TUMBT : Chapter II – 7

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

While they were on the way, Mu Xueshi woke up from his sleep. He opened his eyes and saw that the Third Prince was still there, so he felt at ease and slept again. The Third Prince leisurely went along the road as he held Mu Xueshi in his arms, as if they were in no hurry at all.

When they arrived at Imperial Tutor Mu’s manor, it was almost noon. The servants at the manor saw that the Third Prince had come to the manor in person, and all of them knelt in unison at the entrance to greet him. Among them, there was also Imperial Tutor Mu’s wife, Mu Wan’er, and his male lover, Wu Cai.

Seeing this situation and the look on those people’s faces, Mu Xueshi could not help but sigh inwardly. The Third Prince was indeed very powerful. He had completely forgotten his own identity, stood by the Third Prince’s side, and looked around, with an excited look on his face.

Wu Cai first noticed the Third Prince. The world’s most handsome man was indeed extraordinary. Although he always heard everyone’s praises for the Third Prince, to date, this was his first time seeing the Third Prince. Wu Cai then turned his attention again to Mu Xueshi. He had long heard that Mu Xueshi’s looks was changed by the Third Prince. Little did he expect that such an ugly face like that could also be transformed to such a look. Indeed, there was a lot of good things in the Third Prince’s possession.

Mu Xueshi’s gaze came into contact with Wu Cai’s and this suddenly gave him goosebumps. How should he describe this man’s look on his face? Mu Xueshi pondered and finally, one adjective came to his mind — sinister.

He did not understand how he had such a first impression of that man. Wu Cai was born more charming than any girl in their family — long and narrow eyes, red lips and white teeth, and gaze overflowing with charm. Although Wu Cai was really good-looking, he had a different type of beauty when compared to the Third Prince’s looks. Between the two of them, Mu Xueshi still preferred the Third Prince’s distinct beauty.

With this in his mind, Mu Xueshi looked intently at the Third Prince from left to right, then he gently pulled the Third Prince’s sleeve and told him on the quiet: “You’re still cooler!”

The Third Prince did not know what the word ‘cool’ meant, but he had heard Mu Xueshi say it multiple times, so he had a rough idea about what it meant.

It turned out that Mu Xueshi was comparing him with this lowly one. The Third Prince did not feel annoyed whatsoever; however, he focused on the change of Mu Xueshi’s attitude.

The one that the previous Mu Xueshi hated the most was none other than Wu Cai. Not only did Wu Cai like to ridicule Mu Xueshi’s appearance behind his back, but he was also depraved by nature — as long as he meets a man with good looks, he would have evil desires.

However, Imperial Tutor Mu really doted on Wu Cai, making him quite arrogant and despotic in the manor. He also did not care about anyone. He always treated Mu Xueshi coldly and coupled with the fact that Wu Cai and Mu Xueshi were almost the same age, Mu Xueshi had no respect for him.

The Third Prince coldly said ‘Rise’ and after that, he went straight into the front hall. Mu Xueshi followed him from behind and looked around. Everything he saw felt new, so he kept on talking for a moment. Later on, he noticed the Third Prince’s grave expression and that the Third Prince did not listen to what he uttered, so he quickly stopped talking and conscientiously followed the Third Prince from behind.

Wu Cai looked at the back of Mu Xueshi’s figure and he was very surprised. There was no other part of this man that indicated he was Mu Xueshi, except that he was somewhat similar in stature to the previous Mu Xueshi. If Housekeeper Wang did not greet him in advance, Wu Cai definitely would not recognize this man as Mu Xueshi, who he had been treating with disdain.

Housekeeper Wang was very old. He staggeringly followed the Third Prince and Mu Xueshi from behind. Mu Xueshi heard him panting from behind, so he could not help but turn around and ask, “Uncle, would you like me to help you?”

This uncle, who was called Housekeeper Wang, suddenly had an abrupt change in his complexion. He knelt on the ground and trembled. Housekeeper Wang’s speech had already been unclear, and it even worsened now that he was keyed up. He hemmed and hawed, but no words would come out of his trembling lips. At that moment, the Imperial Tutor’s wife also came over. She did not look at Housekeeper Wang, who was kneeling on the ground; instead, she went to give her courtesy to the Third Prince first, then she turned her eyes to Mu Xueshi.

“Xue’er, you’re back. Why didn’t you say hello to your mother first? You really make mother miss you. Xue’er, you’ve had a rough time.” After saying that, the lady genuinely picked up her handkerchief and wiped it over her eyes.

Mu Xueshi was dumbfounded at first before he was able to react. This was his house. Therefore, if this woman was the lady of the household, then she was his mother. He looked at Housekeeper Wang first, who was still trembling on the ground, and responded apologetically to the Imperial Tutor’s wife: “Mother, I’m fine. Please give me a moment and I’ll help Uncle stand up first.”

After saying that, Mu Xueshi really stooped down to help Housekeeper Wang stand up. Housekeeper Wang quickly said with hoarse voice: “I’m absolutely useless!” Then he struggled to get up by himself. He looked overwhelmed by this unexpected favor, then he said to Mu Xueshi: “Young Master, even if this old slave dies, I’ll die in contentment.”

Mu Xueshi was quite upset when he realized that this old man was a servant here. He did not expect that there are people who would serve others all throughout their lifetime. Nobody even gave a hand to this old man when he fell down.



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