Jubo : Text 023. A Handsome Guy May Also be a Thief

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: KainGuru

Wang Ning’an was a capable man, but he did not enter a big company after he graduated from college.

Heeding Papa Wang’s persuasions, Wang Cheng’s big brother actually thought about starting his own business, a few years before his graduation. At that time he started a pharmaceutical company. There were only two people in the company. The other one was his big brother’s close friend who had shared the same room with him for four years. However, because of the shortage of funds, and since a big company would like to acquire it, the company eventually disappeared.

With his big brother’s strong personality, he never wanted to see the company that he founded himself be acquired by another company, then later on shut down that small company.

Despite the setback he encountered, his big brother was indeed a capable person. He had only been in this big company for about a year and a half, yet he already became the vice-president of the company. Because of his outstanding performance, the company gave him an apartment half a year ago, which was the same apartment where he was living in now.

The apartment was located in an upscale neighborhood in the heart of the city, not far from his big brother’s company.

Wang Cheng took a taxi ride which took less than fifteen minutes, but because the taxi could not enter the neighborhood, the driver could only park the taxi outside the neighborhood.

Before leaving work, Wang Cheng used their company’s phone to call his Big Brother. Unfortunately, Wang Ning’an had to hold an emergency meeting and could not pick up the call. Because the time of the meeting was uncertain, Wang Ning’an let him go to the apartment by himself. He also told Wang Cheng where the spare key of the apartment was located, but the clever Wang Ning’an missed the point that his younger brother was a relatively unscrupulous person, so he was stopped by the neighborhood’s security guards, who regarded him as suspicious.

Wang Cheng’s luggage was only one simple suitcase, which only contained a few clothes. Since he returned home, he never thought about buying new clothes. Even his family did not notice it. This was all because he was already used to not having new clothes. Mama Wang was as busy as a spinning top everyday and she forgot that her second son was going to work in the city, so his usual clothes like what he was wearing now would definitely not work.

“Big Brother, I’m not a bad person. I came to see my big brother. He lives here. If you don’t believe it, you can check on it. My big brother is Wang Ning’an and lives in apartment No. 202 on the 18th floor of Building B.” Wang Cheng explained patiently to the security guard, who detained him. However, it seemed like no matter how he explained it, the opposite party was unconvinced.

“Even if you’re telling the truth, what thief wouldn’t look into the homeowner’s information beforehand?” The security guard’s expression of ‘If you’ll treat me like a fool, I won’t fall for it’ was adequacy hurled on Wang Cheng.

“Have you ever seen a thief who’s as bright, honest and righteous as me? If I was a thief, how could I possibly come up to you on my own initiative?”

“That’s true, I’ve never seen one, but I’ve seen unkempt thieves like you.”

Wang Cheng was angry, but he still tried to reason with the security guard. He did not want to wait until his big brother comes back from the meeting and see that he was still standing here.

“Big brother, look at my face, isn’t it very upright and dashing? How can someone like me be a thief? You better release me and let me in.”

“No matter how dashing it is, who says that handsome guys can’t be thieves? Look at yourself, perhaps you’ve been dallying with women. You may insist you don’t, but unless you can come up with evidence, I’ll never let you in. This is my responsibility. Please don’t make it difficult for me, or else I’ll call the police.” The security guard felt that he had never met such a thick-skinned man. Being handsome would not prevent him from blocking Wang Cheng.

Wang Cheng felt stuffy in his chest. This chap was obviously jealous of his dashing looks.

At the moment, a black sports car drove toward the neighborhood’s gate. The security guard immediately left Wang Cheng and went out. He bent over with a flattering look, as if Wang Cheng and the one in the car were two different kinds of people. There was an instant difference in the treatment. As expected, fine clothes make the man. Wang Cheng had a deep understanding of this.

It was so hard to subdue his anger so Wang Cheng also went out. However, the moment the window of the black sport car rolled down, Chu Yifeng’s familiar face appeared like the warm glow of an angel, illuminating his ‘dark’ heart in an instant. He almost cried out of joy.

“Wang Cheng?”

While Wang Cheng was still excited, Chu Yifeng had already called his name. He obviously saw Wang Cheng appear here. At first, he was also surprised. Afterwards, he immediately thought that Wang Cheng’s big brother might also live here.

“Boss, it’s great to see you.” Wang Cheng ran to him. “Boss, can you take me in? The security guard here is too much. I said that my big brother lives here. He just won’t believe it. Say, do I look like a thief? I’m obviously a fine young man with a well-developed morality, intelligence, body and looks. How could I be a thief? His eyes must be covered with gum and hasn’t been washed for many years.”

Chu Yifeng measured Wang Cheng with his eyes. No wonder he was treated like a thief. Wang Cheng’s face was much thicker than he thought, “Hop in.”

Wang Cheng looked at the security guard, who had been staring at him, with pride in his eyes: “See, I told you I’m not a thief. Remember to wash your eyes more later.”

The car then drove off.



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