SP: Chapter 13. Wolf vs. Wolf

The human brain is a remarkable feat of engineering and design. When conscious, it records all data input into it by the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch with or without the user’s will. This data is then sifted though and filed away neatly in the short-term stores. And when unconscious, it analyzes and adds the data to long-term stores by attaching the data to other previously learned data, forming a tapestry of memories all tied together.

One could wish that they were able to pluck the unpleasant memories once experienced but, alas, the tapestry of our mind would unravel, and we would forget the good deeds of others performed in our behalf in the face of such trial. Ultimately, forgetting the love shown to us in our darkest hour is wholly, and truly, senile.

—Author Unknown.


The chime announced the end of the first class. Kato was glad English was over even though it proved to be uneventful, just the way Kato liked it. Now, it was the 9:30 break. Kato had to pee badly, so he filed out of the classroom with other students. He went down the hall and into the appropriately marked door for such an activity.

Upon entering, he saw that there were no students at the urinals, but all the stalls were closed. He would have to use a urinal. He chose the one on the end, so he wouldn’t have to deal with someone to his left. He undid his pants and was about to go when someone approached the urinal to his right. This frightened Kato a little, and he thought it was damned inconsiderate since there were so many others to choose from. He should have had the goddamned common courtesy to leave a spot between us, Kato thought. With this guy there, Kato was sure there was no way he could pee now.

From the corner of his eye, Kato could see that the boy was much taller. He was unzipped and peeing, making no attempt to do it in any modest way. Annoyed, Kato could see everything. He looked up and realized it was the same jackass that bumped him hard before class earlier. The boy was looking down at Kato’s business. He looked up at Kato and smirked, then gave Kato a little wink. Kato was disgusted. He turned to the left a bit and looked to the side. He didn’t know if he was red from embarrassment or maybe anger. Still, he couldn’t pee.

Kato heard a zip sound as the boy zipped up his pants. Then, he had the audacity to give Kato a slap on the butt as he walked away! Before Kato could even react to that, he jumped as he heard a loud bang and a grunt and someone yelling “Back the fuck up off me, dude!” Kato looked around and saw Takahashi pinning the taller boy to the wall. He repeated, “You had better back the fuck up off me, Takahashi-kun.”

“Don’t think I won’t beat your ass right here, right now, Handa-san.”

“As if you could,” retorted Handa. He pushed Takahashi back and stood up straight. He was probably 6 inches (approx. 15 cm) taller than Takahashi, and better built.

Takahashi moved close in, putting his face right back in Handa’s face and vehemently warned, “Maybe not, but I will fucking hurt you in the process. That’s my fucking uke. Keep your fucking hands off him.” Takahashi was bright red with anger. Kato suddenly thought that there was more to this than just him being Takahashi’s uke. Seems there’s some bad blood here.

“I can take your ‘fucking uke’ from you any damn time I want,” Handa spat back in Takahashi’s face. He pushed Takahashi back again.

“Then shut the fuck up and try it, you son of a bitch. See how far you get,” Takahashi replied with a low growl that was laced with a deathly intent. Takahashi moved to put himself between Handa and Kato and almost imperceptibly crouched as if he really was a wolf that was going launch an attack on Handa.

“What the fuck ever, dude. I’m going to make it my mission in life to take your ‘fucking uke’ from you.” With that, Handa spat in Takahashi’s direction and left the bathroom.

Kato was stunned, just completely stunned. He had completely and entirely forgot that he had to pee. Takahashi simply stood there, staring out the door. Kato was pretty sure he’d never seen that particular shade of red on a person’s face; he was a frighteningly dark red.

After a few moments, Takahashi released his balled-up fists and stood erect. He turned and asked, “Are you okay?” It was almost unnoticeable, the slight shaking in Takahashi’s voice and body.

Kato didn’t understand why he felt the way he did, but he simply whimpered, “Just, leave me alone,” and turned his face to the corner. He felt a tear slide its way down his cheek. He was still standing there, with his business in his hands, unable to go pee. He heard the bathroom door open and then slam close, the sound of which reverberated throughout the walls of the bathroom.

The bathroom stalls now opened, and Kato looked to see students inside scurry out to the sinks to wash up and exit quickly. Kato decided to take the stall closest to him, go in, close and lock the door, sit down, and cry.



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