Jubo : Text 021. Your Pig

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: KainGuru

Mini pigs were considered as one of the cherished animals.

Originally, Wang Cheng planned to trouble his little sister temporarily to look after the mini pig, but his boss’s light talk made him hesitate.

Wild cherished animals were the key protection targets of the state. May it be for hunting or breeding purposes, it was necessary to apply for a hunting or breeding license and hold a permit from the relevant departments; otherwise, it was considered breaking the law.

This was even harder to do.

“Boss, could you please do me a favor?” Wang Cheng hesitated all the way and yet, he still opened his mouth. He wanted to think about it over and over again. He could only help his little sister take care of the mini pig for a while. He could not let his little sister do something that could break the law. If his mother finds out about this, she would definitely kill him; therefore, he could only find someone else to help him apply for those two licenses. Among the people he knew, it seemed that only his boss possessed this ability.

“You seem to have forgotten one thing.”

“What is it?”

“Mount Fengxia is my land now.”

Wang Cheng suddenly understood what he meant. In other words, this mini pig was also his property. He immediately mustered his courage and cheekily said, “In that case, you’d be able to help here, Boss. This is your pig. I’m helping your pig now. Boss, shouldn’t you be able to guarantee this?”

Wang Cheng thickened his skin very smoothly and for the first time, Chu Yifeng tasted his cheekiness, especially when he heard Wang Cheng’s phrase ‘your pig.’ Chu Yifeng was stumped for words and was taken aback. After a while, there seemed to be a subtle smile on Chu Yifeng’s face.

Wang Cheng did not know whether that look on Chu Yifeng’s face was a sign of consent or disagreement.

“Figures that what you’re saying makes sense.”

Wang Cheng thought to himself, was there any argument for him to speak?

It was noon when they returned to Guans’ Village. Mama Wang had already cooked lunch. If one stood outside, one could smell the aroma of the food that she cooked.

Wang Cheng carried the mini pig in his arms as he got out of the car. He bent over and, in all seriousness, he said to Chu Yifeng, who was inside the car: “Boss, be careful on the road. That matter will be troublesome for you.” He just fell short of one sentence that he did not speak out — I won’t ask you to stay for lunch.

If the boss was accustomed to eating exotic delicacies, he would not want to eat home-made dishes from the countryside; therefore, Wang Cheng never thought about asking his boss to stay to eat at home. Besides, he did not inform Mama Wang in advance that there was a guest, so she was not able to cook for his boss’s portion at all. In this case, it was even more impossible for him to stay for lunch.

“Remember to report to work on time tomorrow.” After leaving this sentence, Chu Yifeng drove away.

The capitalists really deserved to be called capitalists. They always think about pressing their employees’ motivation to work. Looking at the sports car’s back end disappear from his line of sight as it went farther and farther away, Wang Cheng then turned around to go back to their house.

The mini pig that he brought back attracted his family’s attention, especially his little sister. She would usually see the big and fat kinds of pig; however, now she suddenly caught sight of a small pig and immediately thought that it was adorable. After eating her meal, she could not wait to hold the mini pig and bathe it. She waged a bathroom battle because the mini pig did not like to take a bath. As soon as it touched the water, it immediately ran around. Fortunately, his little sister had the habit of closing the door behind her. The mini pig also could not run fast because of its leg injury. Every time it tried to run away, it was caught back by his little sister.

When they were finished doing this over and over again, Wang Cheng took his clothes off and took a bath. Just when he went out after taking a bath, he ran into Papa Wang.

Papa Wang asked where the mini pig came from. Wang Cheng told him that he picked it up in Mount Fengxia. Although it was rare, it was not a dangerous animal. Their family used to raise pigs and Papa Wang did not seem to mind at all. One more pig in the house was no different than one less pig; however, there was still something that needed to be pointed out.

“Your sister will go to college in a month or so. She won’t have the time to look after the pig later. By then, you should look after it yourself. Me and your mother don’t have free time as well.”

“I know Dad. You don’t have to worry about it. Since I took it home, I will definitely be the one responsible for it.”

“We don’t know when your little sister’s college entrance exam results will come out.” Speaking of college, Papa Wang was concerned about his daughter’s college entrance examination results. In his heart, he was probably expecting more from God. After all, this was also something he takes pride in.

“Come on, I heard the list will be released by the 27th. Today is the 21st so there are a few days left. By the way, Dad, happy holidays.” Wang Cheng understood Papa Wang’s state of mind. His little sister was the best in studying in their family. She often got the first place in the exams and had never fallen off from the ranking. It only happened once when she was sick and could not take the exam. At this point, even his big brother could not compare with that.

Papa Wang was taken aback, “Today isn’t my birthday.”

“I know it’s not your birthday, but today is Father’s Day.” Wang Cheng did not know whether to laugh or cry, but it was understandable since this was the first time he said it to Papa Wang personally.

Papa Wang apparently thought of it as well. Him hearing his second son say this sentence was also his and Mama Wang’s long time wish. Before his eyes could even get teary, he was confused by Wang Cheng’s next sentence.

“Dad, I got you and Mom a present.”

“Where is it?” Papa Wang did not seem to see that Wang Cheng had a present in his hands.

“You’ll find out later.” Wang Cheng surely knew how to sell the most intriguing part in a story. He did not wait for Papa Wang to reply any more then said: “I’m tired, Dad. You and Mom should also go to bed early. Good night.”

When the door closed, Papa Wang remained confused, then he went back to his room and discussed the whys and wherefores with Mama Wang for a long time.

Wang Cheng opened his big brother’s computer. This computer had been purchased five or six years ago already. The motherboard was like an old man getting closer and closer to the coffin. He did not know when it would die, but because it could still be used, it had not been thrown away as waste.

When Wang Cheng looked up details about mini pigs online. He realized that some of these pigs could actually be bred. Most people called them fragrant pigs. It was not necessary to hold a permit, but he also did not regret it. To have it was better than not to have it. Was this not going along with the principle ‘Preparedness averts peril?’



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  1. Lena

    The cover for this novel is lovely. Also, thank you for updating! I missed reading your perfect translations. I hope this new year has been going wonderfully for you so far. Look forward to more future updates of this novel. Ganbatte! o/

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