Jubo : Text 024. Fated

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: tend0u

Proofreader: KainGuru

“Boss, I didn’t expect you lived in this neighborhood. It seems that we’re quite fated. Oh right, which building do you live in?” Although this was Wang Cheng’s first time entering a high-end neighborhood, he had attended senior high school. He also had experienced all of the experiences that he should have in those three years, so he did not look like a country bumpkin who just entered the city for the first time.

Chu Yifeng parked the car in the basement parking lot. This Tranquil Community was not particularly large, but there were scenic ponds and other sceneries, and the floor space was still relatively spacious.

Wang Cheng followed him out. He did not know how the buildings here were distinguished. He quickly stopped Chu Yifeng, who was preparing to move forward, and asked, “Boss, how do you go to Building B?”

“Straight ahead.” The man did not even turn around.

“Straight ahead?” Wang Cheng gazed at his boss’s direction. Does he mean I should follow him? He looked around. Although it was time to get off work, he did not see any other people. He was afraid that he could not ask for directions and others may not tell him, so it seemed that he could only follow his boss.

Until they drew near, only then did Wang Cheng see the letter B. It turned out that this was what he meant about ‘straight ahead.’ His boss actually lived in the same building as his big brother. This fate was deeper than he thought.

“Boss, sorry to bother you but please help me click on the 18th floor.”

Wang Cheng ran into the elevator that was about to close. After he finished saying this, he looked up and saw that the button on the 18th floor was already lit. There were only two of them in the elevator. It was self-explanatory that Chu Yifeng had pressed it. He looked at Chu Yifeng. The latter was also looking at him. There was not much hint of surprise in their eyes, yet in their hearts, they were fearful and surprised about their predestined relationship.

On the 18th floor, Chu Yifeng took the lead to go out.

Wang Cheng walked out of the elevator and saw him go to the apartment that was marked No. 201. Chu Yifeng took out his key and opened the door. The man entered, and this finally confirmed that his boss also lived on this floor. Perhaps, in the future, he could write a story about his daily life as neighbors with his boss.

Ordinary employees may feel terrified about this. The boss would be like an august leader, supervising you at work, and also watching you when you get off work, afraid that every day would be dangerous and upsetting. However, for Wang Cheng, that was not the case. He thought that the boss was actually quite easy to get along with. On the surface, Chu Yifeng did not look easy to get along with, but he was really a good man.

This peaceful neighborhood was part of the business district. It was suitable for people who worked in large companies and were single. For instance, for people like CEOs, who should act accordingly to their status. The interior design of this place was very luxurious and it could also be based on the owner’s preferences. However, for Wang Ning’an’s apartment, it was given by the company, so it had been renovated.

The apartment was a loft, the interior was very spacious, and it had white as the main tone. It was not particularly warm. There was no personal touch in it. It was really spacious to live alone in here. Even if there was one more person added, it still felt too spacious.

Wang Cheng took off his shoes and found a hidden shoe cabinet at the entrance after circling and looking around the apartment. Majority of the shoes there were leather, there were a few sports shoes, and there was only one pair of indoor slippers. It was obviously his big brother’s. In order to prevent his big brother from coming back without a pair of slippers, he decided not to wear them for the time being.

He threw his luggage on the carpet, next to the sofa.

The apartment had three bedrooms, one living room and two bathrooms. In addition to the master bedroom, one of the other two rooms was changed into a study by the big brother. Wang Cheng stood at the door and saw bookshelves and desks in it. There were many books on the bookshelf. Even though they were brothers, he did not dare to break in without consent.

The third bedroom was obviously his room. Wang Cheng looked at it briefly. The furniture inside was newly bought, and it seemed to be done in a hurry. No furniture was placed in the position where it should be.

Wang Cheng hesitated for a few seconds at the door, and finally decided to cook first.

However, he obviously overestimated his big brother. The kitchen was very clean and tidy. At first glance, it looked like it was not usually used. Inside the refrigerator, except for drinks and beer, there was nothing like vegetables and meat. Finally, he saw a few transparent plastic cases in the trash, which were obviously some frozen foods. He finally found out what his big brother usually ate.

Back to the living room, Wang Cheng touched his already hungry flat belly. Even a skillful man could also hardly cook a meal without rice. Had he known this earlier, he would have gone directly to the supermarket when he got off work. He could always ask around for directions to find his way.

Wang Cheng was lying flat on the sofa.

At this time, the landline in the living room rang. When he picked up the phone, he heard the voice of his big brother. He looked at the clock on the wall and it was already eight o’clock.

His big brother told him that he might have to come back in half an hour or so to let him eat dinner first.

Wang Cheng put down the phone and looked at the door silently.



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