Jubo : Text 022. Detached Status

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: tend0u

Proofreader: KainGuru

Mama Wang knew that Wang Cheng needed to take the bus for work early in the morning, so she got up around five o’clock and made him breakfast. Wang Cheng ate like five or six pieces of scallion pork pancake and drank two big bowls of soy milk, then carried the luggage that had been prepared last night and went out under the gaze of his family members, who were reluctant to part from him.

When he arrived at the company, there were still fifteen minutes before his shift began. Li Yu had not given him a new task yet, so Wang Cheng simply picked up the watering can on the windowsill, then went to the tea room to put water in it, and prepared to water the flowers in the office.

These flowers and plants were specially bought after the company’s renovation, in order to absorb the formaldehyde in the air. However, because everyone was very busy, no one had the time to take care of these flowers and plants, and those who had the time did not have the intention to do it. Fortunately, Wang Cheng saw that some flowers and plants were about to die.

When he finished all this, fifteen minutes just passed by.

When Tang Sisi, the front desk beauty, almost stepped in, she saw Wang Cheng. Her expression suddenly seemed to unknowingly change. Wang Cheng lightly nodded at her then walked away.

Tang Sisi seemed to want to say something to his receding figure; however, she heard the sound of a footstep behind her, so she turned around and found Li Yu. She quickly changed her expression and smiled. Unfortunately, Li Yu did not even look at her, as if she did not exist. At the front desk, Tang Sisi could not help but curse, “You’re late for work, don’t think too highly of yourself.”

What she did not know was that people like Li Yu and Zhang Yiheng could not be considered as ordinary employees at all. Ordinary employees needed to punch in and out at work, while they did not have to. This was just used to restrain those employees who could not discipline themselves nor be responsible. If she could be like Li Yu one day, she could also skip this process at work and she could also get more than her measly salary.

First of all, one would have to take control of their own mouth.

Wang Cheng’s ability to make discerning judgments was not as bad as Tang Sisi’s. He already saw it through Li Yu’s position in the company — she could be responsible for such a big project by herself, so it was obvious that the boss trusted her. It was not exaggeration for such a woman to say that she was a successful career woman. The workload for today was not as much as the first day, but the substance was more profound.

Li Yu was in charge of the project’s planning, and at the same time, she also carried out Zhang YiHeng’s work. When building a resort, the planning department was responsible for publicity. Every single project was bound to have promotion. Without promotion, even if you build it well, no one would know about it and it would not attract the tourists. If the project could not gain any profit, then that project would end up becoming a bad investment.

Although Wang Cheng did not study specifically on planning, his understanding of Shiquan County was much more thorough than Li Yu. With his explanation, Li Yu was able to get a clearer understanding on where to start, and her work efficiency improved a lot. Because he was a layman, Li Yu finally stopped complaining.

Today, from the time he started working, up until he got off work, Wang Cheng did not see the boss. Later on, he realized that the boss does not go to work every day. When he recalled that the big boss suddenly came to him to go up the mountain, he suddenly somewhat understood that the boss’s way of thinking was indeed not ordinary. It seemed that ordinary people like them would not be able to understand this way of thinking.

When one was busy, time would always pass by quickly.

When the clock on the wall stroke half past five in the afternoon, the company stipulated that it was time to get off work. Others had not left yet, but Tang Sisi could not wait to get off work. She came to work on time and got off work faster than anyone else.

Seeing this scene, Li Yu sneered with disdain in front of Wang Cheng. Although she did not say anything, Wang Cheng knew that Li Yu never let Tang Sisi go under her watchful eyes. In other words, she was well aware of Tang Sisi’s cheap tricks. It was just that she did not want to waste her time on fussing over such an unimportant person.

Wang Cheng had a hunch that Tang Sisi did not have to wait until the end of her probation period because she would most probably be fired.

“What are you looking at, do you want to work overtime? I can help you out.” Noticing Wang Cheng’s gaze, Li Yu put on a stern look on her face, raised her eyebrows, and put on a very queenly manner.

“I don’t want to.” After Wang Cheng replied, he quickly packed up and left work. He already made an appointment with his big brother. He did not want to stand his big brother up.

“This Wang Cheng guy, he’s pretty good. Where’d you find him?” When Fan Qi came over, he saw the back of Wang Cheng’s figure leaving and said this to Li Yu. After saying those words, he came to admire Wang Cheng even more. Wang Cheng just came to work the day before yesterday, and after Li Yu gave him his tasks, he sat at his desk and looked at the files. He did not move much the whole day, and the next day was their day off, so Fan Qi still did not know Wang Cheng’s situation yet.

“How did you figure out he’s pretty good?” Li Yu did not answer his question. Fan Qi’s good impression off Wang Cheng was quite unexpected for her.

“He came to work early in the morning and helped us water the flowers. That Tang Sisi has been in the company for almost half a month, yet I haven’t seen her water the flowers for even once.”

“Isn’t it you who recruited her?” Speaking of Tang Sisi, Li Yu grimly laughed again.

“Hold it, I don’t have sharp eyes.” Fan Qi raised his hands and surrendered. If he had known this earlier, he would not have chatted with her about this topic. In return, he was now being criticized. He really felt he had reaped what he had sown.



9 thoughts on “Jubo : Text 022. Detached Status

  1. “She came to work on time and got off work faster than anyone else”. There’s nothing wrong with this sentence. Are you supposed to spend the whole day at work? She didn’t come late and she is leaving at the stipulated time. That is exactly what you are meamt to do. What are you still doing there after time has passed. I understand that Tang Sisi does not have a good character but she is not doing anything wrong. Infact the writer gives a bs reason fir LY coming late. It doesn’t matter that you have a special position you should come to work on time. Like latecoming is a universal negative but the writer is twisting it show how special she is? Like seriously.


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