Hi all,

How are you? We hope you had fun in the past few days due to the holidays. We will be back to updating this Monday. Next week will be full of updates to make up for the previous two weeks:

Monday – HIHEZL

Tuesday – none

Wednesday – Jubo

Thursday – LL2

Friday – LMTW

Saturday – TUMBT

Sunday – BMHS

I’m also working on editing the old chapters for our projects to make the story understandable. I’m already done with TUMBT, SOP, Jubo, LMTW, and LL2. Currently working on edits for HIHEZL, BMHS and DB&ML.

We’re also going to work on the missing first chapters of BMHS. I’m trying to reach out to Kiai to see if we can get those chapters she finished to make it easier.

I’m gonna work on editing my own projects as well and make some changes in the plot, especially for Crescent Love.

We also found ourselves someone who could help out with the layout and design of our WordPress account to make it better for you guys.

Hopefully everything will work out fine.

Thank you for all the support and we love all you comments. Please continue letting us know if you find anything wrong or confusing with our translations so we can work on it.

Catch you all later. (*゚▽゚*)


Crescent Moon


6 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    Thanks for the update. It’s always appreciated to know what is going on and now I know what to look forward to next week! I like and read almost everything on this site and appreciate your work. Thanks again and welcome back!

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  2. Table122000

    Thank you so much for the updates. Much appreciated. It’s good to hear that Dark Blue & Moonlight will continue to be translated and edited. I look forward to re-reading the chapters once the edits are finished. Thanks to all of the Crescent Moon team for your hard work and dedication to this site and the stories!


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