BMHS : Chapter 27.2 – You’re too conspicuous

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: KainGuru

What was Yan Sui thinking and what particular scheme did he have in mind? Even Old Master Meng could not be sure of it. However, there was one thing that could be clearly seen — Meng Ting, for a fact, had transformed from an insignificant marriage alliance chess piece, into someone who could not be neglected by both sides of the families, not even by any family in Haicheng.

“What are you worried about? I don’t think Meng Ting has that kind of intelligence.” Meng Yide looked at Han Xuejun, and there was a slight impatience written on his face.

He and even Old Master Meng thought that it was a good thing for the Mengs if Yan Sui liked Meng Ting. Han Xuejun did not meet the guests whatsoever. It was as if she was facing a formidable foe so she pulled him here to discuss. He felt this was unnecessary and gradually grew impatient.

“Intelligence…” Han Xuejun said with a sneer, as if she was mocking Meng Yide’s naivety. “He can make Yan Sui do this for him in such a short period of time, and you said he doesn’t have such intelligence? I think…all of you are being deceived by him.”

Han Xuejun actually said ‘all of you’ to point out three people — Meng Yide, Meng Yigui, as well as their mother, Li Yifei.

“A man of great wisdom often seems slow-witted, or should I say a pig disguised itself to eat the tiger?” Han Xuejun had no smile on her face, she continued, “Think about it again, how did your family treat him all these years? It would be nice if he won’t use Yan Sui to help him retaliate against the Mengs.”

The impatience on Meng Yide’s face disappeared, his brows began to rise, and his next expression became serious. Like what Han Xuejun said, it was not totally impossible. The second branch of their family and Meng Ting were really not that close and the Mengs did not show much kindness to him as well.

Han Xuejun looked at his face and gave him a look of ridicule. She did not think that any of Meng Yide’s three illegitimate sons and daughter were easy to handle. Of course, she also somewhat made an error of judgement about this Meng Ting.

Knock, knock. There was a knocking sound at the door. Han Xuejun and Meng Yide subconsciously straightened up as they sat, then Meng Yide said, “Come in.”

A maid came in and whispered, “Sir, Madame, Third Young Master asked me to tell you that Seventh Young Master and The Yans’ patriarch have arrived.”

Han Xuejun and Meng Yide looked at each other. Slowly, they stood up and tidied up their clothes, then together, they came out of the room and went downstairs.

Meng Jiang and Meng Bo were still accompanying Yan Sui and Meng Ting, but in fact, only Wang Feng was talking to them. Yan Sui and Meng Ting occasionally whispered a few words to each other and both of them were obviously giving Meng Ting’s brothers a cold-shoulder.

Both Meng Jiang and Meng Bo lost their faces. Meng Xiao and Meng Qin were also not foolish enough to come forward and let those two give them a cold-shoulder.

However, when Meng Yide and Han Xuejun came, Meng Xiao and Meng Qin moved close to each other. Obviously, they were still looking greedily at Yan Sui.

“Dad, Mom.” Meng Ting moved closer to Yan Sui and called their attention, then kept silent.

“It’s good you came here. I was originally thinking about asking your father to give you a call.”

Han Xuejun started talking to Meng Ting with a smile. At the same time, she came closer and seemed to want to pull Meng Ting’s hand, but she was avoided without exception. More precisely, it was Yan Sui who pulled Meng Ting to avoid her.

Even if Han Xuejun wanted to lose her temper, she did not dare to throw a fit. Her smile faded and swept her gaze over to Meng Ting, as if she wanted to see right through him.

Yan Sui and Meng Yide exchanged a few words, but Han Xuejun had nothing to say. Of course, Han Xuejun had a reputation among the Mengs, but for Yan Sui of the Yans, this reputation of hers was nothing. Yan Sui chatted with Meng Yide, but this was all for Meng Ting’s reputation.

Once in a while, Meng Ting would look at Han Xuejun and others’ eyes, and felt a little more uncomfortable in his heart. However, he licked his lips and did his best not to show this discomfort. No doubt, he was very certain that he did not like them. Even if they did not show any freezing irony and scorching satire at the moment, and even had some unconscious flattery incorporated in their words, he still did not like them.

He had been very miserable with his life. He himself was partly to be blamed, but still, the Mengs were the first to bury the funerary dolls [1]. However, to say that Meng Ting hated them so much, he actually did not. It was not because they were not hateful enough to be blamed, but for Meng Ting, hating a person was a really tiring and laborious matter. Even in this life, he did not want spend more of these thoughts on them.

([1] An idiom which means “the creator of a bad precedent.”)

There were many guests coming and going. It was impossible for Han Xuejun and Meng Yide to walk around and talk to them all, so after exchanging greetings with them, they dispersed.

Meng Xiao still had a board and bandages on his hand. On several occasions, he cast a sorrowful look at Meng Ting, but Meng Ting never noticed it. Because of this, Meng Xiao was stupefied. He and even many other people could not figure out how such a boring person like Meng Ting could make Yan Sui do this for him until this extent.

When those people left, Meng Ting immediately heaved a sigh of relief. He raised his eyes and carefully looked at Yan Sui, then he said in distress, “You’re too conspicuous.”

Tonight, rather than concerning himself with those malicious gazes, what Meng Ting was more concerned about was those eyes on Yan Sui. Seeing those eyes on Yan Sui, that seemed to want to eat him as if he was a piece of meat, made Meng Ting very terrified. His Yan Sui was definitely someone that he did not want to give to anyone for them to ‘eat.’

When Yan Sui heard this, the smile in his eyes became a little more intense. He gently rubbed his thumb on the back of Meng Ting’s hand and using the same distressed tone, he said, “Then, what should I do about it?”

Meng Ting blinked when he heard these words. He moved a little closer to Yan Sui, stood on his tiptoes, then whispered in Yan Sui’s ear, “It’s got nothing to do with you, they’re just not nice. Besides, you’re married to me.”

“Shall I show them our marriage certificate?” Yan Sui asked. Meng Ting swept his eyes around. Each and every pair of eyes around them were looking straight at them. He immediately rejected this idea and said, “They might want to tear up our marriage certificate, this won’t do. It’s so annoying, you’re all mine…”

Meng Ting continued to mutter and complain, but Yan Sui could not help but smile. From the corners of his mouth to the corners of his eyes, he was smiling, which was very charming. He ruffled Meng Ting’s hair and said, “Don’t worry, they wouldn’t dare.”

They were right in front of him, yet did not have the courage to speak up like Meng Ting, who was totally unaffected by his presence on the spot. More importantly, he was sure that he would not be taken away by anyone other than Meng Ting.

Meng Ting turned his eyes and thought for a bit, then nodded.

“Maybe I should become better, so I can help you to drive them away.”

He depended on Yan Sui for everything. He should work hard, too. He was a man, too, but he was always hiding under Yan Sui’s wings, was he not a little too useless?

Yan Sui still had nothing to say, yet Meng Ting shook his head again and said, “No, I’m already useless from the start. Becoming better won’t do me any good.”

Others may be able to get better if they worked hard; however, it was just no use no matter how hard he tried.

Yan Sui sighed softly and took Meng Ting outside. Everyone’s gazes followed them all the way, until their figures disappeared completely, then those people withdrew their gazes.

Finally, Yan Sui found a secluded place where he and Meng Ting could talk in peace for a while.

“Your fighting skill’s very fierce, how can it be useless? You’re great at taking care of Rhubarb and Furball, how can it be useless? You’re honest, simple, sincere, and brave—Meng Ting you’re awesome. In my eyes, you’re better than anyone else.”

Yan Sui thought that what Meng Ting now was all because of the Mengs doing and because he was ignored by his own grandmother. Meng Ting himself had no problem with his principles. Even if he had problems with it, it was also not the major issue. He was great — even better than what Yan Sui said about him.

Meng Ting looked up at Yan Sui. His eyes were wide open, but little by little, his eyelashes got wet.

“Yan Sui, don’t you really think you’ve got it wrong? I’m not good. I’ve always been useless.”

All of his efforts were very laborious. Those that most people think were simple, but he had to spend tens of times or even hundreds of times to learn. People said that diligence could make up for one’s weaknesses, yet he felt that his ‘stupidity’ was difficult to mend.

“No, I don’t find that I’m wrong.” Yan Sui raised his hands and caressed Meng Ting’s cheeks. He wiped Meng Ting’s cheeks gently with his fingertips, then he wiped off those glittering and translucent crystal-like tears from Meng Ting’s eyelashes that made him feel distressed.

Meng Ting blinked, stood on his tiptoes once again, and kissed Yan Sui on his lips. After he gently kissed Yan Sui’s lips, he then landed on his heels. He leaned gently into Yan Sui’s embrace and said, “I believe in you.”

He was enlightened that Yan Sui liked him and it was only then that he felt he was good. In other people’s eyes, he was still not good enough and still not worthy of Yan Sui; however, did that matter? He only needed Yan Sui to think that he was good.

“Since you say I’m good, then I’m good,” Apart from these, he also wanted to be a little better than he was now and if possible, he would make Yan Sui like him even more.

Yan Sui embraced Meng Ting, his tone was gentler than ever, “We have an entire lifetime, take it easy, don’t worry about it.”

“Yeah,” Meng Ting responded, then he wrapped his hands tightly around Yan Sui.

In this lifetime, Yan Sui’s words were like music to his ears. He likes it!



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