BMHS : Chapter 28.1 – They’re crazy, you’re cute

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: synecdoche-acookie

Proofreader: KainGuru

Meng Qi and Su Siyu saw Yan Sui and Meng Ting embracing each other before, and it was also the same this time around. Last time, they deliberately followed them; however, this time, it was a sheer accident that they ran into them.

Meng Qi felt quite vexed. Previously, there was a time when he and Su Siyu were passionately in love. When they both mutually felt good about each other, Su Siyu abruptly broke up with him, and that was absolutely ruthless.

Now, Su Siyu was looking for him again. If Su Siyu wants to rekindle their relationship, Meng Qi was not really against that possibility. After all, Su Siyu was indeed a rare high-grade beauty in his eyes.

It was obvious that Su Siyu did not share the same opinion. He again tried to find Meng Qi, aiming for not him, rather his younger brother Meng Ting and younger brother-in-law Yan Sui, even if this made him feel uncomfortable.

Su Siyu deliberately blocked Meng Qi near the southern entrance of the Mengs’ residence. As soon as he blocked Meng Qi, the two of them went to the side. Before they could even say anything, they saw Meng Ting had kissed Yan Sui and Yan Sui did not dislike it in the least. At this moment, he even took the boy in his embrace like a treasure and did it as gentle as he wanted it to be.

Were it not for Yan Sui’s highly-recognizable face, Su Siyu would have thought that he was mistaken, but no—that was Yan Sui; however, the one he was embracing now was Meng Ting, not him.

Su Siyu had not seen them for a few days, and the two had developed to the point of kissing each other…then should they go to bed in a few days? Did this Meng Ting, perhaps, win over Yan Sui through his skills in bed? Su Siyu knew that this was impossible, but he still could not help thinking like this.

“Look at them, their relationship’s awfully good. What are you fooling around with?”

Seeing Meng Ting taking the initiative in kissing Yan Sui, it somewhat made Meng Qi upset in his heart. Meng Ting always guarded against him, even when Meng Qi treated him as his younger brother; yet, in front of Yan Sui, how could he become a completely different person? After all, he was Meng Ting’s older brother.

Su Siyu could not laugh even if he wanted to. He really could not tell if Yan Sui was acting or was serious, but no doubt, Yan Sui was originally the one he wanted to win over. However, right before his eyes, Yan Sui was kissed by someone who came out of nowhere.

Of course, compared to this kind of uncomfortable dissatisfaction, he was angrier because of what Yan Sui did today. That was ten percent of the Yans’ shares! He really could not figure out what was so special about Meng Ting that was enough for Yan Sui to give him what he had never given to anyone else before.

The more that he looked at them, the more that he felt crushed. Su Siyu grabbed Meng Qi by his wrist and pulled him to the corner.

He really had something to do with Meng Qi, but it was not what Meng Qi thought it was; instead, it was real business.

“I want to purchase some of your family’s perfume formulae,” Su Siyu leaned against a tree, with his face devoid of any smile. His seriousness could be felt in his tone, “If you feel you’ve lost out, I can give you some shares, we can work together.”

The tips of Meng Qi’s brows rose. His gaze at Su Siyu was somewhat indescribable, “How much are you willing to pay?”

“Two million, I have this money for the time being, I can also use the shares to offset part of it.” Su Siyu’s face was almost concealed in the shadows, nevertheless his eyes were particularly gleaming. It seemed that he firmly believed that if he and Meng Qi make a deal, he would certainly be able get back the original profit.

However, Meng Qi was truly surprised. The light in his eyes faintly dimmed. He could only laugh contemptuously for a long time. It felt as if Su Siyu was playing with him again.

“Perfume formulae? Indeed, our family has a perfume corporation, but it produces extremely low-class products. The profit per year isn’t even enough buy both madams and young misses jewelry. Are you sure you want to spend more than two million and buy those formulae from me?”

Upon hearing what he said, Su Siyu stood straight, and moved a step forward. His dazzling eyes locked on to Meng Qi. He only opened his mouth again after a long time, but he was more serious than before, “The two million isn’t for those average formulae. I want the ancestral formula of the Mengs.”

In the future, the perfume company of the Mengs fell into the hands of the second branch of the family. It relied on a few first-class formulae that turned directly into the legendary tree of the Mengs that sheds coins when shaken. The second branch of the Meng Family had such money, which naturally pressured the senior branch of the family. Meng Qi’s right of succession was then passed into others’ hands and Su Siyu thought that it had a lot to do with the ownership of this perfume company.

Of course, he did not look for Meng Qi just to change his fate. He also wanted to make a career out of it. He would let Yan Sui know that, as compared to Meng Ting or any other person, he was a better match for him.

“Ancestral perfume formula?” Meng Qi shook his head, “I certainly haven’t heard our family having such Ancestral perfume formula…even if we possessed it, why the need to hide it and not take it out to make money.” Even if, at the moment, the Mengs were not short of money, they would not mind it to have more money. How could they hide it and not use it?

Meng Qi reached out to pinch Su Siyu’s chin, and moved even closer to him, “And where did you hear such nonsense…don’t tell me…you actually can’t forget about me and are still thinking about me, so you deliberately used this deal to hang on to me?”

After Meng Qi said this, he flirted with Su Siyu, but Su Siyu’s reaction about him not knowing about the ancestral formula was much greater than what he expected.

“How can that be… It’s obvious that…” He bit his lip and almost said something he should never say, then he slapped Meng Qi’s hand away and added, “You better go back to your family and have a good look. If you will let your second family branch obtain it, it’ll allow them to earn a full pot and full ladle of something that you’ll surely regret!”

Although Meng Qi was certain that it was impossible for the Mengs to possess such a hidden ancestral formula, what Su Siyu said was related to the dispute between the two branches, so it was also impossible for him not to take it seriously.

Meng Qi nodded and responded, “I’ll look into it.” Then he warned, “As far as Meng Ting is concerned, you better not have any misconceptions. He is also from my branch of the family!”

After Su Siyu heard what Meng Qi said, he almost sneered. After some time, he somehow managed to control his raging fury and nodded to Meng Qi.

In the future, he could still use Meng Qi, so Su Siyu did not want to become hostile with him. Otherwise, when Meng Qi was shielding Meng Ting, he could just not respond to him.

When the two men—one in front and one at the back—went to the drawing room of the first floor, Yan Sui had already returned with Meng Ting. At the moment, the banquet was advancing to the important part. A crowd of people surrounded a cake and were singing happy birthday.

Meng Yide took the lead in singing. He even gave Han Xuejun an expensive present intimately and kissed her on the cheek. Han Xuejun happily smiled and the guests around them smiled and gave her their blessings. It was very joyous and harmonious, though everyone basically knew right then and there that out there, Meng Yide’s lover and mistress’s illegitimate children were everywhere.

“Ting’er, Yan Sui, come and eat cake,” Han Xuejun unexpectedly said this particularly to the two, who were neither speaking nor smiling in the corner.

Yan Sui swept his glance to Meng Ting, then took a slice of cake and handed it over to Meng Ting, “Eat.”

Han Xuejun smiled stiffly and handed him over another plate with a slice of cake. He had no intention of receiving it and yet, Yan Sui still took it from her, but as before, he did not eat it. He took Meng Ting to the side and sat down, then he pushed the plate in front of Meng Ting.

“If you can eat the cake, eat it. If you can’t eat it, don’t. Once we get back home, we can have a late-night snack.”

“I will eat it, ” Meng Ting nodded. He did not have the bad habit of wasting food. Although this cake was given by the Mengs, whom he hated, Yan Sui gave them so many gifts which could buy them who knows how many cakes. He could eat without having any guilty conscience.

Meng Ting was actually quite shrewd when facing the things he cared about.

The two plates of cake were almost wholly eaten by him, then he commented meaningfully, “The chocolate cake you gave me last time was delicious, but it’s very small.” The two slices of cake that he ate could not satisfy his cravings. He also did not know whether those who ate a slice of cake also felt the delight or not.

“We can also make cake at home. Just let Nanny Wang know if you want to eat them.”

After Yan Sui said that, he wiped off the icing from the corners of Meng Ting’s mouth with his thumb.

There was a bit of icing that Meng Ting missed. Looking at the icing on Yan Sui’s thumb, Meng Ting moved a bit closer and licked Yan Sui’s thumb.

After that, he also licked his lips and found that it was still sweet. He looked down and ate the last bite of cake, then lifted his head up to look at Yan Sui again.

Yan Sui pursed his lips and did not speak. Though he already withdrew his hand, he could not help but gently rub his thumb with his index finger, as if he was trying to recall that unusual feeling brought about by Meng Ting’s tongue.

“Do you also want to eat?” Meng Ting looked at the plate again. He tried to scrape and scrape with the spoon, but was only able to scoop a little bit of icing.

He tried to put it in front of Yan Sui. Just when he was about to take it back and finish eating it, Yan Sui leaned forward a little and slightly opened his mouth, and the icing that Meng Ting arduously scraped off from the plate was eaten by him.

He thought about it for a second, then the corners of his mouth slowly hooked up to a smile, “Very sweet.”

Meng Ting did not think there was anything wrong with his actions. He liked Yan Sui and it was just appropriate for him to share delicious foods with Yan Sui. However, when Yan Sui said those words, Meng Ting’s cheeks blushed because it felt like Yan Sui was not talking about the cake — it sounded like Yan Sui was talking about him.

But, he was not sweet. He should not have any taste.

Meng Ting looked at the spoon, then scraped the plate again for the last time and ate the icing that he was able to scoop. He put down the spoon and when he raised his eyes to look at Yan Sui, he found that Yan Sui’s gaze was a bit — steamy?

Overlooking the little blush on Yan Sui’s ears, his expression was unperturbed. Meng Ting somewhat understood it; nevertheless, he was mostly muddled and calm about it.

At that moment, the people around looked strangely at them. Yan Sui rubbed the corner of Meng Ting’s mouth, which was already very intimate, but then Meng Ting licked the bit of icing back, and he still scooped the icing of the cake he had eaten in a mess, to Yan Sui.

What was even more shocking was that Yan Sui did not take offense and instead, he opened his mouth to eat, and eat, and eat…



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