HIHEZL : Chapter 46. So Cunning!

Author: Angelina

Translator: xallisonjanex

Proofreader: KainGuru

After a few days, everyone was ready to leave, while Zhi Li was staying. Everyone was hesitant on how to say goodbye. Lan Yin stretched her body lazily. She just got up and her pretty face looked a little tired. Looking at the group of people in front of her, she said indifferently, “How long are you guys planning on staying?” Again, Lan Yin said these hurtful words without any consideration.

“It’s almost New Year. We’re going back today.”

“In that case, hurry up.”

“Yes, yes.”

Ke Bu packed up his luggage with his emotions surging out in his heart and it slowly became more intense. Ke Bu understood what these emotions were. It was his reluctance to part.

Ke Bu thought it was impossible to be together every day. He thought that he could still make phone calls with Zhi Li and that they would soon meet again once school begins. However, he never expected that it would be so difficult to part from Zhi Li. If Zhi Li opened his mouth — with even just a sentence — asking him to stay, then he would stay. He did not want to go home anyway and be faced with that cold family.

On the other hand, Zhi Li acted as he always had, making Ke Bu feel somewhat frustrated. Zhi Li did not seem to have any intention of asking him to stay behind. Ke Bu carried his luggage and stood together with everyone at the villa’s entrance. Lan Yin stood before them, then Gong Zhu politely said, “Then we’ll be leaving.”

“What, do you also want me to send you guys off? If you come again, you better bring me your heads or bring me a gift. You decide.”

“Gift? We’ll definitely bring you a gift.” Zhang Luo immediately kissed up to her.

Ke Bu looked at Lan Yin, but just when he was about to speak, Lan Yin interrupted him, “If you’re going to say something nauseating, just shut up!” Lan Yin guessed it right, so Ke Bu kept his mouth shut. This woman was even harder to please than Zhi Li.

Before leaving, Lan Yin and Su Youyan seemed to be talking about something. Su Youyan was seen repeatedly nodding like a child being taught. That witch isn’t entrusting Su Youyan to do something evil, right? When Ke Bu thought about it, it gave him the goosebumps.

The group headed down the mountain and prepared to go to the station. Zhi Li and Ke Bu walked at the very back. Ke Bu carried his luggage and pointed out to the unromantic Zhi Li, “The luggage is very heavy.”

Zhi Li naturally took Ke Bu’s luggage. Are you too stupid? This fool, can’t he figure this out?

My wish to stay close to you almost choked me, but it still can’t reach you. You’re so calm so that it makes me so flustered. It’s impossible not to see it. You’re indeed Zhi Li.

“Say something.” Ke Bu asked Zhi Li with the most tactful way.

“Say what?”

“Anything will do.”

“What do you want to hear?”

“Are you going to say what I want to hear?”

Zhi Li was silent. Did he do this on purpose? What does this silence mean? Ke Bu’s stomach became queasy, then he said, “As long as you want me to stay, I won’t go.” These words were half true and half lie.

“I won’t say that.”

“Is that so? Then I’m really suffering from unrequited love.” Ke Bu snatched the luggage in Zhi Li’s hand. He was a little angry with Zhi Li’s attitude. Perhaps, he was not only a little angry, but he was really angry. He did not want to look at Zhi Li anymore, so he walked ahead of Zhi Li, minding his own business, as if he was a child on tantrum.

Zhi Li went up to Ke Bu, “You should more or less face reality. Ke Bu, your parents have been divorced for so many years, when will you stop running away?”

As usual, Zhi Li frankly spoke this out. Ke Bu stopped and the luggage in his hands fell on the ground. Yes, he was Zhi Li — the one who could see his real intention and through his lies. He wanted to stay for another reason — he did not want to go home.

Zhi Li bent over and picked up the luggage. Ke Bu blankly stared at Zhi Li. What feeling should he have now to face Zhi Li? Zhi Li had seen through his confusion and anger. “Even if I face the facts, then what? Nothing can be changed, right?”

“Since you already know that you can’t change it, why are you still running away?”

“What’s this? You want to make it clear that they’re divorced and that’s all you have to say? You obviously know that I don’t want to hear those words. Isn’t there anything nicer you can say?”

“Are you going to change the topic now? Even if they have divorced, you’ll always be their son. Why are you avoiding them? I want you to face your feelings. How long are you going to avoid this question? So, I can’t even say what you don’t want to hear? What am I? Ke Bu, am I your excuse for escaping from reality?”

This time, it was Ke Bu’s turn to be silent. There was something lodged in his chest — suffocating him. In his heart, how could he not understand this. Zhi Li said and did all of these for his own good. For all these years, when he remembered that his parents divorced because they were always quarreling, he always felt that he could not forgive them and also himself, so he just stayed at Zhi Li’s side as if nothing ever happened.

However, his chest could not be freed from this pain. The people ahead of them felt that the atmosphere behind was a little subtle, so they sensibly did not disturb the two of them until they finally arrived at the train station. Everyone casually said goodbye to Zhi Li.

Ke Bu grabbed his luggage from Zhi Li. After only a few steps, he turned around. Zhi Li was still standing there with the group. He was so conspicuous, so radiant and enchanting. Ke Bu threw his luggage and charged over, then he hammered Zhi Li’s shoulder with all his strength and vented, “You’re a bastard, Zhi Li. You’re a bastard. Why are you saying that I should face reality? You shouldn’t have opened your mouth. Are you going to be responsible for my feeling after I face it? Bastard!”

I’m very, very angry with you. I’m obviously going away, and you casually act like such a jerk! What am I supposed to do with an asshole like you? All this anger is just because I don’t want to leave you, that’s all. Even if I got angry, I still can’t help but want to be with you.

Zhi Li grabbed Ke Bu’s wrist, “Remember, in the past, you made a request. I was still young, so I can’t give you this promise back then.” How could Ke Bu not remember it when Zhi Li suddenly mentioned this?


Ke Bu looked at Zhi Li through his fingers, and finally understood why he wanted to talk to him. He wanted to keep him around. This was a strong feeling. As it turned out, he saw in him his own countenance.

“Hey, Zhi Li, I’m called Ke Bu, remember that name.”

“Hey, Zhi Li, you’re going to stay with me.”

“How long?”

Ke Bu contemplated for a moment. He hid the innate asking price: “Accompany me ‘til I get old, old enough to forget you.”


One by one, those words that Zhi Li said after this were things that were so pleasant to hear. “Today, I can give you the answer. I’ll accompany you ’til you get old, old enough to forget me.”


“So, no matter what happens in the future, I’ll be responsible for your feeling.”

When Zhi Li dropped these words, they were more beautiful than the ones he imagined. Ke Bu’s eyes became blurry because of his tears. He could not see Zhi Li clearly. Too cunning — Zhi Li’s really too cunning. After saying things like these, how can I calmly spend these days without you?

A child with tantrum only needed a sweet candy.




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