SP: Chapter 50. Dinner with My Wolf

While the staff determined to limit the accessibility of electronic devices to the students, there were some concessions made. They allowed many little things that were simply quality-of-life improvements, such as electric razors, hot plates for cooking, desk lamps, alarm clocks, watches, and so forth.

One thing that was had been under consideration for quite some time was allowing portable CD/DVD players and allowing students to check out media from the library. Ultimately, it was determined that as long as it didn’t interrupt the student’s study habits or corrupt their morals, the implementation of this would begin in December of that year, before the holiday, much to the delight of the student body.

There was also a discussion of allowing video games but, due to some high-profile violent video games, the discussion was stalled, much to the sadness of the student body.

—Electronics and St. Catherine’s


Kato was standing before door 560. He smelled something amazing all the way down the hallway and he was now standing in front of the source. His stomach growled. He lightly knocked on the door. It opened and Takahashi smiled and waved Kato in.

On the desk were many ingredients in bowls. It all smelled so amazing.

“Here, let me make it for you.” Takahashi took a large bowl and started mixing the ingredients.

Kato’s mind with buzzing with questions, but the only thing that came out was, “How?”

Takahashi chuckled. “If you have money, you can get almost anything done.”


“Yeah,” Takahashi continued as he was making himself a bowl. “I started this at breakfast this morning. I had to go to the kitchen and pay someone to keep watch on things all day.

“Where’d you get the ingredients?”

“Well, between you and me, there is a nice staff member who will run errands and buy me stuff if I pay him good, which I do.”

“Oh,” Kato remarked. “Where did you get the money?”

Takahashi laughed. “All these questions.”

“Sorry,” Kato quickly apologized.

“Don’t worry about it. I did mention my parents are stupidly rich. My father put a ton of money into my account when I first got here and every month a bunch more is automatically deposited. By the time I graduate here, it will be many times the amount I would need to get into the best college, or even go abroad if I wanted to. I think it’s my father’s way of buying me off, absolving himself of all parental responsibility, and wanting me to disappear after high school.”

Takahashi sighed a little as he was still preparing food. “I guess it doesn’t really matter. I’ve never really spent much time with him. Feels like I hardly even know him. So, after high school, I plan on doing just that: disappearing.”

“Sounds lonely,” Kato said.

“Bah! Let’s just eat! That’s still two years away. No sense worrying about it now when there’s great food to be eaten.

“Yes!” Kato exclaimed.

“This is my specialty. I hope you like it.” Takahashi handed a bowl with chopsticks and a spoon to Kato and had him sit in the chair. He took his own bowl and sat on his bunk. They both began to eat.

“There is plenty, Ren-san. Eat all you like.”

Kato nodded with a mouthful. He tried to think of words that could describe how wonderful this dish was, but out of the two languages he knew, none seemed to even be close. So, he settled and simply said, “Delicious.”

“Glad you like it.” Takahashi replied.

They ate in peace for some time. Kato did have a second bowl. “I haven’t had anything this good since before mom passed away.”

Takahashi smiled. “That’s some compliment. Was she a good cook?”

“Yeah, when she did cook. She tried to care for me as best she could but I think the boyfriend-of-the-week was always more important to her and so we ate a lot of quick-to-prepare meals, fast food, and stuff.”

Takahashi smirked. “Is that why you are so short?”

Kato glared as he wielded a chopstick in his hand like a dagger. “You are not funny.”

Takahashi started laughing.

After they were finished, Takahashi collected everything, sealed the containers, and cleaned up. Kato tried to offer to help but Takahashi vehemently refused and told him that as his guest, Kato was expected to just be a good boy and accept the offered hospitality gracefully. This was certainly a new experience for Kato. No friend of his that he ever had before ever went to such lengths to do something for him. Kato still couldn’t shake the feeling that Takahashi would expect something in return.

The door opened and Aizawa entered. Kato stood and gave him a polite greeting. Aizawa replied with his own polite greeting.

Takahashi spoke up, “Kato-san. Go take a shower and come back at 9. Okay?”

“Okay. See you then.” Kato waved and left the room and returned to his.


Kato grabbed this little bag of stuff which contained a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and a towel. He’d never spent the night at a friend’s house, ever. He really wasn’t sure what to bring.

“Hey Kato-san. Listen up,” Tachibana said as he looked up from his book.

Kato looked over at him. “Yes?”

“All joking aside, by doing this swap, you are stuck with him all night. You cannot come back here.”

Kato hadn’t considered this. “Oh?”

“If you attempt to, you’ll face the wrath of that old little nun and also fuck up everything for me and Aizawa-san since he’s here where you should be.

“I understand,” Kato replied solemnly.

“Another thing, you can refuse Takahashi if he tries to have sex with you. Just say no. I don’t know if he would try it but, again, I don’t think he would force you. But just speak up for yourself if it comes to that.”

Kato appreciated Tachibana’s attempt to give him some encouragement.

“Lastly, thanks for doing this. Aizawa-san is bringing some leftovers for us. I haven’t had tonkatsu in a very long time. If all it takes for him to cook such great food is for you to sell your ass in exchange, I say let him fuck you as often as he wants, and we all benefit.”

Kato both blushed and turned red from embarrassed and anger at the same time. “Fuck off!” he growled. He could never figure out whether Tachibana was actually a nice guy or not. Tachibana put his book over his face and started laughing hard.




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