Chu Haoyu caught sight of Zhi Li and Ying Xiujie sent out a meaningful glance to everyone. Ying Xiujie then posed like Dong Cunrui [1] bombing the bunker: “Comrades, our time has finally arrived. Overthrow the boss, seize the throne and become king. Let’s throw Zhi Li into the water and drown him!”

([1] Dong Cunrui was a Chinese Communist soldier in the People’s Liberation Army during the Chinese Civil War who blew himself in order to destroy a Kuomintang bunker guarding an approach to an important bridge in Longhua County.)

These exciting words inspired everyone. Zhou Xinhe and Gong Zhu — owing to the fact that they rarely go out and have some fun — also joined them for the first time. Ke Bu rubbed his hands together and rose to his feet, the masses commenced, this group of people rose in rebellion. Everyone swarmed around Zhi Li. While Zhi Li seemed to not hear what they said, he calmly said: “You’re blocking my way.”

“So…sorry.” The group made way for Zhi Li. No, this conditioned reflex-like habit was too scary.

“Zhi Li, where are you going?” Ke Bu asked.

Before Zhi Li could answer, the group, with everyone lending a hand, lifted Zhi Li up. Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie made a strange noise: “Hey ho, hey ho.”

“Please don’t make such shameful sounds.”

“One, two, three, throw.” As soon as everyone flung their hands, Zhi Li flew out and splashed into the sea. In a split second, Zhi Li sunk into the water. Su Youyan took out her black-and-red notebook. She even took it with her to the seaside. The sea surface became calm, the children in the swimming ring were floating in the water, while a couple who were joking in the water, were playing boisterously. However, Zhi Li’s figure was no where to be found. Ke Bu, with a ghastly complexion, looked at Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie and asked, “Can Zhi Li swim?”

“There‘s no swimming class in school. How should I know?”

“Could it be that…”

“That’s impossible. If something happens to Zhi Li, none of us would like to leave Yinguo Town with an intact corpse.”

Ke Bu jumped into the sea before everyone else could. Soon, he felt that his ankle was caught and pulled down by something. Ke Bu sank into the sea and saw Zhi Li’s face. Ke Bu opened his eyes wide and struggled to get out of the water. He moved his legs up and down in the water like a scene from a horror movie: “He… help me.” Ke Bu stretched his hands out while crying for help. Who would have thought that the people on the beach were beasts. They just whistled and looked away. Zhi Li stood up. After he pressed Ke Bu’s head into the water, he then released him. Ke Bu opened his eyes wide, wiped the water off his face with his hands, and he still cried: “Help!”

“Whoever wants to save him, come over.” Zhi Li turned his head and those several people continued whistling and looking into the distance.

“I’ll die.”

“We’re just letting you lovers learn how to get along with each other.”

“Don’t suddenly say such embarrassing words!! Is there any lover who’d want to get along by killing me?”

“It seems that this lesson wasn’t enough.” Zhi Li pressed Ke Bu’s head down again into the water and after he released his hand, Ke Bu poked his head out. He frowned and spat the water: “It’s so salty. Since it’s like this, then don’t blame me.” Ke Bu jumped up. He jumped onto Zhi Li’s back and pressed Zhi Li down with the weight of his body: “I’ll let you have a taste of this salty water too, Zhi Li.”

Su Youyan bit the cover of her pen and spat it on the beach. She opened her notebook then said: “Gong Zhu, Zhou Xinhe, Chu Haoyu, Ying Xiujie — staying idle and watching without care. I’ll add one point for each.”

“You also count this!? Youyan, calm down.” Gong Zhu said, when he turned around, Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie had already jumped into the water. One of them warded Ke Bu’s hand off: “Ke Bu, what are you doing?”

“Yeah, Ke Bu, if you’re going to be so rude like this, you’re going to be abandoned.” They pulled Ke Bu away and Ke Bu kicked the water with his feet: “Both of you are treacherous. A moment ago, didn’t you say you wanted to overthrow the boss?”

“Don’t slander us. When did we say that?”

“Wait until you go to hell. Hell is where your tongues will be pulled out.”

“On the contrary, you’re the one who’s most likely going down to hell.”

Zhi Li shook his head, ran his fingers through his wet hair, and water droplets dripped down on his good-looking face. This man, did every random move he make must make people to fall? Zhi Li tilted his head and poured out the water in his ears. He looked at Ke Bu and said: “I’ll wait for you in heaven.”

Ke Bu pointed his finger at Zhi Li and said: “You’re the one who’ll least likely ascend to heaven.”

Zhou Xinhe was holding a ball when she said: “Let’s play beach ball.”

“Is it possible that you think I’ll be like you guys? A group of fools laughing ‘hahaha’ while dribbling a ball, then ‘haha’ while clapping your hands, and ‘haha’ ​​while saying ‘It flies so high,’ happily clapping your hands. Your sweat drips on the ground, leaving a touch of youthful laughter and happiness, stop dreaming.”

“Okay, let’s play.”

“How can you guys collectively ignore me like this!!”

“What?” Almost everyone asked in unison.

“Don’t imitate Zhi Li!!”

Of course, Ke Bu — relying on his personal relationship — formed a group with Zhi Li, Zhou Xinhe and Gong Zhu in one group, then Ying Xiujie and Chu Haoyu in another group. The referee was none other than Su Youyan. As for Zhang Luo, the otaku, in the end, no one understood why he went on this journey. He had been nestling in the villa and surfing the internet all the time.

Zhou Xinhe and Gong Zhu had not played for long when they were eliminated. After Ying Xiujie finished his warm-up exercises and entered the court, everyone was blazing with enthusiasm. He formulated a battle plan with Chu Haoyu: “Let’s focus on the flaw of their group, Ke Bu.”

“You guys map out your uncivil battle plan too loudly.” Ke Bu said with defiance.

Sure enough, those two despicable villains targeted Ke Bu with the ball and Ke Bu was almost unable to fight back. Ying Xiujie jumped up and slammed the ball with all his might; but when Ke Bu was almost hit, Ke Bu shouted: “Zhi Li.”

Zhi Li pushed Ke Bu away and hit the ball back with one hand. Ying Xiujie’s head slammed on to the ground. He held his head and looked at the referee: “Foul, serious foul.” The referee nodded and took out a yellow card then warned Ying Xiujie: “False falling down.”

“Why is it a foul for me, and this isn’t even football.”

“And making a fuss is a red card.”

Zhi Li was not playing ball, he was beating people. The ball directly hit Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie’s body all the time. Chu Haoyu looked at Zhi Li with fear: “You‘re already suspected of murder.” Zhi Li weighed the ball in his hand. He raised his eyes and looked at them: “You threw me into the sea. Do you honestly believe that I’ll just let it go so easily?”

Ke Bu was clapping and cheering beside him: “Good fight, that’s it. Zhi Li, fighting!”

“Shut up, opportunist.” Zhi Li ruthlessly spoke out Ke Bu’s character.

During their winter vacation previously, he stayed at home in a daze, watching TV and sleeping. Now, Ke Bu was looking at Zhi Li’s figure and listening to Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie’s screams. So this might not be a bad idea. Being like this was really good. Using time like this, leaving the dull days behind, and making profound memories in Zhi Li’s life and also in Gong Zhu, Zhou Xinhe, Zhang Luo, Chu Haoyu, Ying Xiujie, and Su Youyan’s lives. He even got to know Lan Yin, the woman who shook his heart, and this had allowed him to learn more about Zhi Li. The sun slowly spread out. Warmth, it was only one word, yet it was the most beautiful feeling.

“Zhi Li, let me take this ball and show them how good I am.”

“Hurry, the ‘flaw’ is coming. Time for counterattack.”

“Both of you are useless weaklings. Don’t give me such an offensive nickname.”



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  1. Fiona Gordon

    I wish Ke Bu and Zhi Li’s relationship reflected more in the novel in which they spend more alone time together and them commuting more with each other.


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