TUMBT : Chapter II – 3

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie

Proofreader: KainGuru

Mu Xueshi closed his eyes and took a short rest for a while. Perhaps, he already slept a little too much these two days. Now, he did not feel sleepy at all. He opened his eyes and stared at the man who was sleeping beside him. The Third Prince had already been aware that Mu Xueshi was staring at him, yet he did not show any signs that he was awake.

Mu Xueshi had never looked closely at the Third Prince’s appearance like now. Now, after he stared at the Third Prince for a long period of time, he realized that he had made a mistake.

No matter what he thought or felt, the Third Prince was really a brilliant person and he was the impeccable kind. The real peerless handsome man under heaven was definitely the Third Prince and not the original owner of Mu Xueshi’s body.

With this in mind, Mu Xueshi unconsciously dared reaching out his hand to the Third Prince’s face and carefully caressed it. Mu Xueshi looked fascinated. Only when Mu Xueshi’s fingers touched the Third Prince’s lips did he realize what he was doing.

“How can I be so aroused like this!!” Mu Xueshi mumbled. He was surprised, as if he did not understand his own behavior.

Although the Third Prince was aloof in nature, being faced with Mu Xueshi’s faintly discernible ‘seduction,’ he still had some uncontrollable impulse. When the Third Prince was about to move, he felt the person beside him had moved first, so he pretended to be asleep and waited to see what Mu Xueshi would do next.

When he heard the sound of the door being opened, the Third Prince realized that Mu Xueshi had already slipped outside. As for what he was doing, the Third Prince could vaguely perceive it, but he was not sure.

After two days of self-cultivation, the pain in Mu Xueshi’s bottom had lessened a lot, but it still felt a bit sore to walk. First, he looked around for a while. When he noticed that Eunuch Tai’an was still keeping watch not far from him, he walked over.

“Don’t you need to sleep?” Mu Xueshi curiously asked.

Eunuch Tai’an was not as indifferent as Su Ruhan and the Third Prince. He kindly answered Mu Xueshi: “Your humble slave isn’t tired. I dare not slack off during the night watch.”

“Even if I think about it, I still can’t bear to do it without slacking off. Let me tell you this, I can even fall asleep while standing, Hehe…” Mu Xueshi said as he covered his mouth and secretly laughed a few times.

The corners of Eunuch Tai’an‘s mouth merely raised to a curve and did not show any superfluous expressions. He understood the gap between Mu Xueshi and him — Mu Xueshi had become the second master here. He could not express himself as unbridled as Mu Xueshi, but he also needed to respond to the person in front of him properly.

After chatting for a while, Mu Xueshi noticed that Eunuch Tai’an was very open to persuasions; hence, Mu Xueshi voiced out his thoughts and asked Eunuch Tai’an: “Do you know what oriole orchids look like?”

Eunuch Tai’an earnestly answered: “When the oriole orchid hasn’t bloomed, it’s no different from the usual weeds. It’s very difficult to distinguish; moreover, the flowers only blossom in a moment, then they will soon wither and fall. According to the people who had seen it, the corollas of the oriole orchid are like a small umbrella. All the five petals are milky white and would emit a faint fragrance.”

“So, it’s like this…” Mu Xueshi kept on referring to it frequently. After that, he asked: “Where does it usually grow? At first, there’d always be someone responsible for sowing the seeds here. Don’t tell me he doesn’t know where the oriole orchids grow, too?”

“Ah… It seems Young Master didn’t know that oriole orchid wasn’t planted in the courtyard by man, rather, it’s the poisonous insects that spawn and grow in the soil, so the place where the poisonous insects are thriving is relatively the place where more oriole orchids grow. You might as well as try your luck.”

“OK!” Mu Xueshi loudly shouted and quickly headed to the place where he had made his last specimen collection and caught insects. He covered one of his butt cheeks with his hand and limped on one leg while walking. He looked really funny.

Mu Xueshi looked for a lawn and squatted there. He motionlessly stared at those unattractive weeds. Though today was not the night of the full moon, Mu Xueshi still wanted to wait here. He would not be at ease until he saw an oriole orchid, or else, when it was the night of the full moon, he would miss it when it would blossom because of his slow reaction. If that happened, the Third Prince’s illness would drag on for another month. After recalling the pain from the effects of the poisonous insects in the past, Mu Xueshi shivered.



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  1. Fiona Gordon

    I can see that their feelings for one another is somewhat making progress, very very good progress, now on to the first kiss I presume 😛?¿?¿

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