BMHS : Chapter 27.1 – You’re too conspicuous

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: Renkun27, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

When Yan Sui and Meng Ting came out of their room, He Wan had already left. Even though she knew Yan Sui was not the kind who would tell her a lie to deceive her, she still wanted to go and confirm whether this was true before she really believed in it.

She did not believe Yan Sui really transferred ten percent of the Yans’ shares to Meng Ting, when in fact, Yan Sui had only known him for about ten days.

Yan Sui originally did not intend to hide it. Now, He Wan quickly made her people get to the bottom of this.

That ten percent was not entirely transferred from Yan Sui’s name. Four percent of them were bought by Yan Sui, himself, from some investors and collateral descendants of the Yans. He personally collected ten percent of the Yans’ shares and fished the rank of the third major shareholder in the Yans’ company for Meng Ting.

He Wan’s actions, plus this matter, spread quite easily. The fact that Yan Sui gave his future wife ten percent of shares was quickly known by everyone in Haicheng’s noble circle.

In the past, everyone was lustful or optimistic over the position of the wife of the Yans’ patriarch. Because of the Yans, moreover because of Yan Sui, they believed that this alliance by marriage could bring more benefits for both sides of the families involved, but they never thought Yan Sui had such a great style in handling affairs. The hearts of those who were originally jealous of Meng Ting were now dripping with blood.

Among them, the Su Family was the one who regretted the most. They were so close to turning Su Siyu into Yan Sui’s wife. If it was not because of Su Siyu’s obstruction and He Wan‘s sudden change of mind, this position would not have been given to Meng Ting of the Meng Family.

Yan Sui took Meng Ting to eat something at home first, and took Rhubarb to the parterre to stroll for half a lap, then they set off for Meng Yide and Han Xuejun’s residence.

When they arrived at the venue for the banquet, the time had passed eight o’clock. They were not too early, but also not too late.

Yan Sui got out of the car first and all of the gazes from near and far focused on him. Regardless if they were originally smiling or not, everyone raised their heads and smiled. However, it was not the kind of smile that was too flattering and servile; instead, it was the kind that was elegant and decent, to the point that it could be considered as a formulaic smile.

However, Yan Sui did not sweep his gaze to anyone. He pulled another person out of the car from the car sideways, and that other person was an overly good-looking young man.

The car door was already closed, yet Yan Sui still did not let go of the hand of the one beside him. Just like this, Yan Sui led him along with his hand and continued walking over.

Thus, the status of the person beside him could be easily guessed. He must be Meng Ting, the Seventh Young Master of the Mengs — the illegitimate son who just recently returned to the master’s house. However, on top of all this, he had a much more important identity — he was going to be Yan Sui’s wedded wife soon.

The very first ones to greet them as they arrived at the entrance were Meng Ting’s brothers, Meng Jiang and Meng Bo, who were responsible for receiving the guests at the banquet’s drawing room. They continuously looked into Yan Sui’s eyes for quite a while before they perked up a smile on their faces.

“Big Brother Yan, Meng Ting, hurry up. Our parents have been talking about you guys again and again for quite a while now.”

Meng Qi had not been able to enter Yan Sui’s social circle, let alone their brothers. In the past, when they saw Yan Sui, they did not even have the qualification to say hello to him. Now, because of Meng Ting by his side, they seemed to be closer to him than any other person.

“Yeah, yeah,” Meng Jiang spoke first, then Meng Bo supported him. Meng Bo glanced at Meng Ting, and without batting an eyelid, he winked at Meng Ting. Nevertheless, Meng Bo wanted Meng Ting to support them. However, Meng Ting still held Yan Sui’s hand and did not even say hello. It became even more impossible to help them exchange greetings.

Yan Sui turned to his side to look at Meng Ting. He did not seem to be interested in talking to Meng Ting’s brothers as well. Because of this, the scene suddenly became awkward.

At this very moment, Wang Feng, who was a few steps behind them, handed over a gift box to Meng Jiang and said, “This is a birthday present for Third Madame Han from our family head and his wife.”

“Big Brother Yan is too kind.”

Meng Jiang, who did not get a face from Yan Sui and Meng Ting, was naturally awkward, but he still had to smile and accept the gift.

Meng Jiang continued to talk with Wang Feng, while Yan Sui talked to Meng Ting in whispers. The volume was limited to what Meng Ting could hear, but it was not exactly a whisper.

“Is it your first time coming here?”

“Yeah,” Meng Ting nodded. In both of his lifetimes, this was indeed the first time he stepped into the house where his father lived. As expected, he did not feel anything. When he was looking around, he gathered a dozen malicious eyes that were full of curiosity, yet he seemed to feel nothing. This was all the more so because Yan Sui was standing by his side and he felt safe.

“It’s not as big as ours, nor as beautiful as ours.”

Meng Ting definitely did not know much about decorations and designs. He felt that the Yans’ residence was good, purely because of Yan Sui. He felt that wherever Yan Sui was, it was a good place. Of course, that included Yan Sui’s former house which was now their house.

When Yan Sui heard this, the corners of his mouth hooked up to a smile. He lifted his other hand up and ruffled Meng Ting’s hair. After that, he gently said “M-hm” and continued to say: “Once we get to meet the people here, let’s go home early.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting obediently replied while leaning his head on Yan Sui’s hand that was still ruffling his hair.

“Where’s Third Madame Han?” Yan Sui withdrew his hand rather reluctantly and looked at Meng Bo, who looked a little gloomy.

Meng Bo first looked at Meng Ting and then he looked at Yan Sui. With a little look of carefulness and ingratiation, he said, “Our parents are upstairs. The servants have gone there to inform them of your arrival…or should I just lead you there to see them?”

“No need, we’ll wait for them to come down.”

Yan Sui swept his gaze over to Meng Bo, making him feel disheartened. It seemed that Yan Sui could see through all of the thoughts in Meng Bo’s mind at one glance, including his sudden and intense thoughts of currying favor with them.

When Yan Sui looked at Meng Bo, Meng Ting was also looking at him. Meng Ting’s eyebrows were knitted, and he clenched his free hand into a fist, then released it again. When he saw the Mengs, he could not stop himself from thinking about fighting. They could see through the hatred in his eyes, which was much alike the hatred in Yan Sui’s.

I’m obedient. I don’t fight.

Meng Ting said these words to himself several times and at the same time, he slightly tightened his grasp on Yan Sui’s hand.

Han Xuejun and Meng Yide did not stay downstairs and went back to their room at the second floor to talk, and it was actually because of Meng Ting.

The news of Yan Sui transferring ten percent of the Yans‘ shares to Meng Ting’s name had reached their ears. With this, not only did Meng Ting play a vital role for the Yans, but also for the Mengs. Even though they were his foster parents, they still could not neglect him.

This was what the Old Master had personally warned them about over the phone, and that might not only be a warning, but also an order.

One’s luck was hard to tell. Originally, Meng Ting was a mere good-for-nothing, who was just used for the benefit of the Mengs. Owing to a blind luck, this lucky bastard took the opportunity to make He Wan take fancy of him; however, they did not expect that this luck also made Yan Sui look at him with special regards.



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