SP: Chapter 6. Dinner at St. Catherine’s

Policy 4.13.701: Minor Discipline of Students

  • Talking while class is in session, 1 cane.
  • Use of foul language, 1 cane per word.
  • Unkempt person, 1 cane.
  • Using the Lord’s name in vain, 2 canes.
  • Talking back to or insulting the instructor, 2 canes.
  • Horse playing outside of dorm, 2 canes.
  • Wearing street clothes outside of dorm, 3 canes.
  • Unkempt room, 4 canes.
  • Failing to do assigned chores, 4 canes.
  • Insulting the Headmaster or Mother Superior, 5 canes.
  • Being tardy to class, 6 canes.
  • Absence from class without valid reason, 7 canes.
  • Absence from religious services without valid reason, 8 canes.
  • Being outside of the dorm after closing, 9 canes.
  • Being in any area off limits to students, 10 canes.

Note to Staff: A cane is a firm strike with a rod, cane, or other similarly shaped instrument to mete out punishment to a student. It is up to the discretion of the disciplinarian as to what force is applied to such a strike. It must never be to the face or groin—as for the face, we are made in God’s image, and as for the groin, it is God’s blessing upon us for the creation of more men in his image.

—St. Catherine’s Instructor’s Compendium.


This time Kato made sure to sit in any other chair at any other table than the one in the corner. He also conveniently faced that horrid table so that he could surreptitiously watch Takahashi. Of course, the last four boys to arrive in the chow hall were Takahashi and his cohorts. Even though Takahashi was last again, he wasn’t late.

Kato looked about while eating and noticed that no student wore street clothes, including himself. Tachibana had warned him to not be caught dead outside of the dorm in street clothes now that he has his uniform, so he made sure to put it on before he came.

The boys he sat with this time were rather talkative with each other. Coincidentally, they all seemed to be about his height and build. This caused Kato to wonder. He scanned the chow hall and noticed something peculiar. There were tables with tall guys and tables with short guys. Sure, there were some tables with guys who were in between, but there wasn’t a table with any tall and short guys together.

He chanced a glance over to Takahashi and panicked. Takahashi was looking straight at him. Kato averted his eyes and continued eating.

One boy at the table continued prattling away, “And then yesterday, my seme made me clean his room. I tried telling him to clean up as he goes, then it wouldn’t be such a mess, but he refused to listen. I was almost late for class.”

Another boy remarked, “Ogawa-kun, I told you before. If you want to control your seme, you need to do it in bed. If my seme gets out of line, I simply sign up for extra chores or classes to make myself too busy to see him. When he gets horny enough, he acquiesces to my wishes.”

“Yeah, yeah, Haneda-kun. But your seme is a pushover anyways. He thinks with his dick, not his head,” Ogawa replied.

The third boy chimed in, “Yeah, I agree. A little lovin’ and he’s your slave instead of the other way around. We aren’t all that lucky.” Then he looked at Kato and asked, “So, how is Takahashi-san? Is he as bad as they say?”

A cold spark of fear ran up Kato’s spine. The things implied in this conversation were immense. Kato felt like hurling all the food that he was just eating back onto his tray. He was silent for a full minute before he opened his mouth and was thankfully interrupted—

“Come off it, Itō-kun. He was only chosen at lunch. It’s a shame Takahashi-san got to him first. I know of some other available semes that would take a liking to this pretty boy. Takahashi-san’s probably gonna have a fight on his hands to keep his property safe.”

Pretty boy? Kato never thought of himself as anything like that. Sure, at his old high school, he got confessed to by girls as much as the next boy, but he didn’t think it was too much. He got the same amount of chocolate as others did for Valentine’s Day. The scary thought occurred to him that he’d never been called pretty by another boy before.

The three boys continued chatting among themselves about the days classes and what activities they had planned for the weekend. St. Catherine’s had an extensive sports program and most students were involved in some manner of sport.

With one final crack of the headmaster’s cane, dinner was over. Kato had watched Takahashi most of the meal but didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. He only met his eyes the one time. He was a little surprised that Takahashi seemed to be enjoying the company of his friends, even laughing a few times. There was a small spark of hope in his heart that Takahashi wasn’t as bad as he feared, but he still worried about what might be required of him from Takahashi.

After the meal, Kato followed the line and placed his tray on the stack. A hand clasped itself onto his shoulder. He spun about and met face to face with the devil himself, Takahashi. Kato again froze stiff as he looked into the other boy’s eyes. It seemed for that moment in time, only those two boys existed in the entire universe. He thought that as far as boys go, Takahashi was attractive, but fierce, like a wolf. He was snapped back to reality when Takahashi spoke, “We need to talk. Meet me in the game room tonight after showers.”

Takahashi put his tray on the stack and walked off with his three companions. Kato simply stood there in shock. Another hand clasped him by the arm, and with a sigh, Tachibana said, “Come on, Kato-san. Let’s go back our room.”



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