BMHS : Chapter 26.2 – I said, I want you

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: KainGuru

Yan Sui’s deep and cold voice was solemn, but it startled all of the people in the courtyard who heard it.

No matter what, ten percent of Yan Sui’s shares of stock was indeed a great wealth. It was even unimaginable. This share was not only a symbol of wealth, but it was also the best guarantee for Meng Ting’s position as the master’s husband. If Meng Ting came to the shareholders’ meeting at the Yans’ company, his right to speak could no longer be ignored.

“You! You!” He Wan was shocked once again. She knew that there was such rule in the Yan’s Family. The patriarch’s spouse could own shares of up to ten percent. However, she thought that it was unlikely for Yan Sui to give it to Meng Ting and even if he gives it to Meng Ting, it would not exceed three percent.

However, Yan Sui used this fact to slap her in the face. Not only did he give Meng Ting this portion of his shares, but he also gave him the maximum ten percent, while she only had five percent of the Yans’ shares! Now, Meng Ting suddenly had more power than her.

He Wan was furious. She looked at Meng Ting’s gaze and almost vomited blood. She experienced deeply what it felt like to have an irresolute pain in the flesh.

“How can you joke around like this!?”

She questioned Yan Sui, as if she didn’t know him; but if I’ll ask this question, I’d feel my cheeks hurt. Since the very beginning, it wasn’t Yan Sui who regarded his marriage to me as a child’s play; rather, it was his own mom. Besides, Yan Sui never treated me like a joke.

Yan Sui did not answer He Wan’s question anymore; instead, he looked at Meng Ting. His expression and his tone were a little softer as he asked, “Did you take a nap?”

Meng Ting looked up and their eyes met, then he lightly shook his head, “I didn’t sleep, Furball slept.”

He slowly lowered his bright eyes then he glanced at Rhubarb and also Furball, then he stepped toward Yan Sui, “Rhubarb, Furball, and I… we were all very obedient… I didn’t want to fight, but since it was me who brought them back, I need to protect them.”

It was not like Meng Ting did not understand what Yan Sui said. He was not after Yan Sui’s belongings, nor was he after his wealth. He was happy that Yan Sui gave him all those things, and that was all. These things were not enough to make him lose his self-control. At the moment, he was more worried that Yan Sui was not happy seeing himself fight.

Yan Sui gently pulled Meng Ting into his arms, then he hugged him, “You didn’t do anything wrong. Protecting yourself and fighting to protect your family isn’t wrong.” Yan Sui continued reassuring Meng Ting. After that, he took this opportunity to teach him, “However, this is our home. It isn’t necessary for you to do it yourself. Tell Uncle Xiao and he’ll get someone to help you.”

“Will you help me, too?” Meng Ting looked at Yan Sui. His eyes were wide open and sparkling brightly, which made people feel itchy and distressed in their hearts.

Yan Sui raised his hand, ruffled Meng Ting’s hair and caressed his cheeks, “Of course, I’ll help you.”

Meng Ting pursed his lips and smiled, “I’ll remember it, Yan Sui.”

“Meow,” Furball, which was in Meng Ting’s arms, also raised its ugly head and meowed.

Meng Ting looked down then he looked at Yan Sui once again, “Furball and Rhubarb will also remember it.” He remembered that this was their home, too.

Yan Sui and Meng Ting were very happy and sweet; while He Wan, who was a few steps away from them, felt very infuriated.

She really wanted to explode so much, but in the end, she still chose to restrain herself. The anger on her face gradually dissipated, then a gentle smile was pasted back on her face again. Her ability to rapidly change her facial expressions had once again amazed Meng Ting, since it was impossible for him to do it himself.

“At first, I wanted Meng Ting to accompany me to go shopping, but since you’re already back, let’s just forget about it.” Shopping was just an excuse because her real plan would never be so simple.

Yan Sui glanced at He Wan but did not let go of Meng Ting, who was wrapped around his arms. He then talked to He Wan in this position, “Mother, later on, when you go shopping, you don’t have to look for Meng Ting. If you want someone to accompany you, just tell Uncle Xiao. He’d surely arrange it for you.” After those words came out, he withdrew his gaze and looked at Meng Ting, “Accompany me back to our room.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting nodded. He also thought that he was not suitable to go shopping with He Wan. However, he had no problems with accompanying Yan Sui to do anything.

Yan Sui was not accompanied by Meng Ting alone. Meng Ting also took Furball and Rhubarb along with him to his and Yan Sui’s room. This was a place wherein He Wan could not easily set her foot; but to her surprise, Yan Sui actually allowed an illegitimate son like him and two otherworldly-ugly animals in this place.

He Wan could not understand Yan Sui. She really could not understand him at all.

Yan Sui led the boy into their room and sat on the sofa. Before Yan Sui could even speak, Meng Ting already threw himself into Yan Sui’s arms and wrapped his arms tightly around Yan Sui. He then raised his foot and sat directly on Yan Sui’s lap. After that, he hugged the man tightly.

“Yan Sui, I want you, Furball, and Rhubarb.”

Even if he wants to believe in Yan Sui, he still could not help but wonder, what would he do if Yan Sui made him choose? What would he choose? Meng Ting only thought that he would be sad, so sad so that he wanted to die.

“Silly, how can I make you make such a choice?” Yan Sui caressed Meng Ting’s nape with a little helplessness evident on his face, because he thought those shares could give Meng Ting more sense of security, but it did not seem to work very well.

“I can’t bear to part from you all,” Without thinking much, he already knew Meng Ting would be sad. How could Meng Ting be willing to part with them?

Meng Ting lightly bit his lips. In a split second, there were some raging emotions that were rather difficult to be controlled. This was the first time he had been called silly, yet he did not feel apathetic; instead, he felt warm in his heart, which made him a little confused.

He looked at Yan Sui and bit his earlobe with just a little bit of strength. He could not bear but to do it. The biting then turned into sucking; while on the other hand, Yan Sui’s ear turned red as well.

“Meng Ting…” Yan Sui’s voice was low and deep. Like the string of an instrument, Yan Sui was instantly plucked to the extreme.

After hearing his name, Meng Ting slowly let him go. He gazed at Yan Sui’s earlobe, then he moved closer again and licked it to appease Yan Sui, but it was even more out of control than the previous biting and sucking.

Yan Sui held the back of Meng Ting’s hips. After a very short time, the two’s position changed once again. Yan Sui laid Meng Ting down on the sofa. Their eyes gently met each other’s and the passion they have kept in their hearts could no longer be contained. Yan Sui leaned forward, kissing Meng Ting’s lips.

Meng Ting slightly raised his chin, enduring Yan Sui’s strong and intoxicating warm kiss. Meng Ting’s hands and legs were still wrapped around Yan Sui’s body, and based on his posture, it was obvious that he did not want the man to leave.

Yan Sui’s kiss was deep and domineering. He almost swallowed the whole person before him into his stomach. His chest rapidly rose and fell, and his forehead emitted a little heat. With one pull of his hand, the buttons on Meng Ting’s white shirt were pulled apart, one after another. As he stroked the top with his hand, Meng Ting could not resist the itch, so he let out a gentle moan between his lips and teeth, making Yan Sui’s ears turn red again.

Yan Sui’s mouth left his lips. From the corners of Meng Ting’s mouth, it lingered down, leaving a reddish and dense mark on his white skin. Meng Ting’s eyes slightly narrowed. He was somewhat helpless but did nothing to stop Yan Sui.

The last button in the white shirt was left unripped. Yan Sui could clearly see the changes in Meng Ting’s body because of him. He looked up at Meng Ting and whispered, “Do you want it?”

Meng Ting heard his question and slowly opened his eyes. The blush on his cheeks gradually became a little richer, but he still nodded and honestly replied, “I think I said, I want you.”

Meng Ting’s honest words were far more powerful than any other ordinary whispers of love, making the darkness in Yan Sui’s eyes a little more intense. He helped Meng Ting get up to let the boy lean in his embrace; nevertheless, Yan Sui used his own hands to help Meng Ting resolve it.

Meng Ting buried his head beside Yan Sui’s neck, and with utter shame and excitement, he said, “Yan Sui, it’s… it’s so good.”

“Hmm,” Yan Sui answered, then he sped up a little, so he could make Meng Ting feel relieved once again in his hands with the utmost joy of his body.

Meng Ting leaned on Yan Sui’s body as he panted. His sense of shame that had once submerged, had resurfaced again. However, this time, even though he was shy, he did not let Yan Sui go to the bathroom to solve it himself. After he caught his breath, he kissed Yan Sui’s lips once more and slid his hands under Yan Sui’s clothes.

“I can also help you.”

He was not insensitive toward Yan Sui’s bodily responses. He naturally knew them as well. Yan Sui could help him, so it was normal for him to be able to help Yan Sui as well.

The originally clean and tidy sofa became a complete mess because of these two. The two men hugged each other without clothes on their body. After a long time, Yan Sui picked up the boy and walked toward the bathroom. The two took a shower and when they came out to go to their room, an hour had passed by already.

Meng Ting’s cheeks were still a little red, but compared to last time, the sense of shame which made him so anxious until he wanted to bury himself had dissipated a little. He also wanted to be more intimate and open toward Yan Sui.

He leaned on Yan Sui’s shoulder and looked at him. The fascination in the corners of his eyes and the tips of his eyebrows have not faded, but his eyes already became earnest, “Did you like it?”

Yan Sui had no choice but to ruffle Meng Ting’s hair and kiss his cheek, “I liked it.”

Meng Ting was willing to be close to him. He naturally liked it, much more than what he expected.

“That’s good,” Meng Ting said, then he nodded and breathed a sigh of relief. He held Yan Sui’s shoulders and whispered, “I like it, too.” So, he hoped Yan Sui liked it too, although he felt that he had not done enough for Yan Sui.

Meng Ting looked around, and in a split second, he realized that Rhubarb and Furball were both in the corner of the sofa when he glanced from the corners of his eyes. The heat on his cheeks became more intense once again, “Waah, it was seen by Rhubarb and Furball.”

Meng Ting swept his gaze at them, then he looked around and poked Yan Sui, “You can only let me, Rhubarb, and Furball see it and others can’t, remember that, okay? Especially those lining up from Beicheng City to Nancheng City to marry you.” Also, that Su whatever… Meng Ting could not remember his name and did not mention it.

“Okay,” Yan Sui was helpless. Meng Ting could really remember He Wan’s remark. However, his jealous look was very cute. Apart from saying okay, he better not say anything else.

Yan Sui came back home early, but it was not too early for them to stay long in their room for an hour.

After a moment of intimacy, they got up and changed their clothes. They prepared to go to the residence of the Mengs’ Third Young Master.

Yan Sui still wore the same black suit. Meng Ting looked at Yan Sui and he also chose a suit with the same color. The two stood in front of the mirror and from the mirror, it looked absolutely right.

“We both look good.” Meng Ting gave himself and Yan Sui a nod.

Yan Sui did not answer back but bowed his head and kissed Meng Ting’s forehead. That kind of pampering acknowledgement need not a lot of explaining.



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