TUMBT : Chapter II – 4

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie

Proofreader: KainGuru

As the wind blew in the courtyard, Mu Xueshi could not refrain from shivering. He used up all his strength to rub his arms constantly. His expression was yielding to his sleepy eyes, yet he forced himself to stay awake. Though the amount of time that he had been here was equivalent to the amount of time needed to brew a cup of tea, he was already starting to feel drowsy. He could not sleep at night because during the day, he still had to obey the Third Prince’s command to learn martial arts from Su Ruhan. After that, he had to follow the Third Prince to Imperial Tutor Mu’s manor to investigate the murderer case.

Fortunately, Mu Xueshi was interested in these two matters. Not only could he help the original owner of this body in clearing the injustice, but he could also help the Third Prince in finding out the one he hated the most; so that he would also be able to leave with no regrets.

However, Mu Xueshi realized that he knew nothing about solving a case. Though he loved to read detective novels and watch detective animated films previously, it was merely for the sake of amusement and to pass time. As for how the people in the story found out the clues one by one and ultimately resolved all suspicions and doubts, Mu Xueshi never studied and paid attention to it.

With all these worries in his mind, Mu Xueshi began to nod in drowsiness again. His little head was like that of a chick pecking and pounding rice on the ground. One moment, his eyes would open, the next, they would shut again. In the end, his vision began to blur. All of a sudden, when Mu Xueshi opened his eyes by chance, he saw a few white petals growing from the ground. He screamed in excitement, and as a result of his screams he woke up. He discovered that he was already on the Third Prince’s bed and the Third prince was lying by his side, quietly asleep.

It took quite a while before Mu Xueshi was able to come back to his senses, but as soon as he was able to, the Third Prince suddenly poked Mu Xueshi’s sleep acupuncture point; hence, no matter how much Mu Xueshi struggled, he could not keep himself from falling asleep. In the end, he immediately fell in a deep sleep once again.

The Third Prince recalled Mu Xueshi’s foolish look when he was squatting on his heels in the middle of the thick clump of grass a moment ago; unexpectedly, a smile appeared in the corners of his mouth. He pressed his lips on Mu Xueshi’s, and gently nibbled them for a bit before he fell asleep with Mu Xueshi in his embrace.

The next day, when Mu Xueshi woke up, it was already broad daylight. He was afraid that the Third Prince would scold him. He did not expect that the Third Prince was sitting on a soft couch, not far from him, with a cold look on his face. Mu Xueshi remembered that the Third Prince said that for today, Mu Xueshi had to get up early in the morning and practice martial arts. However, seeing that the sun had already risen so high in the sky, it was most likely that it was no longer morning — the Third Prince must be angry.

Mu Xueshi tried to talk to the Third Prince, but as usual, the Third Prince was very quiet and did not reply to whatever Mu Xueshi said. Because of this, Mu Xueshi was able to heave a sigh of relief.

At that moment, the three maidservants walked in and they served Mu Xueshi to change his clothes and wash his face.

“I‘m fine by myself, no need to trouble yourselves.” Mu Xueshi politely said, and while speaking, he took the Jade basin from Qing Ya’s hands.

Who would have thought that at that very moment, all the three maidservants threw themselves on their knees on the ground with faces full of panic. Among them, Qing Yun even scowled miserably and said: “Young Master Xue, This Slave earnestly requests you to point out our mistakes and I will correct it. We also hope, Your Highness, the Third Prince would forgive us.” All of their faces looked miserable as they waited for the Third Prince to issue a punishment.

Mu Xueshi was about to say that it was not what he meant, but then he caught sight of the situation in the room and he also had to beseech the Third Prince to let them go. After that, they earnestly served him. If it was not for the Third Prince’s previous warning, Mu Xueshi would definitely have a good relationship with these three maidservants on an equal footing.

“This little cake is really delicious. Here, taste it…” With the greatest care, Mu Xueshi divided the crystal purple cake in his hand into half and placed the other half on the Third Prince’s plate, with a nervous look on his face.

From the beginning until the end, the Third Prince did not eat that crystal purple cake, and because of this, Mu Xueshi felt a bit disappointed, but he was already used to it.

Afterwards, when the Third Prince brought two fine steeds, Mu Xueshi threw away all of his unhappiness from a moment ago in the back of his mind. His big glittering and brilliant eyes revealed a pleasantly surprised look. If this had happened when he came in to this world the first time, Mu Xueshi would have never cared about anything. He would ride the horse first and circle around a few times. However, Mu Xueshi now more or less understood how things work. With the Third Prince beside him, Mu Xueshi obediently waited until the Third Prince issued an order.

The Third Prince used his hand to softly brush the horse’s mane, then he pointed at the pale yellow horse among them and said to Mu Xueshi: “This horse is named Leichi, and it will be yours from now on. From today onwards, you are to ride this horse and accompany me to the Imperial Tutor Mu‘s Manor to judge the case.”

Mu Xueshi was obviously very excited, but he still calmed himself and asked the Third Prince with his natural disposition: “Then I don’t need to learn martial arts today?”

The Third Prince slightly raised his furrowed brows and did not answer Mu Xueshi’s question. Originally, he wanted to wake Mu Xueshi up early in the morning, but when he saw Mu Xueshi sleeping peacefully, his heart could not bear to wake him up. In the end, he let Mu Xueshi sleep as he pleased until noon.



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