SP: Chapter 1. Foreword

This is the first manuscript for Special Property, my first book ever.

WARNING: While it can be fluffy at times, it can also be very dark with some disturbing themes that, as a newbie writer, I had unintentionally weaved into this book.

It has been through a professional Editorial Assessment by Reckless Abandon Book Services and maybe someday I may revise it.

Many have enjoyed this book and its ongoing sequel, and some haven’t. If you do read it, please comment on parts you like, and parts you don’t like.

This book is also available on Wattpad.

Note: there is a Pronunciation Guide at the end of the book for the names of all characters.




3 thoughts on “SP: Chapter 1. Foreword

  1. Kain Guru

    Note: These are American-style biscuits, not English-style. Something like a Egg McMuffin from McDonalds, but homemade.


  2. aren't stories lovely?

    I’m confused but I’m also really interested. This seems like it’ll be entertaining……….

    Alright! Time to spend an hour or so of my life on this!

    Liked by 1 person

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