S&OP : Chapter 9 – The Old-fashioned Plot

Author: Su Youbing

Translator: Xandros

Proofreader: KainGuru

Zhou Minli casually introduced her new song album, as she inwardly pondered how to retaliate in her mind.

It never occurred to her that before she could even make a move, she was ruthlessly humiliated by Xiao Bai. The reputation of the heavenly empress who had been in the entertainment circle for many years was easily refuted by a fledgling rookie, and it was even on such a high-rated show. No matter what, she could not swallow this humiliation.

“Xiao Bai.” Halfway through the introduction, she suddenly paused and smiled. “I heard you sold pork in the market before. Do you think my album will be popular there?”

Shi Daming immediately turned his head around.

The thing that he feared finally happened. Sure enough, the smoke of war started to fill the air in ‘GO!GO!SU……SUPER STAR’s studio. A vigorous battle of love and counterattack was about to ensue.

Alas, he really wished that he was sitting at home, eating potato chips and drinking beer, while leisurely watching this good show, rather than being burned here alive.

Xiao Bai thought very seriously and said, “It should be. Big Brother Zhang, who sells chicken next door, often played your song ‘Loneliness Accompanies Me to Sleep.’ He said it sounds like a clucking chicken’s accompanying me in my mouth… It’s a good promotional song.”

(Xandros’ notes: ‘Loneliness Accompanies Me to Sleep’ or《孤寂伴我入睡》 has the same pronunciation as ‘a clucking chicken accompanying me in my mouth’ or 《咕咕鸡伴我入嘴》 – gū gū jī bàn wǒ rù zuǐ.)

Chen Fei finally finished writing, then he happily held the board up. It read:

Xiao Bai: “I really like to listen to your songs…especially that ‘Loneliness Accompanies Me to Sleep.’ Every time I felt depressed or lonely, I listen to it. It’s really inspiring.” :-D

Shi Daming saw the reminder board and his heart was beating wildly. His eyebrows were twisted in desperation as he warned Chen Fei with his eyelids that kept on rising… In just less than a minute, the situation had already escalated.

While Chen Fei was confused by Shi Daming’s strange expression, Xiao Bai had already read out the words written on the reminder board, one word at a time, “I really like to listen to your songs…especially that ‘clucking chicken accompanying me in my mouth.’ Every time I felt depressed or lonely, I listen to it. It’s really inspiring.” After that, he also gave a big casual smile.

However, when the sound of this paragraph reverberated in Zhou Minli’s ears, it immediately translated into hot provocation and sarcasm. Her eyebrows subtly quivered, “Oh, does it? I didn’t know when my song became popular… What were you doing back then? Buchering a pig? Cutting meat? Or washing pig skin?”

Xiao Bai answered: “Sleeping, isn’t it about accompanying me in my sleep?”

“…” Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping your big head! What she sang wasn’t a lullaby. Zhou Minli slightly looked askance, avoiding the camera’s lens and giving him a sullen look.

Shi Daming finally found an opportunity to ease the tension between two pairs of eyes, “Hey, I think we should first appreciate Minli’s new song —— ‘The Former Me’”

After the song finished playing, the atmosphere finally returned to its original point.

Chen Fei reminded them with the reminder board that the show was about to end in ten minutes.

Shi Daming decided to turn from the passive role into the initiative role this time, and he must never hand over the initiative role to Zhou Minli or Xiao Bai.

“Let me tell you something. I encountered something very strange on my way to the TV station today. Haha… It was really funny.” Shi Daming said. He used his eyes to hint at Xiao Bai to pick up quickly.

This time, Xiao Bai finally lived up to their expectations and quickly replied: “What’s strange?”

“It was…” Shi Daming deliberately paused here. “When I passed by the No. 2 subway station, I saw a junior high student with hair as high as Sendo Akira’s [1]. He was riding his bicycle quickly. His friend rode slower than him, and there was probably half a body distance from each other. Then, I don’t know what his friend said, but he turned around excitedly, and then, haha, then the bicycle ran directly into a telephone pole! Haha…”

([1] 仙道 – Sendo Akira is a fictional character from Slam Dunk – a popular Japanese manga about basketball.)

Xiao Bai stared at him and his eyes clearly said… What are you laughing at?

Nevertheless, Zhou Minli smiled symbolically, “So whether you’re riding a bicycle or driving a car, you must concentrate and pay attention to traffic safety. Being a pretentious prick on the road, in fact, is the most unsightly behavior.”

Why did this good variety show turn into a youth problem talk show?

Shi Daming gloomily reviewed his own broken story, “Oh, yes. Especially in the No. 2 subway station where there are a lot of people, be careful when riding a bicycle. Don’t just seek the need for speed.”

Xiao Bai suddenly said to Zhou Minli, “The second subway station? Ah, I saw your poster there.”

Zhou Minli raised her eyebrows and her eyes were very proud, but she was extremely modest with a smile on her face, “Oh, did you?”

“Yeah, in fact, I always wanted to know what that poster was promoting?” Xiao Bai pondered and thought, “Why must you fall backwards with your hands and legs in the air?”

Fall backwards with hands and legs in the air…

Fall backwards with hands and legs in the air…

Fall backwards with hands and legs in the air…

Chen Fei fell straight back.

Zhou Minli’s smile immediately became very forced, “It’s a cool drink ad. I wasn’t falling, rather, I was playing in the sea.”

Shi Daming looked at her admiringly. He did not expect she could still have kept calm until now.

Xiao Bai understood and nodded, “I just wonder, where did you find such a big puddle to fall into?”

I said it wasn’t falling, it’s playing, I was playing in the water! Zhou Minli’s fingernails dug deeply into her palm.

Shi Daming suddenly clapped his hands and said: “Just now, we talked about Minli’s ‘Loneliness Accompanies Me to Sleep,’ and it makes me want to really hear it from the real person herself again. How about we invite Minli to sing this song for us again?”

Chen Fei came back to life and immediately looked at Zhou Minli, who was unwilling to look at him with his pleading look.

Apart from singing, they could not think of any way to stop Xiao Bai’s shocking language.

Zhou Minli slowly relaxed her right hand, and the four nail prints on her palm were very evident.


After the song, Shi Daming hurriedly said the closing remarks.

“Wrap up!”

When these words echoed in the studio, everyone felt like being reborn again and again after the calamity.

Zhou Minli stepped on her high-heels and walked in front of Xiao Bai. She sneered and said: “As a man, you’re really something.” After going through the battle in the show, she was unable to hold back her gentle mask any longer.

Xiao Bai looked at her fierce face and said: “Huh? Thank you for the compliment.”

Compliment? Which one of his eyes saw that she was complimenting him? Obviously, it was a sarcasm!

What’s more depressing than being struck back by the person you scolded?

It was obvious that it’s you who scolded him mercilessly, but he didn’t understand it for even a bit!

“What do you like about Aaron Feng?” She decided to go straight to the point.

Xiao Bai replied without hesitation: “He gave me a shirt worth more than 500 RMB.”

If Aaron Feng was at the scene right now, he would regret that the shirt he gave Xiao Bai was worth more than 500 RMB instead of more than 50,000 RMB. At least that was more ostentatious and unassuming.

A shirt that costs more than 500 RMB?

Zhou Minli stared into his eyes fiercely, as if she was trying to find a little sign of sarcasm, but after searching for a long time, she found out that he was sincere! “Then, if I gave you a shirt worth more than 600 RMB, will you like me too?”

Xiao Bai turned around to look at her eyes, and apparently, they looked very restless. The same restless Chen Fei was within two meters from them. Xiao Bai then said earnestly: “You’re a guest. Even if you don’t give me a shirt, I must like you, too.”

Zhou Minli felt the flame on her head blazing. Did he just make it clear that if she was not a guest, he would not have liked her even if she gave him a shirt worth more than 600 RMB?!

“You, do you really like to be with a man so much?!” She began to speak without tact.

Xiao Bai recalled what Jia Zhiqing said, so he replied: “If that was the case, I won’t become a playboy.” Jia Zhiqing did not have many principles to say in this lifetime; however, one of them was, ‘As a man, you mustn’t always stay in a crowd of women. It will make it easy for you to become a playboy, and because of that, you won’t be able to find a wife.’

Zhou Minli finally realized that she and him were completely two different people in two different worlds.

However, the world where she was in could not overcome the world that he was in.

“You… Humph! I’ll see how long you’ll be able to stay on good terms with Aaron Feng.” She finally threw her words in hatred and turned away. She was mad at him. Obviously, she forgot to keep her good upbringing to the end. She bid farewell to Chen Fei and the others.

After she left, Chen Fei came over with a gloomy face. Although he knew very well that the mood that one would feel after meeting one’s rival in love was jealousy… but! Looking at the way Xiao Bai hosted on this show, if this continues on, it would not take long before ‘GO!GO!SU……SUPER STAR’ could make their finale, and it was the complete annihilation type.

When he came over to Xiao Bai, he coldly snorted on purpose and strengthened his own imposing manner. However, just when he was about to open his mouth, Xiao Bai took the lead, “Ah, it’s you. When will you give me the money you owed me last time?”

When will you give me the money you owed me last time…

When will you give me the money you owed me last time…

When will you give me the money you owed me last time…

Chen Fei’s eyes turned white and fell straight down again.

Xiao Bai turned around and looked at Shi Daming, “Don’t we need to call an ambulance?”

Shi Daming muttered and said: “There’s no need anymore. You still need to get used to it.” Director Chen, you have to endure this, this is just the beginning! Just like him, Director Chen now also had to endure it!

It was a great pleasure to get off work, especially today when he did not need to go back to Yimate to attend the course. Therefore, when Xiao Bai walked into the elevator, he was in a very good mood. His mood was so good so that he did not realize that Yan Su’ang was beside him, repeatedly giving him meaningful glances.

“Ahem, ahem.” Yan Su’ang finally could not help but make a noise.

Xiao Bai looked back at him in surprise, “When did you come?”

Yan Su’ang’s skill was obviously a bit deeper than Zhou Minli. At least, he was still able to remain calm, “When you haven’t come yet.”

Xiao Bai suddenly said: “No wonder I felt that something was strange when I entered the elevator just now.”

“…Are you saying I’m something strange?”

Xiao Bai finally realized that he said something wrong and hurriedly explained, “of course you’re not a thing.”

The joke about being a thing and not being a thing had been circulating for far too long, so Yan Su’ang did not intend to complicate this matter any longer, “Forget it, we…”


The elevator shook, stopped, and the light went off.

Xiao Bai looked at the pitch-black surrounding. He was just about to open his mouth, when he found that his waist was suddenly encircled by Yan Su’ang’s arm. Yan Su’ang’s voice faintly sounded in his ear, “Quickly make a bit of sound.”

Poot… (Note: Xiao Bai’s fart sound, LOL)

Yan Su’ang quickly realized that the sound originated from below.

Xiao Bai mummbled: “I ate some sweet potatoes for lunch.”

Yan Su’ang slowly loosened his hold on him. He covered his nose and leaned to other side, then he murmured: “Thank you for making me less afraid of the dark. I’ve heard of someone being suffocated by smoke to death, but I’ve never heard of anyone being trapped in the dark to death.”



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