SP: Chapter 63. Betrayal


This chapter contains a story of the sexual abuse of a 15-year-old boy that is depicted in a frank way with the use of strong language. It is completely and utterly fictitious and not gratuitous. The accounts and actions described herein are not in any way representative of any actual children, people, or organizations and should not be inferred.

If the reader feels that the sensitive subject matter of this chapter may be offensive, skip to the brief End Note for a quick summary of the chapter and major plot points with only the necessary details described.




There are a great many monsters in this world: rapacious wolves, vicious bears, and poisonous snakes. I speak not of the animal kingdom, but of wild beasts that take the form of heartless humans who do great evil to fellow humans, not having any conscience or empathy for their victims. Their only desire is to take advantage, hurt, maim, rape, devour, conquer, and destroy.



Kato returned at 9. He was allowed in and Takahashi was already in boxers. “Cards?” He offered. Kato thought that sounded nice, so he agreed. He stripped to his boxers and hopped on the other side of the deck of cards and they played for a while laughing and joking.

After they were done with the cards, Kato got up to grab a bottle of ramune off the desk. He sat down in a chair and opened it and started drinking.

Takahashi spoke up, “Kato-san, could you put some ointment on my back again? It’s feeling tight.”

“Sure.” He grabbed the bottle and Takahashi stood up and turned around. Kato softly applied the ointment, but Takahashi didn’t make a noise.

“Thanks,” Takahashi said. He took the bottle and put it on the table. He pulled the covers back, laid down on the bunk, on his side, and pulled the blankets over him. He simply smiled at Kato as he sat in the chair.

“Um, Ken-san.” Kato looked down at his hands.


“Why do you hate Sister Mary so much?”

Takahashi was silent for a minute, then sighed. “It’s a long story.”

Kato waited in silence for a few minutes. Just as he was pretty sure Takahashi wouldn’t tell it, he spoke.

“It goes back to Grade 9, not long after I got here. There was an instructor, Father Jacobs. He was in his 40s. He taught music. There was a quiet rumor going around that Father Jacobs had a taste for boys. I didn’t believe that. Father Jacobs had taken me under his wing. The man knew a guitar inside and out. We would often play together after lunch, and some evenings he would invite me to his office, and we would jam. He had a sweet electric guitar and a badass amp.”

Takahashi was silent for another minute. He slowly, and softly spoke, “He was always rather touchy-feely, but I thought maybe it was his culture. One day he was standing behind me, trying to show me how to finger a bridge to a famous song. One hand was on the fretboard and the other he slid down from the guitar to my pants. I froze solid. He kept talking about the song and massaging me.”

“Well, my body reacted, and I got hard, despite the fact I was scared. Father Jacobs took the guitar and put it down. Then he knelt before me and undid my pants and sucked me off. I cummed into his mouth. It felt amazing, and yet so dirty. I was so ashamed. I felt violated.” Kato could hear a bitter sadness in Takahashi’s voice.

“He told me not to tell anyone, that it was our little secret. I was so ashamed that there was no way in fuck I was ever gonna tell anyone else. I would go to my grave first. He also showered me with little gifts. I got a new watch, some nice cologne, and he told me that electric guitar was mine, so long as it stayed in his office. That was just his little way of keeping me coming back. We would jam, then he would suck me off.” Takahashi’s bitter voice cracked a bit.

“He took me on outings. We went to the movies, the zoo, a baseball game, restaurants, and more. The tradeoff: we would check into a hotel and he would have his way with me. I felt so dirty, so worthless.” Takahashi started to weep a little.

“I was trading my body for things, material things. It taught me that I could use my body as a tool to get what I wanted from that bastard. And, I started hating myself.” Kato saw that Takahashi was now sobbing in earnest.

Kato got up from his chair and stood before Takahashi. He then gently pulled back the covers and crawled underneath. He faced away from Takahashi and spooned up to him. After a minute, Takahashi put his arm over Kato and hugged him, still sobbing a bit. Kato’s heart was crushed hearing this story.

After a few minutes, Takahashi had stopped sobbing and was now simply sniffling. He continued, “At the time, Father Jacobs told me that he and Sister Mary had been secretly dating for a year and it was getting more serious. I felt a little jealous, and I was disgusted at myself for it. He said he would be spending more time with her so we would have to cut back. I knew if I had any chance to get out of this fucking school, it was now.”

Takahashi’s voice was tinted with bitterness and anger. “Father Jacobs took Sister Mary and I out for dinner and a movie then he rented a hotel room for the night. It was a very ritzy 5-star hotel. I’m pretty sure Sister Mary had some suspicious of what was going on, but I think she was doing the same thing I was, whoring herself out to him. Sister Mary said that she was going to run to the local convenience store and would be back in 20 minutes. Father Jacobs and I pulled out our guitars and started playing.”

“I would bet my life on the fact that she left so that Father Jacobs could abuse me. And he did. He started sucking me off again. As I finished cumming in his mouth, I reached behind my back and grabbed a letter opener that I had squirreled away earlier that day from his office. As he pulled away, I stabbed that letter opener right between his neck and his shoulder. He squealed like a stuck pig. Sister Mary came running back into the room and saw what was going on. She immediately ran to Father Jacobs who was yelling profanities while holding his neck, trying to stop the blood. She was trying to help him and yelling at me too.”

Takahashi stopped for another moment. “I don’t think I hit anything major, unfortunately. Anyway, here I am, a 15-year-old boy, naked, with a big hard-on, standing in front of a pervy old man who sucked me off and that bitch went to help him. Like what the fuck?” Takahashi voice was laced with a hint of betrayal. He sounded so angry, so wounded.

“So, I pulled my pants back up, grabbed my shit and my guitar and ran. This was the chance I was looking for to escape. I hit the streets with no money, no idea where to go. I had only two skills to survive: I could play guitar, and I could sell my body.”

Takahashi’s voice went back to being sad. “I was on the streets for a total of one week. During that time, I sold the guitar and it got me by for four days, then I found a place that was willing to put me to work. I sold my body to creepy old men for about three days until an undercover agent found me.”

Takahashi sniffled a bit. “After a few hours at the police station, they discovered that I was reported as a runaway from St. Catherine’s. So, they took me back.”

Takahashi started fervently sobbing. “They fucking took me back!” He then hugged Kato like he was holding onto dear life. He started bawling in earnest. He cried out, “They took me back!” He cried all the harder. Kato was softly crying too; his heart was breaking. He began to rub Takahashi’s arm.

After a few minutes, he took a ragged breath and continued, “All of that was for nothing. My dad called me and yelled at me for a solid 5 minutes before I hung up on his ass. I didn’t tell him what happened. I spent a month in segregation, trapped, alone, and unwanted.” He sobbed for another minute.

He stopped again for another minute and then continued, “I did find out that Father Jacobs took a sabbatical during the week that I was gone. He probably did that to avoid any trouble that I might cause for him. Sister Mary, who saw everything, never spoke up or defended me. That fucking whore sold herself out, and me while she was at it. We’ve never discussed it but I’m sure that neither of us wanted anyone else to know what happened either.”

Kato had no idea what to say. He had never been through any such experience or anything even close. He simply lay there, rubbing Takahashi’s arm. Takahashi buried his nose behind Kato’s neck. He could feel Takahashi’s breath, creating a slight tingling sensation. Kato’s heart was hurt but somehow being here in Takahashi’s warm embrace, sharing this horrific experience, he felt closer to his him than ever before.

After a long while, he heard a soft snore. Kato silently pleaded to whoever was listening that Takahashi would sleep well. Then he, too, fell asleep.


End Note:

Takahashi explained that when he was 15 and new to the school, Father Jacobs, a former music teacher, had sexually abused him in turn for favors and rewards. When he retaliated against Father Jacobs by assaulting him in a hotel, Sister Mary discovered it. She did nothing because she was also selling her body to Father Jacobs.

Takahashi ran away to live on the streets for a week, selling his guitar and body to get by until an undercover agent found him and returned him back to St. Catherine’s. Father Jacobs left his teaching position, but Sister Mary stayed. He hates Sister Mary to this day.



4 thoughts on “SP: Chapter 63. Betrayal

  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    Thanks for the trigger warning. Though I like to read things thoroughly and worry what I miss if I skim, I had to with this because of triggering. I appreciate the note at the end, though, as I was able to know what the story is without the detail.

    I commented on this before, but I wish this was all just fiction. The recent disclosure of Catholic Church abuses and cover up is very painful. The very institutions that are supposed to provide the most care and comfort caused the ultimate betrayal.

    I know not every story, fiction or real life, has a happy ending and the baddies get what is coming to them, but I hope this one does. Sister Mary needs to burn!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kain Guru

      I felt it a responsible thing to put a warning. You are right, this is a very sensitive subject and I did my best to treat it with dignity and respect and still tell a story. It is a heart-rending chapter and I hoped the End Note would spare any undo hardship to my readers.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Rainess

    I wow.. this. Well I feel a little better for myself but a little bad for this fictional character. I would’ve taken longer years to mend myself emotionally if my body ever felt any kind of pleasures from my abuser. I’m glad my didn’t. Whoever wrote this, whoever author it is, thank you for writing the events as concise as possible. It didn’t sound any crude at all or offensive to me, speaking as a victim.

    Maybe people are thinking why the fictional character went back or went back to the father or what but for me, it was like it wasn’t real. Like what happened wasn’t really happening. Like my brain never processed it or couldn’t process the events fast enough for your mind to understand what was happening. I felt myself just moving mechanically. And by the time my brain caught up, all I felt was denial and fear. Tremendous amount of fear and self-blame. Questioning myself over and over where I made a mistake to end up this way. Then shutting off my brain again denying the events. Yeah. It seemed like a vicious cycle. Or maybe I was just plain stupid.

    Liked by 1 person

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