HIHEZL : Chapter 48. Occasionally, We Have to Go with the Flow

Author: Angelina

Translator: xallisonjanex

Proofreader: KainGuru

Chu Haoyu called them over to his house to have some fun after he heard that Zhi Li had come back. Ke Bu had his face hidden within his scarf, with just his eyes exposed, as he sized up Chu Haoyu’s house. He never expected that Chu Haoyu’s family was actually very rich. Chu Haoyu appeared at the doorway wearing casual clothes. He enthusiastically rushed over and waved to everyone, “Hey, long time no see everyone. Happy New Year!”

“Yutai, don’t act like a good person. Hurry up, let’s go inside. It’s very cold.”

“I don’t remember inviting a brown bear over.”

Gong Zhu, who was beside him, was even more surprised, “It turns out to be Ke Bu. You scared me. I thought there’s a stranger who followed us all the way here.”

“You only figured it out just now?”

“Who told you to dress up like a ninja practicing sumo wrestling,” Ying Xiujie said.

“Zhi Li, you should help me say something.”

“Who are you?”

“Are you going to pretend you don’t know me now?”

A shepherd dog suddenly appeared near Zhi Li’s feet and rubbed her face against his leg. Chu Haoyu squatted down and clapped his hands to the dog: “Boobies, come to me.” It turned out to be Chu Haoyu’s dog, and what a strange name it had. Who would have thought Boobies only looked at Chu Haoyu indifferently and still stayed at Zhi Li’s feet. Chu Haoyu was filled with indignation, “Boobies, I’m your master. Why are you sticking to this ruthless man who has only been here two or three times?” Ke Bu looked at Boobies and noticed that she had a big belly. “So it’s a she, is it pregnant?”

“Yeah, she should be giving birth soon.”

Zhi Li looked at Boobies’s belly and looked at Chu Haoyu, then he looked at Boobies’s belly and at Chu Haoyu again, “Your child?”

“How’s that possible?!”

Ke Bu rubbed his temples, “Gosh, I have wicked thoughts of this in my mind.”

Ying Xiujie held his head because he could not stand the pain: “I have the same thoughts, too. You’re too obscene. I thought you only like women. I never thought you’ll do it with a dog…”

“You…you guys, stop it. Even I am getting the same images in my mind,” Zhou Xinhe said with a blushing face.

“Hurry up and let me get rid of that strange image. It’s too disgusting.”

As soon as they went inside the house, the surroundings warmed up. Ke Bu took off his coat and scarf and hanged them on the front door. Finally, he revealed his real figure. He looked around Chu Haoyu’s room, then asked, “Where’re your parents?”

“They went out to buy some stuff. Here, have some snacks. Don’t be too polite.” Chu Haoyu served hot tea and snacks for everyone. “Xinhe, Youyan just feel at home. Come take off your bras and panties so you girls can relax.”

“You can really say that with such a cheerful expression.” Ke Bu munched on a cookie. Zhou Xinhe blushed and stood away from Chu Haoyu, while Su Youyan could not hold up her chin and looked hesitantly at Chu Haoyu, “I can’t.”

“Why?” He could even brazenly ask why.

“Because, today, under these, I…am…not…wearing…anything.” Su Youyan replied one word at a time. Everyone spit out the tea in their mouths. Chu Haoyu looked indecent with his face. Blood began to flow down his nose and he collapsed to the floor. This trick was very effective in dealing with a lecher like him.

“He’ll bleed to death.” Ke Bu looked at Chu Haoyu, who was lying on the floor.

“I think so.” Ying Xiujie looked at Chu Haoyu, who was lying on the floor, then turned around and asked, “What’s this?”

“It looks so weird.” Zhou Xinhe picked up a bamboo cylinder that was placed on top of the tea maker machine. There were bamboo sticks inside it and the sticks seemed to be wrapped with something. Chu Haoyu wiped his nose clean and sat up. “Our family bought this ballot bamboo cylinder to celebrate New Year. Give it a try and you’ll feel better if you draw a lot-stick with good fortune.”

“Anyway, it’s nothing serious. Let’s just try our luck.”

Everyone drew a stick from the bamboo tube. Ke Bu snooped around from behind to see Zhi Li’s stick. Zhi Li spread out the paper. Written on it in black was a big word saying ‘Unlucky.’ Ke Bu snickered from behind. “God is fair, too. Your luck has finally run out, ah hahaha! On this day, when the spring is soaring high in the air, this information is like a refreshing breeze embellishing my life. Zhi Li, your time is finally coming to an end.”

“Aren’t you sick.” Zhi Li threw the crumpled paper into the trash can. After that, everyone also got the big black word saying ‘Unlucky.’ Ying Xiujie grabbed Chu Haoyu’s collar, “Don’t tell me your ballot bamboo cylinder is full of ‘Unlucky.’”

“How’s that possible. Yesterday, Boobies also bit out a ‘Lucky’ one.” Chu Haoyu’s words were like thunder from a clear sky. Ying Xiujie held his head and knelt on the ground, “My luck’s worse than a dog?! I don’t have the strength to carry on anymore.”

“Your strength to carry on is really pathetic.” Ke Bu wiggled his fingers. “It’s disgraceful for a man to blame others when you can’t even pull out the ‘Lucky’ lot-stick yourself.” Ke Bu spread out the paper in his hand. There were so many people who got the ‘Unlucky’ ones, so his chance to pick the ‘Lucky’ lot-stick increased.

‘Very Unlucky!!’ Ke Bu threw the lot-stick to Chu Haoyu’s head. “There must be something wrong with this cylinder. Why did everyone get ‘Unlucky’ and mine’s ‘Very Unlucky?!’”

“Be careful. The space between your eyebrows emitted darkness. You must be sinister and wicked and do many evil things. Dear benefactor, persisting in evil brings about self-destruction.”

“Hey, that’s already a personal attack.”

At this time, Chu Haoyu’s phone rang, “Onīchan…haaa…! Onīchan…ahhh~~dame!”

“You really can find such a perverted ringtone.”

After Chu Haoyu hung up the phone, he looked out the window and it was still snowing. “My mom asked me to go to the supermarket to buy something. It’s really troublesome.”

Ke Bu stood up. “I’ll go, I can’t just freeload here.”

“You just want to digest the sadness you got from winning the ‘Very Unlucky’ lot-stick.”

“You don’t have to open your big mouth!”

Ke Bu threw the coat at Zhi Li. Zhi Li stood up to don his coat, then whistling sounds came from behind, “PDA!! PDA!!”

“To what extent do you guys want to be idiots.”

“We’re just going with the flow.”

After the two bought stuff from the supermarket, Ke Bu sat on a bench beside the park with white plastic bags and milk in his hands. He stretched his legs and said, “It’s warm holding her in my hand. I love her, of course, I need to give her special treatment to be happy and beautiful.”

“Please drink your milk normally.”

“New Year is hard to come by.” The footprints of the passerby on the ground were becoming more and more blurry, a pile of snow pressed on the branches and fell to the ground, the sky was like a silver net that enclosed the whole world, and Ke Bu began making sucking sounds as he sucked all the way to the bottom of the milk box before throwing it in the nearby trash can. He shrunk his neck in.

“Are you cold?”

“It’s freezing.” Ke Bu intuitively felt that his teeth were trembling. His hand was gently picked up by the other boy and ten fingers intertwined. Zhi Li’s hand was cold and Ke Bu’s heart pounded hard in unison with this coldness. “I can’t help it. Occasionally, we have go with the flow. Answer me romantically.” Ke Bu leaned his head against Zhi Li’s shoulder.

“It’s really a great inconvenience for you.”

“Just so so.”



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