SP: Chapter 21. Arguments

Most instructors at St. Catherine’s did not have the heart to mercilessly mete out the required punishment for minor transgressions and behavioral problems, feeling that it was bad form and not at all a loving thing to do. “Discipline with love” was their motto. The reality is that mercy was shown upon their students by assigning them any number of penances that were not harsh in any way, but tasks that the transgressors could learn a valuable lesson from. There were even cases of instructors assigning a student extra homework such as writing an essay describing their transgressing behaviors—and the steps to correct such behaviors—while the instructor took time to personally help the student with the writing of the essay. It is sad, though, that a very few instructors took it to the extreme, abusing their students. In one rare case, a student was heartlessly caned 12 times and sent to the infirmary. The instructor was asked to take a small leave of absence and assigned a penance as a result.

—Observations of St. Catherine’s staff submitted by an anonymous alumnus


Kato still had about 20 minutes before morning class started. As he was about to enter the classroom, he was pushed so hard he hit the wall. He became instantly enraged. He looked up and saw Handa smirking as he walked ahead.

“Fucking piece of shit,” Kato blurted in anger.

Handa did a 180 and approached Kato. “What the fuck did you just say?”

Kato instantly wondered about wisdom of the course of action he was taking but was so hot he wasn’t going to back down. He figured he’s probably going to get hurt. He just couldn’t stop himself from snidely asking, “You fucking deaf?”

Takahashi appeared out of nowhere and stood between them, his back right in Kato’s face and he glared up at Handa. With a wolf-like snarl, Takahashi warned, “Don’t you fucking touch my uke, Handa-san.” Kato was pretty sure this was a death threat.

“I should just beat the fuck out of both of you and call it a day,” Handa replied.

“You’re welcome to try, asshole. We can do this right now.” Takahashi turned slightly and pushed Kato back, but Kato, for some strange ass reason that he didn’t understand, clasped onto Takahashi’s arm and clung to it, pulling Takahashi backwards.

Handa laughed. “Seems your bitch doesn’t want you to get hurt.”

Kato yelled back, “I’m not his bitch, I’m his uke!”

Handa replied, “Yeah, whatever. I’m done here.” He turned and headed toward the classroom.

Kato buried his face into the back of Takahashi’s shoulder. He suddenly wasn’t angry anymore, but frightened. He also realized that he hadn’t ever really been so close to another boy like this. He could smell Takahashi. It was an interesting, pleasant scent. He could also feel his warmth and hear his breath. Takahashi was breathing hard. Kato also felt guilty for starting this. He could have gotten Takahashi hurt.

Takahashi broke free from Kato’s grasp as he turned around and he blurted out, “What the fuck do you think you were doing?”

Kato became angry again. “What do you mean? He shoved me into the wall!” he shouted. He was a little hurt at the insinuation that he was in the wrong here.

Takahashi yelled back, “Yeah, I saw that! But why did you talk back to him?”

“I’m not afraid of him!” Kato lied. A crowd started to develop as these students that were supposed to be headed into class were instead being mesmerized by this spectacle.

“Stop fucking lying to your seme!” Takahashi bellowed.

Kato was getting angrier by the minute, but he felt that this should be handled elsewhere. He boldly grabbed Takahashi’s hand and started dragging him to the bathroom.

Takahashi spoke out, “What the fuck are you doing?” as he was being pulled along by Kato.

Kato angrily replied, “We need to talk.” He pulled Takahashi into the bathroom and slammed the door.





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