TUMBT : Chapter II – 5

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie

Proofreader: KainGuru

After Mu Xueshi finished talking, when he was about to mount the horse, the Third Prince pulled him. Mu Xueshi looked at the Third Prince with a puzzled look and asked: “Don’t we need to hurry? How far is Imperial Tutor Mu’s manor?”

Quickly, Sun Ye, who was on the side, realized what the Third Prince was thinking. He was slightly surprised in his heart, yet he still pulled away the horse that the Third prince gave to Mu Xueshi.

Mu Xueshi became anxious. He raised his voice to Sun Ye and said: “What are you trying to do? That’s my horse.” After he finished saying that, he turned to the Third Prince and angrily said: “Third Prince, it’s not right for you to do things like this. You obviously gave me that horse, why are you letting others take it away? Is it possible that you’re deceiving me!?”

The Third Prince could not help but laugh in his heart, but on the surface, his face still looked cold. Without explaining anything, he directly turned around and leapt onto his own steed.

Faced with the Third Prince’s cold eyes, Mu Xueshi asked in dismay: “Third Prince, Your Highness, you’re not considering making me run in the back, right? If so, I fear that it’ll be the end of the month before we arrive at Imperial Tutor Mu’s manor with my capability. On top of that, my health isn’t good and I don’t think that you’d be that heartless.”

The Third Prince caught sight of the grievances written on Mu Xueshi’s face and deliberately said: “That’s exactly what it meant.”

Mu Xueshi’s mouth was agape. His sparkling big eyes became gloomy and lifeless. He knew that he could not reason with the Third Prince, so without any better option, he sighed and said: “I’ll try my best to run, but you have to let your magnificent steed run slowly or else you’ll lose me, the prisoner, halfway. Even if you’re derelict…”

Mu Xueshi’s little face crumpled like a dumpling making him look even more pitiful. Even all the servants in the courtyard were inwardly worried in their hearts. They hoped that the Third Prince could take Mu Xueshi to travel together at once.

Mu Xueshi stayed in the residence for a few days. There were a lot of servants who liked his wacky character. This time, when the Third Prince punished Mu Xueshi, Mu Xueshi’s maidservants grieved for a long time.

“Third Prince, Your Highness, please take these few clothes with you on your journey. During the night, the wind’s quite cold. Young Master Xue’s health isn’t good, so it’s better to take these with you.”

All of a sudden, Mu Xueshi became astonished. It was only then that he noticed Qing Yun kneeling beside him. Mu Xueshi liked Qing Yun the most because she was not as timid as the other two maidservants. Qing Yun would occasionally chat with him, with a gentle smile on her face.

The Third Prince have not given his order yet, but Mu Xueshi already took the clothes from Qing Yun’s hands as he smiled and replied: “Thank you, Qing Yun. Qing Yun’s really thoughtful. I like you the most, haha…”

As soon as he uttered those words, Mu Xueshi’s feet left the ground. The Third Prince picked Mu Xueshi up as if he was lifting a chick, and placed Mu Xueshi in front of him, with Mu Xueshi facing him.

When Mu Xueshi’s butt touched the back of the horse, he bounced up like he got electrocuted and a painful look was written all over his face. The Third Prince looked cold and without any consideration for Mu Xueshi’s wounds, he giddy-upped his horse.

The road was bumpy. For several times, Mu Xueshi wanted to say something, but he shrieked miserably instead. He held tightly on the Third Prince’s arms with all his might and begged him every now and then: “It’s too…fast…slow down…”

The Third Prince heard Mu Xueshi, yet it looked like he was intentionally opposing Mu Xueshi. He ferociously whipped the horse, and when the horse felt its master’s command, it swiftly galloped along the road.

Mu Xueshi saw that pleading did not have any effect whatsoever. In despair, he had to hug the Third Prince, with the intention of using the Third Prince’s shoulders as a means of support to get his butt off the back of the horse.

Feeling Mu Xueshi’s warm breaths on his chest, the Third Prince suddenly pulled the reins back. The horse neighed loudly and steadily stopped on the roadside.

The two had already left the Imperial Palace and arrived in a grassland. As soon as the horse stopped, Mu Xueshi’s forehead was covered with beads of sweat. He immediately moved away from the Third Prince’s chest and asked with grievances: “Why did you order Sun Ye to pull the horse away when you gave it to me?”

The Third Prince did not intend to answer Mu Xueshi’s question at all. Even all the servants in the small courtyard knew that Mu Xueshi could not ride a horse, yet Mu Xueshi actually questioned him and misinterpreted his good intentions. Mu Xueshi even dared to say that he liked that little maid in front of the Third Prince.



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